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Unhide the Post on Instagram. Step 1: Being on your Home page tap on the avatar icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to visit the profile page. Step 2: On the profile page tap on the menu denoted by three horizontal lines as you can see in the image below: Step 3: From the displayed menu you have to tap on Archive Open your Instagram account Open your 'Home' at the right bottom of your screen Tap on the tagged icon Select a post that you have been tagged and don't want to see any mor The Sensitive Content Filter is automatically turned on now. Insta is now automatically filtering what it deems to be sensitive content. Seems only some people have the ability to turn it off all together and some only get the ability to have more censorship. (Go to settings and check the sensitive content filter.) 69

Open the Instagram app and go to your profile by tapping the profile picture or username in the home. Find the tagged photo and check if the images are already there (then you can use the above method and unhide directly from the Instagram profile) Tap on the hamburger icon on the top righ Open the Instagram account you want to unmute stories for. Click on the Following button. From the pop-up menu, click on Mute. Then, disable the toggle for Stories (blue color means the stories are hidden) To hide or unhide like and view counts on other's posts in Feed: Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap in the top right, then tap Settings. Tap Privacy, then tap Posts

How to mute people on Instagram. 1. Open the Instagram app, and search for the account you want to mute. 2. Go on their page, and tap the three dots in the top right corner. 3. Tap Mute. 4. You. Unhide Likes on Instagram for Your Own Posts. If others cannot see the like and view count on your posts, you will need to unhide likes on Instagram for your individual posts. Do note that you can still see the number of likes on your posts without turning off this setting. This only hides the like count on your posts for others

Someone sends a screenshot of the photo. 2h is stamped at the top of the multi-Storied screen. Surprise! You've been hidden from someone's Instagram Stories When you Hide Instagram Post from Someone into your feed, you will still be able to view their accounts. You don't have to unfollow to mute and by searching from your search menu or going into people who you follow, you can find their profiles. From there, you can also unhide or unmute their account and their posts or stories with it There is no feature in instagram as Hide or Unhide. You can unblock if you have blocked someone. To unblock visit their account and simply click on unblock Long-Press the Instagram Story icon and tap Mute If you tap on one of the profile images, their story will begin to play. Long pressing one of these icons will bring up a menu. 'Mute' and 'View.. Unmuting or Unhiding Instagram Accounts or Posts. When you Hide Instagram Post from Someone into your feed, you will still be able to view their accounts. You don't have to unfollow to mute and by searching from your search menu or going into people who you follow, you can find their profiles

How To Hide/Unhide Instagram Photos|Instagram Photos Hide/Unhide Kaise Kare||HindiVideo Cover -how to hide instagram post from someonehow to hide instagram p.. July 24, 2019. Previously, our guides have shown you how to mute someone's Instagram Story and mute someone's posts from your Instagram feed. But what if you change your mind and want to. Unhide Tagged Photos on Instagram. 1. Open the Instagram app and go to the person's profile whose photo you hid earlier. 2. Now, tap on the desired photo to open it. 3. Next, tap on the 3 dots at the top right of the post and select Photo Options or Post Options. 4. On the pop-up box, select Show on My Profile or Show in Your Profile. 5 To know how to unhide a post on Facebook, you first need to locate it. To do this, find the Activity log in the Settings or Profile menu. When in the Activity Log, scroll down to the Logged actions and other activity section, where you will find Hidden from timeline with your hidden content

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Comments on Instagram are never truly private. Even if you comment on the post of someone with a private account, all of their followers will still be able to read it. If you really want to leave someone a private comment, send it as a message. Here's how to do it: Visit the Instagram post you want to comment on The more you address the existence of someone else's horrid Instagram account, greater the likelihood of seeing those posts in your feed. Don't come over here talking some crazy male bullshit. • • • • • #likeforlike #liker #likes #followtrick #likes #like4like #followme #following #followback #followtrick #likeback #like

Fire up the Instagram app on your mobile and go to your profile page. Now, tap on the post you wish to highlight. Next, hit the vertical ellipsis on the top-right corner. Finally, tap on 'Unhide Like Count. 1- How to Hide and Unhide Instagram Tagged Photos. Go to your profile by pressing the profile picture or username on the home screen of the Instagram app. Look for the picture that has been tagged to see if the photos are still there. On the top right, tap the hamburger button. Go to Settings That said, Instagram's got a new feature that it's currently testing. Called 'Archive', it lets users temporarily hide their posts from the public for them to be later brought back or permanently. To unhide photos; Open your Instagram account. Open your 'Home' at the right bottom of your screen. Tap on the tagged icon. Select a post that you have been tagged and don't want to see any more. Tap 'Edit' in the top-right corner. Select 'Pending tags' and then choose a post in tags. Click on the 3 straight lines in the right. 12,115. 161. Apr 2, 2017. #4. the most common answer I find is. On android: just go to your phone's setting, apps, instagram, and then clear data. After that just go to your instagram app and log in again. Hope this step work on your phone, cause this work on mine. Click to expand..

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Unhide Likes on Instagram for Your Own Posts. If others cannot see the like and view count on your posts, you will need to unhide likes on Instagram for your individual posts. Do note that you can still see the number of likes on your posts without turning off this setting. This only hides the like count on your posts for others Unmuting or Unhiding Instagram Accounts or Posts. When you Hide Instagram Post from Someone into your feed, you will still be able to view their accounts. You don't have to unfollow to mute and by searching from your search menu or going into people who you follow, you can find their profiles. From there, you can also unhide or unmute their. How to mute someone's Instagram posts and stop them from showing up in your feed. If you are wanting to hide someone's posts from your Instagram feed, you can use the Mute Story and Posts option. The easiest way to do this is to click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of one of their posts

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  1. Instagram. On 11 November 2019, Instagram head, Adam Mosseri, announced that the platform will hide like counts on Instagram posts. Before that, Facebook and Twitter have made the same move. Such moves were made to avoid pressure from getting likes on a post, which seems to be not a true measure of engagement
  2. Muting someone on Instagram is easy, but if you want to unmute someone, it can be challenging. This is because the unmute option is hidden from plain sight.. To mute someone's posts, all you have to do is to go to your feed, tap on the triple-dots icon on someone's post, and mute it
  3. I have been hearing a lot about How do I view hidden posts on Instagram? Many people have been asking this same query and no no one has offered proper answer for this. Today I am going to tell you the most quick cure for this. You can easily solv..
  4. According to a new discovery by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram's currently testing a new option which would enable users to hide or unhide like counts on their posts. That would enable users to display their total like counts for each post once again, which Instagram removed for most users back in 2019 as part of an initiative to.
  5. Note: When you hide Instagram Stories from certain people, they won't be able to see anything you post to your story in the future. Hiding Instagram Stories from someone is also different from blocking them and doesn't prevent them from seeing your profile and posts.. How to Mute Other People's Instagram Stories. To mute an account's Instagram Stories, all you have to do is tap the.

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1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android. 2. Scroll to the end of your story feed by swiping to the left at the top of your homepage. You'll find muted stories at the end of your list. Obviously, Instagram notifies you to someone commenting on your photo, and also alerts the other user if you comment on theirs, but how do you call the attention to a comment from a third party? Well prior to the Instagram 3.0 to notify another person of a reply to their comment or to call their attention you had to use the asterisk symbol. 2. Block Followers from Instagram. If you are wondering how to hide Instagram posts from certain followers, then the best way can be to block those followers. It may seem drastic, but that is the only way you can hide your Instagram posts from certain people. Here is how you can do it: Go to the profile of the person you want to bloc

Instagram. Users can now hide likes on other user's posts, disable likes on their own posts, or keep the original experience. By adding this level of flexibility, Instagram hopes to give users the option to lessen pressure when posting to the platform. Mosseri also shared that a similar experience for Facebook is being explored How to delete a comment on Instagram that someone else wrote on one of your posts. 1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android and log in to your account. 2. Tap your profile icon in the bottom-right corner of the app to go to your profile. 3. Find and select the post you want to delete a comment on. 4 If Instagram has hidden a comment - either because it was deemed offensive or because it was from a blocked commenter - you'll see a View Hidden Comments link beneath your post. Tap Unhide. Think: that picture from college circa 2015 just resurfaced as your friend's #tbt post. Or, that fake Instagram account just tagged you in that You Won $1000 post, and unfortunately for you. Why Unhide a Post on Facebook. As a Facebook user, you get almost complete control over the content on your personal timeline. That means you can make posts public or private and hide or unhide content as necessary. For example, you might want to unhide a Facebook post in the following situations

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  1. How to See Tagged Photos on Instagram. There are just two steps you have to take to view tagged Instagram photos: 1. Go to your profile photo in the bottom right corner. 2. Tap the photo frame icon on the right. All the photos you are tagged in will show up there
  2. Option #2: Use the Instagram Dots Method to Hide Hashtags. One of the classic methods of hiding hashtags is with Instagram dots. This is a cuter way of saying adding a series of periods between the end of your caption and your hashtag list, so that they're hidden beneath the More button for your followers
  3. As a report by TechCrunch explains, Instagram is currently testing out an archive function that allows you to easily hide any of your posts, keep the hidden photos organized in a separate.
  4. Tech Vblog. July 4, 2020 ·. How To Facebook Timeline Settings , How To Facebook Tags Settings. how to hide tagged photos on instagram. how to make a tagged post public. how to review tags on facebook. how to unhide tagged photos on facebook. how to activate timeline in facebook. what happens when you tag someone on facebook
  5. Head directly to the post for which you want to hide the number of likes, and then click on the three-dot option next to the post. A menu will appear at the bottom that includes several options, including a Hide Like Count. Click on it. the number of likes will never appear on your post again, but you can click on an Others word to display a.

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Android devices usually come with preinstalled apps which are hidden from users. That's where you need cocospy to get the rest. Android devices allow you to hide files in secret folders, which can be very useful if for example, you have someone snooping through your phone without your permission. Source: 2.bp.blogspot.co Open Instagram. Tap on the search icon. Enter the name of the account you'd like to mute in the search bar and tap on their profile. Tap 'Following'. Tap 'Mute'. Toggle 'Posts' on

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When you post an Instagram Story, it's usually because you want people to see it. But sometimes there are things to post that you don't want certain people to see, like your parents, kids, ex, or that nosey neighbor down the street. Let's face it, that sandwich you had for lunch isn't meant for everyone's eyes To download your Instagram data, you just have to follow these steps: Go to your Instagram security settings. From the list you see, choose Download Data. Then, enter your email address and password. And finally, request your data. After a few hours, Instagram sends you a huge compressed file containing all your DMs How to hide someone's Instagram Story? At the top of the feed, tap and hold on the profile picture of the person whose event you want to hide. Select Hide. Now, Stories that you have hidden will appear at the end of the Stories feed at the top without a colored ring around them when updated. Also, hidden stories are not. Instagram is a great platform where people see each other's posts, stories, videos, and more. But you may feel it some time to ignore or mute someone instead of unfollowing them. Well, it's your good luck, Instagram allows users to mute and unmute someone's account whenever they want. There are a few things you need [ Navigate to the profile of the person you want to mute. Use the search bar to find the account quickly. Type the users' name or Instagram id in the search box and select the profile when it appears. Tap on the Following button. It's located next to the Message option. When you tap on it, a menu pane will show up

Finding out if someone has hidden their Instagram stories from you is very simple. There are two ways you can check, from your own account and by creating a new Instagram account. To check using your current account, log into Instagram, go to search bar, and search the name of the user you suspect has blocked you 2. Mute that followers you want to hide the post: There is one more option to hide the content from your Instagram followers. It's a muting option, you can mute the content of someone you want. You can mute the private messages, stories, posts of Instagram feed. The muting option is temporary A few months ago, Instagram shocked the world hiding the likes of posts. These days you can only see that john and others liked someone's pic but you can't see the likes count. Don't fret It is essentially a fake Instagram account and not the regular account you use (or Rinsta.) Finstas are not supposed to be taken all that seriously. They are used to post whatever the user wants.

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  1. Open your Instagram account and go to your profile page. Touch the clock icon from the options at the top right. If there is no clock icon, click the three lines at the top right and press Archive from the pop-up menu. Now that you've reached the archive section, we can now see how you can restore an archived share
  2. If you hide someone from seeing your story, post it, unhide them, yes they will see it. If you wait the full 24 hours until your story disappears, then you can unhide them
  3. To mute Instagram posts, follow the steps: Step 1: Open the Instagram profile that you want to mute. Then tap the three-dot icon on Android phones and the gear icon on iPhone. Step 2: From the pop.
  4. If you'd like to make your Instagram account private, follow these instructions: Start by opening the app, either from your home screen (iOS) or your app drawer (Android). The app will open up on the homepage for Instagram, showing a collection of posts and shares from your followed friends
  5. With Instagram's archive feature, we have the pleasure of hiding all our stupid photos of #gettingcrunk from back in the day. This wonderful new IG feature will still allow us all to cherish those embarrassing moments in our life, yet hide them from those people we hope would never scroll so far down
  6. Prior to Instagram's updates, this is how the platform's users would see how many likes a post has generated: The New Yorker. The post-rollout view is different: the information beneath posts with multiple engagements mentions that the image or video has been Liked by username and others.. Instagram hiding likes - source: Bon Appetit
  7. If you mute posts, something the particular person posts won't seem in your feed. Whereas, whenever you mute somebody's story: Wrapping Up- (Solved) Unhide Muted Instagram Tales. These had been three fast methods to unmute somebody's Instagram story on the Instagram app for Android and iPhone
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To unhide a post on Facebook, use the Hidden from timeline filter in the Activity Log located in the three-dotted menu near your Profile cover photo How to hide Instagram posts, Stories or both. To mute an Instagram account, do the following: 1) Open the mobile Instagram app on your iOS device. 2) Find a post or Story to unmute. 3) Tap in the corner of the post. 4) Select an option from the popup menu: Mute Posts: Filter out an account's post from your feed Facebook lets you hide a particular post from your timeline and then bring it back later. While hiding a post on Facebook is just a single click away, bringing back or unhiding a post can be a challenging task. In this article, we have written down the steps that you need to follow to unhide posts on Facebook on desktop as well as on Android/iOS

Next, Instagram arranges the posts and shows only the ones with many views. Due to this reason, you don't see all posts. The posts categorized as not interesting for the audience, meaning that they didn't get many views and likes, won't be shown in the feed; otherwise, they will be at the very bottom of it, and you won't probably. Tape in the Search bar at the top. Now type in the person's profile name or username. Tap on his/her name once you see it in the list to open the chat. Now you just need to send a message to that person to hide those messages. Use Search Bar in Messenger to Unhide Someone's Messages. Search and select the profile On Instagram, you can delete comments you've written on other people's posts, or comments that others have written on your posts. You can also hide certain types of comments or block certain users from commenting on your posts. Here's how to do it all. How to delete a comment on Instagram that someone else wrote on one of your posts. 1

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  1. e your Instagram profile. If you're a private user, Instagram will inform non-followers accordingly, but they will still see how many followers you have
  2. Instagram didn't give us any nuclear option to disable Reels completely, but luckily, the feature is limited to mobile app only at the moment (as of September 7th, 2020). So, to view Instagram posts without Reels on your Apple device, just visit Instagram.com on your Chrome or any other browser app on your mobile or PC. Check out the links below
  3. Hello! You can easily hide your Instagram Story for someone. You should know the username of that person you want to hide. Here are the steps for : Step 1 - Go to the profile page of that person. Step 2 - Click on 3 dots on the top right corner of..
  4. Method 2: Using Close Friends List. Another way to hide your story from all except one is by using a close friends list.Introduced last year, close friends list is a special category of your.
  5. How to Unhide Instagram Stories from Someone on iPhone. At any time, you want to allow those friends to view your posts, you can do so with ease. Step #1. Open Instagram → Profile tab → Settings (gear icon.

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  1. When you see the post you want to unhide, click the no symbol - the button shaped like a circle with a line through it. In the drop-down menu that appears, click Allowed on timeline. Advertisemen
  2. Follow this guide to hide comments containing offensive words or phrases. By Brandy Shaul. July 5, 2017. Did you know you can have Instagram automatically hide comments that contain offensive.
  3. Which leads to our next question can you hide comments on Instagram posts and ad posts. Instagram gives you the option to hide comments on Instagram ad posts, here's how you can hide comments on Instagram ads. Hiding Instagram Ad Comments In Ads Manager . After linking your ad account to the ads manager, you get the ability to manage your.

When you tap the Unblock tab, a popup will appear with a text Instagram won't tell @ xyz they were removed from followers. Below this pop-up, you will find two tabs, first says remove it, and another says to cancel. Here, you need to tap the Remove button to remove your follower permanently. Instagram users should follow the following. How to delete a Facebook page GIFs. A GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format.The gif is also a type of image that can be static or animated. The animated images explain a scene better as compared to static images. On Facebook, the GIF image is one of those animated images that are posted on the platform.. Now a days, if we want to share a GIF on Facebook, the use of the Facebook GIF. If someone is given permission to view and it's nice to know that you always have the option to unhide your Stories from people in the future. 3. Monitor individual Instagram Stories as you. Update your Instagram account connection with your Facebook Page. These instructions are to ensure that the connection between your Instagram account and your Facebook Page enables all of the features shared across them... See More. Create Ads that Link to IGTV or Reels

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How To Hide Only Certain Followers From Your Instagram Stories. Every since Instagram rolled out its story feature users have been wondering: how to hide only certain followers from your Instagram stories. If you don't want someone to see your story, you CAN absolutely hide your story from them so that they can't see anything you post to your story in the future

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