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InlandBeardedDragons.com is a breeder of Inland Bearded Dragons located in Southern California and dedicated to offering our unique, healthy and beautiful Bearded Dragons at reasonable prices. We are here to provide you with great customer service, knowledgeable information and our personal satisfaction guarantee Welcome to Moringa Bearded Dragons! (760) 515-2127 (Colorful Bearded Dragons in California) Home of some of the most beautiful bearded dragons. Specializing in beautifully exotic colored bearded dragons. Private breeders of gorgeous bearded dragons for sale. Hypos, trans, morphs Dragon's Den Herpetoculture was started in 1993, in Santa Barbara, Ca., as a home-operated business. In 1998 we relocated to the Los Angeles area and in 2006 we moved again to our current location, in San Diego County, CA. Over the last 28 years we have had the opportunity to work with some of the World's most fascinating reptiles and have. Welcome to Atomic Lizard Ranch! Here at Atomic Lizard Ranch, we've been making a life out of caring for and raising bearded dragons since 1991.Over the years, we've only become more enamored with these wonderful creatures. We even went so far as to originate two unique morphs, the Red Gala Phase in the year 2011 and in 1998 the Citrus phase

Dragons are Healthy, Happy and handled Daily. Breeders are chosen for their Health, size, color and body structure . Breeders are also vet checked every year and treated if needed. We have been breeding Bearded Dragons now for Over 18 years . We have some of the nicest and lowest priced Dragons around The original breeders of the 100% Citrus bearded dragon, these dragons are pure bred and breed true. We have expended much since then to offer every major morph and mutation we feel has the vigor to live a long and healthy life. See the For Sale page for availability Welcome to our online list of all known professional breeders with bearded dragons for sale in the United States & Canada. Morphs includes normal, leatherback, silkie, hypo, translucent, orange, red, dunner, witblits, zeroes, Rankin's, and more. Find a quality animal for sale and support a reputable local breeder near you At the bottom of the page is a contact form to email, call, or follow us on social media. Please contact us to order or with any questions you might have! KNOW MORE. Baby Marginated Tortoise- SOLD OUT. Baby Russian Tortoise- $235. Baby Pancake Tortoise- $400-500. Baby Leopard Tortoise- SOLD OUT. Baby Redfoot Tortoise- $100-125

a breeder unlike any other. HereBDragons raises the bar by bringing you an unbeatable value. All of the bearded dragons for sale on our site come with free shipping and a no-hassle 30 day guarantee.They are raised in a clean and controlled breeding facility, where they are handled daily so that they are happy to see and interact with you Dragons. We are located in the city of Corona, in southern California and are a small breeder of bearded dragons. We have all different types of dragons that we specialize in from Leatherbacks to Hypo's, Tran's, Silkies and many more. We have over 20 dragons in our breeding program and will be expanding on this number in the future

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Dragons For Sale. I have beautiful new 2019 babies available now. Please Call or text me at (626) 695-7918 if interested. Leave a message if I do not answer as I am getting too many robo calls Exotic reptiles for sale in Sacramento, CA. Terms and Conditions Contact Khavong Pha (KP) 559-476-6096 (Call & Text) k_vongpha@hotmail.co

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  1. Bearded Dragon United States Breeder Directory. Browse hundreds of reptile breeders and sellers in the United States. To view breeders of a particular species, navigate to that subcategory. To explore sellers by location, use the MorphMap™ . MorphMarket has 151 Bearded Dragon sellers in our USA Region. Directory contains 85 members shown below
  2. Dachiu Bearded Dragons. Welcome to Dachiu Bearded Dragons. We are a husband/wife team of bearded dragon breeders - some of our morphs / phases for sale include red, orange and yellow color morphs, hypomelanistics, leatherbacks, translucent, hypotranslucent, Dunner, genetic stripes, Witblits, and Paradox bearded dragons ( Pogona Vitticeps )
  3. Our available dragons are pictured below. We will be adding new dragons, as soon as they have completed their second shed, almost every day. Please call to purchase: 760 277 857
  4. Excalibur Dragons, Morongo Valley, California. 6,549 likes · 8 talking about this. Southern California breeder of exotic bearded dragon morphs. Specializing in red color line genetics
  5. South Texas Dragons Joe Cattey 12711 Maple Park Drive San Antonio, TX 78249 (210) 884-7788 joe@southtexasdragons.com TX Permit Number: NGD-0615-11

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creatures first hand. CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS. STORE HOURS. monday-saturday 11am - 7pm. sunday 12pm - 6pm. REPTILES REPTROPOLIS. 34215 doheny park rd, dana point, ca 92624 SoCal Reptiles on MorphMarket is owned by Reid Sneddon and located in Cerritos, California. SoCal Reptiles is owned and operated by Reid Sneddon. SoCal Reptiles is located in the greater Los Angeles area and attends many of the Southern California reptile shows. We can also ship directly to your door. We are a small hobby business focusing on providing customers with high quality captive

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EXCLUSIVE EXOTICS. Solomon Island Tree Boa #7 (Male) $ 349.99 Add to cart. Baby Texas Alligator Lizard. $ 249.99 Add to cart. Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula. From: $ 69.99 Select options. Green Belly Skink. $ 49.99 Add to cart The Bearded Dragon (Pogona Vitticeps) is native to Australia. Their temperament is extremely docile and trusting, which makes it an excellent pet - even for children and beginners. The adults on the average will reach 18-20 inches. They are omnivorous, eating both insects and plants. We bought our first bearded dragon over 20 years ago Breeder of fine reptiles and amphibians. Specializing in Bearded Dragon Morphs and Corn Snake Morphs. Supplier of Reptiworms and Dubia Roaches. Web Page Photos. » LLLReptile and Supply San Diego. 6628 Mission Gorge Rd, San Diego, California. 92120. We have 5 retail reptile stores in Southern California and Nevada to serve you and ship nationwide Reptile City Inc. has an excellent selection of reptiles for sale and pet products at very competitive prices. We offer secure online order processing and Free Shipping nationwide. Here you are able to order snakes for sale, frogs for sale, reptiles for sale, turtles for sale, lizards for sale, crickets for sale, feeders for sale, cages and supplies

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  1. We house a robust selection of captive bred lizards for sale. We also carry a large number of handpicked imported exotic lizards for our customers to choose from. We offer same day Fast Shipping & Live Arrival Guarantee! Whether you are looking for that special pet lizard or a hard to find exotic color mutation for your breeding project rest assured that we have what you are looking for. Our.
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  3. As a captive bred bearded dragon breeder, we are proud to work with some the best bearded dragon for sale blood lines anywhere. Our bearded dragon breeders program is top notch, producing the nicest baby bearded dragons for sale anywhere
  4. Serving all of Southern California 949-291-0701 - Emergency. Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network (RARN) Los Angeles 310-815-1318 Sick/Injured reptiles/ amphibs only. Reptile Rapsody Sheryl Wiesner 909-656-2113; 562-984-9261. San Diego Reptile Refuge San Diego. Second Chance Reptiles Wade & Jackie Corbeil Lodi, CA 95240 No large boids; no.
  5. Zero morph bearded dragon breeder. All patternless morphs including zeroes are recessive mutations. All our bearded dragons are categorized by types and traits. We are a small private breeder located in southern california. Morphmarket currently has 169 bearded dragons for sale listed by 42 bearded dragon sellers in the united states
  6. Native to southern Texas and northeastern Mexico and sold in pet shops. In his 1972 guide to California's herps, Robert Stebbins reported that they were found at the base of the Palms to Pines highway south of Palm Desert in Riverside County. Adults, Starr County, Texas
  7. Bearded Dragons for Sale Use this page to view bearded dragons for sale by owners, breeders, and pet stores. You can sort the results by date added, sex, age, seller, and more by using the search settings above the results. View bearded dragons for sale by breeders, individuals, and pet shops below. Want to Sell Your Bearded Dragon

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SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD. #13 Male Hypo/Trans Fire Tiger. This Dragon is Gorgeous!!! He Has a Lot Deep Red. $275 free shipping. #16 Male Hypo Orange Citrus 33% Het/Trans. $150 free shipping. #19 Male Hypo Leatherback Dunner 33% Het Trans. $175 free shipping. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD. #5 Female Hypo Orange Citrus Dunner 50% Het/Trans. $200 free shipping. We are the largest insect farm in the world, buy live fresh feeders at wholesale prices direct from the farm. We ship Monday through Friday packing your order to reach you alive delivered fresh to your doorstep

underground reptiles supplies some of the best lizards for sale in the world!we have one of the greatest selections you will find including bearded dragons, chameleons, iguanas, monitors, skinks, uromastyx and more There are 20 different species of bearded dragons in Australia but only three of those species are commonly found in the pet industry. The Inland or Central Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) is the most common lizard kept and recommended for keeping in the pet industry due to its gentle disposition and relatively friendly manner when being handled gallery photo posted by lia: Welcome to kingsnake.com's Bearded Dragon Classifieds. This section is for posting wanted and for sale advertisements for any and all species, color phases and morphs of Pogona.If you are looking for, or want to post ads for, other reptiles and amphibians and supplies please review our classified index for the appropriate category A great looking stylish front face on all our cages gives a consistent appearance from one cage size to the next. Rounded corners and edges combined with FIVE granite colors make our cages the best looking anywhere ! Litter Dam. The litter dam is a barrier that helps keep the substrate, water, etc. inside the cage

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Pet house $80. pic. hide this posting restore restore this posting. Few local results found. Here are some from nearby areas. Checking 'include nearby areas' will expand your search. favorite this post. Jul 14 Miniature Pinscher Puppies. Males Available. 4 months old. NORMA CACKA. San Bernardino, CA 92407. AKC Breeders of Merit. STANDARD LEVEL OF ACHIEVEMENT: Minimum of 4 dogs earning titles. Breeders of Merit are denoted by level in ascending order of: Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Second Chance Bird & Reptile Rescue updated their status. November 26, 2014 ·. Since Facebook only allows one pin , I will be pinning important links etc , to this post , on this post you can find our , PayPal link , Amazon link for when you shop on . 7878

About Our Pet Store. Since 1963, Allan's Pet Center has been West Los Angeles' go-to pet store for all things pets, pet food, and pet supplies. Unlike other pet stores, we value socializing ALL of our pets, by allowing our customers to handle them while they browse. Our team of experts has all had first-hand experience taking care of and/or. Find reptiles for sale in Utah or sell to local buyers. Search for lizards, snakes, turtles, tortoises, and more near you on KSL Classifieds Recently, breeders have worked on crossing common captive morphs of the Central bearded dragon with the Eastern bearded dragon (Pogona barbata). Keepers with smaller spaces, or just looking for something unique, have turned to the smaller Rankin's bearded dragon (Pogona henrylawsoni), which typically doesn't grow over twelve inches long Manx Breeders In Southern California? Forums Cats: miscellaneous discussions 3; Does anyone know whether there are available quality manx kittens in the Southern California area? Im a long time lover of Manx cats who has just gotten a new house and wants to aquire one Breeders offering baby bearded dragons for sale year round - including red, orange, yellow, translucent, hypomelanistic, hypotrans & Dunners. Visited 44506 times.--SpiceDragons. Breeder of colorful bearded dragons located in Southern California. Nice and affordable bearded dragons are available almost year around. Visited 37344 times.--KP.

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SpiceDragons. Breeder of colorful bearded dragons in Southern California (est. 2007). Text Msg: (949)439-8251. Email: Spicedragons@gmail.com spicedragons.com. Posts Tagged Bearded Dragons near me,local Bearded Dragons for Sale, Reptiles for sale, Lizards for sale,Best Bearded Dragon breeders in California, Inland Beardies, Fill the form out below. New Beardie Litters and Questions. * Indicates required field. Name * First. Last. Email * City/State Bearded Dragons for Sale. Our captive bred bearded dragons for sale are all in immaculate shape. Their ornate patterns, spiked appearance, and entertaining personalities help make these one of the absolute most popular pet lizards on the planet. It's worth mentioning that they're also fairly easy to breed Bearded Dragon FAQ About us Contact us! Account. Item added to cart. View cart and check out. Close. Close. Other Lizards Aside from our large selection of geckos we also work with Alligator Lizards, False Chameleons, Uromastyx, Skinks and other lizards! If you place an animal order with us, we will be contacting you by phone and/or email to.

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1 Hatchling - $34.99 3 Hatchlings - $94.99 6 Hatchlings - $179.99. Bearded Dragon [adult] Pogona vitticeps. Choose: 1 Adult Male - $129.99 3 Adult Males - $369.99. Leopard Gecko. Eublepharis macularis. Choose: 1 Hatchling - $29.99 3 Hatchlings - $79.99 6 Hatchlings - $149.99 12 Hatchlings - $289.99 Bearded dragon and leopard gecko (with tank and supplies) (Laguna Niguel) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 23 3 male yorkie puppies (Orange, CA 92867, USA) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 22 Adorable Puppie We have combined 25 years of reptile husbandry and breeding expertise to put together a fantastic array of exotic reptiles for sale. This includes several species of snakes, lizards, and tortoises.We also have a large selection of ball pythons and boas as well as many other reptile species that are sourced daily from some of the best breeders around the country and the world Wholesale reptiles, amphibians, inverts, mammals, feeders & more at the best prices with the best customer service. Order online instantly with same-day shipping & overnight delivery. We've been shipping reptiles for over 30 years. Your satisfaction is guaranteed Many breeders will only sell to those that purchase pigeons in bulk. The minimum that has to be purchased can vary anywhere from four to eight birds. Since there is a rather good chance that a pigeon breeder will be outside of your hometown, shipping fees may apply. Common shipping fees for a bird can start at $95 and go up from there

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Look at the wide selection of reptiles available at our off site breeding facility that are shown on-line. You can order and pay for any of these on-line with delivery to the store on Tuesday afternoons. Feel free to drop into Reptilestore.ca and look at what we have on-hand as well. We also offer a full line of feeders, available on our online. Servicing Canada's reptile hobby one pet at a time since 2008. Canada's premier reptile store selling one of the largest varieties of Reptiles, Amphibians, Supplies, and Feeders in Canada. Shipping products, supplies, feeders, and animals across Canada Your ultimate resource for information about bearded dragons. An active community of fellow bearded dragon keepers is here to help you take the best care of your bearded dragon as possible. Care sheet, articles, discussion forums, and much more! Check out BeardedDragon.org Premier_Dragons Andrew Rodriguez. Quality Bearded Dragon Enthusiast and Breeder located in Southern California ☀️ www.premierdragons.co

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Meet Tangerine, a Bearded Dragon Reptile for adoption, at Small Breed Rescue of Southern California in Vista, CA on Petfinder. Learn more about Tangerine today Agamidae lizards range across much of Australia, Africa, Asia and, less commonly, southern Europe. The inland bearded dragon from east central Australia, has the following characteristics: Size and Weight: Typically, the adult inland bearded dragon measures 18 to 22 inches in length, including its tail. It weighs 10 to 18 ounces HaHa Reptiles has an excellent selection of reptiles for sale and pet products at very competitive prices. We offer secure online order processing and Free Shipping nationwide. Here you are able to order snakes for sale, frogs for sale, reptiles for sale, turtles for sale, lizards for sale, crickets for sale, feeders for sale, cages and supplies

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On Sale! Quality Dubia roaches, fast and easy ordering, same-day shipping, free shipping on Dubia roach orders over $45, Live Arrival Guarantee, our Complete Satisfaction Guarantee, and more. Shop Now! This is the best place to buy Dubia roaches. They ship fast, roaches always look great, and my reptiles go CRAZY for them BIRD CAGES $10-$100 ALL SIZES (USED) (LA PALMA) pic. hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post. Jul 11 Nutritious, fat, and very lively. Great for hunters. One of the most nutritious live feeder worms available. Great for healthy hydration. Great as fishing bait, or as a special, high-fat treat for your reptiles. Organically-grown, hand-picked. A great low-cost feeder and dietary addition. Exceptionally high in calcium, and very low in maintenance

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Female. Estimated date of birth: 7/17 Nellie is truly a gem of a dog! She is polite, very sweet, seems to love everyone. She weights in at 17lbs and stands about. View Details. $250 Young Bearded Dragon for Adoption (Santa Maria, CA ) hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jun 19 Californian rabbits -baby bunnies- kits Bichon frise 3 puppies ///// *****93290 (vis > visalia-tulare >) hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 2

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Pure mini maltese puppies ready to GO#)--(44043 Fig Ave, Lancaster, CA, USA) Rehoming Bearded Dragon (oxr > Ventura) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 23 CA) hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 23 about 2 months old Maltipo Cat Breeders In California Welcome to our California Cat breeders page! Here you will find a complete list of all the catteries we have located in California, as well as links to their website and any contact information that we have for them San Diego California Dog Breeders : Looking for a dog breeder in San Diego California? Simply browse through our nationwide directory of over 8000 dog breeders - complete with : website addresses, dog breed profiles, and current puppies for sale Uncle Bill's commonly carries two species of Arid Geckos: Leopard Geckos and Panther Geckos. These small and low-maintenance Lizards are perfect pets for people new to reptile care, and with proper care, they can live up to 20 years. You can learn more about Gecko care, habitat, and dietary requirements on our Gecko pet page Beautiful Baby Beardie Dragons Looking for a New Home Charlesluvslauren. 12 Beautiful baby Bearded Dragons for sale! Papa is a Fancy and Mama is a beautiful Golde.. Bearded Dragon, Maryland » Bowie. $49

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Adorable, Happy, Healthy Puppies at Pups and Pets! We have the best selection of Pure Bred Puppies in San Diego! We Have Puppies for Adoption and Rescue Premium Crickets - your online source for wholesale disease free live crickets, Dubia Roaches,cricket food, cricket water, superworms, meal worms, giant mealworms, wax worms, Butterworms, and Phoenix worms for sale Tortoise breeders who care. With decades of tortoise breeding experience, we've got the widest selection of captive-bred baby tortoise anywhere! S hop by age, size or species. Most tortoise species are available as tortoise hatchlings for sale, well-started baby tortoises, juveniles and adult tortoises Please call and confirm your order on the next business day to ensure you receive your order. 1-800-345-8778. Crickets. Worms Super loving 6 month old kitten. (Bakersfield) pic. hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post. Jul 14

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Bearded dragon with encloaure (Manchester) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 19 Complete fish tank setup. All you need to add is the fish! Large Breeder Dubia Roach Colony (Portsmouth ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 18 In search for two kitten Over 50,000 Puppies for Sale - Shipped Worldwide! Finding the right puppy can be dog gone hard work. PuppyFind® provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect puppy (or puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take advantage of our PuppySearch or leisurely browse our directory of. bakersfield, CA (bak) fresno / madera (fre) hanford-corcoran (hnf) imperial county (imp) inland empire, CA (inl) las vegas (lvg) merced, CA (mer) modesto, CA (mod) Chow Chow puppies and ball paython pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 22 Bengal x highland lynx (Tehachapi).

included the arrest of the leader of the Black Dragons, along with 22 members of this street gang. Charges included conspiracy, attempted murder, solicitation of murder, assault with founded in Southern California under a different name, was one of HAMAS' primary fund-Organized Crime in California Annual Report to the Legislature 2003 The African spurred tortoise, also called the sulcata tortoise, is a species of tortoise which inhabits the southern edge of the Sahara desert, in northern Africa. Veiled Chameleon The veiled chameleon, Chamaeleo calyptratus, is a large species of chameleon found in the mountain regions of Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia Adopt-a-Pet.com is the easiest way for you to search for a new pet in Camarillo, CA. Support Adoption and Rescue. Why go to a dog breeder, cat breeder or pet store to buy a dog or buy a cat when you can adopt? Why Should You Adopt? Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog or adopt a cat and you'll have a friend for life