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Lobster Clasps, Toggle Clasps, Magnetic Clasps, Safety Rings, Hook Clasps, et Bulk Clasps for Jewelry Making, Find Jewelry Making Supplies Online Jewelry clasp is the method that secures your necklaces, bracelet, or sometimes anklets on your body. They make it easy to put the jewel on or off. Check below to see some of the most common types and how they work. Contents [ hide] 1. Adjustable clasp. 2. Ball clasp. 3 Probably the most widely used type of jewelry clasp, the lobster clasp is so called because it resembles a (lobster) 'claw'. To open the claw, you simply have to push down on the little lever. Releasing the lever will automatically shut the claw. Lobster clasps are spring-loaded and their best feature is that they're self-closing

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  1. Lobster claw clasps come in many sizes and styles, including a swivel style, which allows the clasp to rotate fully without twisting up the necklace or bracelet. Lobster claws are great for jewelry of light or medium weight, but they may be difficult for people with limited dexterity
  2. Gold-filled lobster clasp by Warung Beads. The lobster clasp is perhaps one of the most common clasps found in bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. It got its name because of its resemblance to a lobster claw. By pulling and releasing a small lever on the side of the claw, the clasp will open and then close again
  3. The spring ring clasp is one of the most common types of clasps you will see on all kinds of jewelry pieces. As the name suggests, the metal ring has a spring mechanism. To open the spring ring clasp, pull back on the small lever and the spring will compress. This will leave an opening for you to slide the jump ring inside
  4. S-hook clasps are one of the oldest types of clasps known to jewelry makers. They are made in a simple S shape, and you close the jewelry piece by slipping a small ring onto the S-shaped part. They can be basic or very fancy, and they also lend a little elegance and ambiance to your jewelry
  5. Adjustable necklaces, bracelets and anklets with spring rings, lobster clasps, toggle clasps, and even fold-over clasps can be achieved by using a section of chain, or few extra links or rings of the proper size to hook the clasp into

Keep reading to learn more about different jewelry clasp types and what best suits your needs. Jewelry Clasp Types 1. Spring Ring Clasp. These bits of gold chain have attached spring ring clasps. The most common and classic one out of all the jewelry clasp types, a spring ring clasp consists of a little wire tucked inside a hollow hoop. When. Can include crimping clasp, multi-strand clasp and swivel clasp styles. Magnetic Clasps are two-piece clasps containing magnets. The magnets hold the two pieces of the clasp together, keeping the jewelry secure. Can include bead clasp, crimping clasp, hook-and-eye clasp and snap lock clasp styles Vintage jewelry hardware refers to the various types of clasps, pins, earring backs, rings, and other elements used to create jewelry. These are also called findings. Techniques and elements have evolved over time, so knowing the types of hardware used during various eras will help you to properly date your vintage and antique jewelry

A Visual Dictionary of Jewelry Clasps CLASP: A small device, typically metal, to hold jewelry pieces securely closed when being worn. Vintage Clasp Samples Card BOX CLASPS Box Clasps aka Tab Insert Clasps aka Tongue and Groove Clasps Decorative box clasps can add so much to a necklace, especially if your hair is short or in an up-do A lobster claw clasp has a tiny spring in its mechanism that keeps the arm closed until you push on the lever. Lobster claws are secure clasps that are popular for bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. They're somewhat easier to open and close by yourself than spring ring clasps are Classic Jewelry Clasp Types Ball clasp — Also called a bead clasp, a ball clasp is a round, spherical jewelry fastener. Sometimes adorned with gemstones or texturing, ball clasps provide a decorative closure which flows with the design of a necklace or bracelet A toggle clasp is often a part of the jewelry look. It is a large, obvious clasp which contains an open shape, 'o' and a bar or 't' shape. The idea is to slide the bar or t shape into the circle and turn it so that the bar is locked on the other side of the open shape There are different kinds of multi-strand clasps including push clasps and slide lock clasps. Each side of a slide lock clasp is a tube with multiple rings for attaching strands. One side of the clasp slides into the other and locks into place. When using a slide lock clasp, attach it to one end of your jewelry while it's closed

BOX NECKLACE CLASP. This type of jewelry clasp is popular for bracelets, but is still used for a secure option with chains. The box clasp is wider so it's better for thick necklaces like Cuban link chains. The folder part of the clasp slides into the box side of the clasp and clicks. For added security, some box clasps have side safety clasps Layered Necklace Spacer Clasp, 2 Strands Necklaces Slide Magnetic Tube Lock with Lobster Clasps, Jewelry Clasps Connectors for Layered, Bracelet, Jewelry, Crafts, Necklace, 2 Pack Gold and Sliver 3.5 out of 5 stars 1,442. 1 offer from $11.99 #27

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Pearl Necklace Clasps. Long gone are the days when the chain was the most attractive part of a necklace. In fact, when it comes to pearl necklaces, today's necklace clasps are just as important as the strands they're supporting.From gold clasps to necklace clasps embellished with pearls and diamonds, the right pearl necklace clasp can give a woman a new reason to love her pearls 49-64 of over 7,000 results for necklace clasp types Price and other details may vary based on size and color Tiparts 30 Feet Stainless Steel Ball Chains Necklace with 20pcs Connectors Clasps,Silver Bead Chain Sets (Chain Width 3mm+20pcs connectors) 67 Overstock IcedTime Solid 14k Gold Classic Box Chain 1-mm Wide Necklace Lobster Clasp $202-340 $237-399. Get a Sale Alert. at Overstock. Overstock IcedTime 10k Gold 1.5mm 16 to 24-inch Curb Link Chain Necklace Lobster Clasp $131-212 $154-250. Get a Sale Alert Pengxiaomei 300 pcs Gold Lobster Claw Clasps with Open Jump Rings Alloy Fastener Hook Clasps for Bracelet Necklace Jewelry Making Findings (12mm Clasp 100pcs+5mm Ring 200pcs) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 36. $5.49. $5. . 49. Get it as soon as Tue, Jun 29. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

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  1. These clasps work best with heavier jewelry because the weight can help keep the bar from slipping back out. Be sure when choosing a toggle clasp that the bar locks securely in place. 5. Magnetic Clasp. True to its name, a magnetic clasp is composed of two pieces that contain magnets. These snap together, locking everything in place effortlessly
  2. Screw necklace clasps: Screw clasps consist of two pieces which are added to the ends of the necklace and are twisted to fasten your necklace. This type of clasps makes the necklaces strongly fastened but there are still some people who find that it is difficult to control these clasps especially when they are behind their heads which makes the clasps invisible
  3. The clasp type can vary depending on the weight and look of jewelry. There are many clasp types, but here is some info about four of the most common: lobster, spring ring, adjustable, and bolo. Lobster Clasp: This clasp got its name because it resembles a lobster claw. This spring-loaded, self-closing clasp comes in a variety of sizes and styles
  4. Antique Jewelry Clasps. 1. The Barrel Clasp - This type of clasp has been around for a long time. In antique pieces, it may exhibit changes in the shading of the metal. A tell-tale feature of an antique barrel clasp in fact may be a brassy appearance. This type of fastener gets its name from the tiny barrel that is found at both ends of the.
  5. The Lobster Claw Clasp is in my Opinion, the Very BEST Type of Clasp to have for any Chain or Pendant! They are Thicker, Heavy Duty, Durable, Secure, and can ( should be) Soldered onto the Chain so they don't pull open! I Love these Types of Clasps! There are only 2 Downfalls to the Lobster Clasp
  6. If the clasp is the current swirly ribbon with a pearl, the pearls are A1 or A+. Only the AA and AAA have the diamond clasps. You can change out the clasps but the current pearl clasps cannot be re-clasped into one with a diamond. Either type of clasp is not available in 14k
  7. What are the different types of jewelry clasps? The sheer number of ways to fasten jewelry are just as numerous as jewelry types themselves. It can be pretty confusing when you don't know the difference between a toggle clasp, a lobster clasp, a hook clasp, barrel clasp or any other strange-sounding type of jewelry clasp

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  1. Prior to the early 1950s, typical necklace clasp styles used by Coro and Trifari were spring ring, push (also known as box), or fold-over. In the 1950s, a new type of clasp using a hook and extender became popular for costume jewelry necklaces. The other types of clasps continued to be used, and are still used today
  2. Lariat necklaces are also known as a rope or Y-necklace. In terms of length, this necklace is longer than opera length. Lariat necklaces don't have a clasp. The chain or beads form a long rope that is either tied or pulled through a circular finding like the one pictured here. Average length: 34 inche
  3. Most answers to understanding jewelry can be found by looking on the backs or undersides. Brooches have evolved over one hundred years, and the backs provide much of the information we need to date the piece. Again, this drawing shows the different types of clasps used on brooches or pins with the approximate date as to when they first appeared

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  1. There are a multitude of clasp styles to choose from that are available on the market. Here is a look at a dozen of the most common types of clasps for jewelry making you can use when designing or purchasing your own necklace and bracelet. 1. Spring Clasp. The spring clasp is one of the most common and popular clasp types available
  2. Dating Brooch Fasteners - 1850 to 1910. One of the best ways to avoid reproductions and fakes is to know and understand how originals are made. Reproductions are rarely made the same as originals due to changes in materials, labor costs and modern production techniques. When looking at brooches, you can get a good idea of the age of the piece.
  3. 3. Fishhook Clasp. Fish hook clasps are rare clasps that are used in jewelry, but it is the most elegant one. One end of the clasps is a metal hook and the other is an oval box. The hook of the clasps is fastened in a hidden spot which is inside the box. It gets locked with the help of a simple spring mechanism
  4. Jewelry clasps hold necklace and bracelet ends together. Choosing a type of clasp depends on function as well as the option to incorporate the look into the overall design of the piece of jewelry. Some clasps secure better than others do, though these types may be more difficult to manipulate
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Dainty Necklace Detangler - Gold Layered Necklace Clasp - Multi Layered Necklace Clasp - Clasp Converter - Layering Clasp - 2 Necklace Clasp JewelsByMoonli 4.5 out of 5 stars (11,632) Sale Price $10.08 $ 10.08 $ 14.40 Original Price $14.40 (30% off. Safety Chain — Jewelry safety chains are attached to both sides of the opening for a necklace or bracelet. It provides an extra measure of security in case the main clasp fails. Single Latch Safety — A single latch is a hinged supplemental clasp which gives extra security to the closure of a necklace or bracelet. Double Latch — A double latch is a safety mechanism that secures the clasp. So here are the 8 Best Types of Jewelry Clasps. And really, the clasp is so important. We bring together some jewelry clasp designs to give you a helping hand in choosing the right one for your handmade jewelry piece. Popular Types 0f Jewelry Clasps 1. Bolt Ring Clasps. Bolt ring clasps are your standard, 'bread and butter' type of clasp

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  2. Jewelry clasps vary significantly, and knowing how to identify and open different types is a handy skill. If you take a good look at your collection of necklaces and bracelets, you'll notice that there are many styles of jewelry clasps. Each type of closure has its advantages and disadvantages
  3. Jewelry clasps and closures are necessary components for most necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Choosing the right type of clasp is important for customer satisfaction. Here is a glossary of the different jewelry clasp styles and how each one functions

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Jewelry Clasp. This kind of clasp is rarely used in watches but it's still worth mentioning as you are likely to have come across it. As the name suggests, most often you will find it with various types of jewelry like bracelets, bangles, anklets, etc There are several types of clasps that were used on brooches from very early days right up to contemporary pieces. Some general styles are T bar pins, C clasps, C clasps with extended pins, Locking C clasps, Trombone clasps. The T Bar clasp is one of the earliest styles of clasps for brooches and pins. They were used throughout the Victorian Era About product and suppliers: 889 necklace clasp types products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which jewelry findings & components accounts for 5%, necklaces accounts for 2%. A wide variety of necklace clasp types options are available to you, such as children's, women's, and men's. You can also choose from trendy, classic.

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Leather Cord USA 3mm Stainless Steel Triple Ring Design Glu-N-Go Lobster Clasp Set. CLASP-0631. $3.91. Reg. $4.89. Add to Cart 2,067 jewelry clasp types products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which jewelry findings & components accounts for 7%, necklaces accounts for 1%, and bag parts & accessories accounts for 1%. A wide variety of jewelry clasp types options are available to you, such as charm bracelets, bangles, and chain & link bracelets Dec 10, 2015 - Explore Magally Deveau's board Clasp Ideas, followed by 187 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about jewelry, diamond, pearls 3 pcs-Brass Platinum Color Pandora Style Clasps Beads (19 mm x 10 mm Hole:3.5 mm)Jewelry European Necklace Bracelet Clasps Beads Findings ERdesignsjewelry 5 out of 5 stars (665) $ 6.95 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Black European Charm Bracelet 3mm Leather Braid Sizes 4 - 9 Can CUSTOMIZE Black Letters. Traditional Spring Ring Clasp - The most common type of clasp, which has a little spring inside the round shape of the clasp which allows it to open and close. The spring ring clasp was invented in the early 20th century. Jewelry older than 1900 will not have a spring ring clasp. (Photo coming tomorrow

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lariat necklace. A lariat is a very, very long variation on the rope, without a clasp, often worn draped multiple times around the neck; the ends can be crossed over, looped, or knotted in various ways. This type of necklace sometimes incorporates a loop at one or both ends to allow it to be worn in the style of a lasso, or it may be worn doubled over with the ends passed through the loop. 12x4mm Brass Screw Clasps, Jewelry Clasps, Bracelet Clasp, Necklace Clasp, Classic Screw Closure, Silver Color Clasp, Clasp Lot, Brass Clasp BeadologyByHeather 5 out of 5 stars (19,908) $ 1.96. Add to Favorites More colors 1pc Carabiner Mutiple Color Options Spring Push Clasp, Screw Clasp Oval Lock, Interlocking Oval Lock Clasp, SUPP- 997, 998. The jewelry industry has come up with all sorts of clasps for necklaces and bracelets. Depending on the use and the piece of jewelry, the differing styles are required for different uses. These differences are based, for example, on the weight of the necklace, the type of pendant, the style or use of the piece Shop Chain Extenders and Jewelry Clasps Elevate your jewelry with a beautiful chain extender or jewelry clasp from JTV! If you want a classic look then our simple magnetic clasps are perfect for you. Our diamond simulant magnetic clasp is the ideal addition to your jewelry if you wish to take everyone's breath away If you liked this video, please subscribe to our YouTube channel!To see more of our jewelry making videos and get our printable how-tos for each one, go over..

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Jewellery clasps come in all shapes, sizes and price points. A variety of types of clasps for necklaces and different types of bracelet closures are available, with Cooksongold stocking over 500 different jewellery clasps in a number of styles and alloys - so where do you start and how do you pick a clasp for your jewellery making project?. Well there is really no definitive answer when it. This type of fastening became the most popular way of securing necklaces during the Roman and Byzantine period and is still popular until today. The push-in box-clasp is the oldest form of clasp on necklace or bracelet and was introduced at the end of the 18th century. It consists of a wedge -V- shaped metal spring-part which fits into a. Slide tube clasps were used for multi-strand necklaces with coral or pearls. One part of the claps is a hollow tube, the other is a solid thin tube. Both parts have rings for the strands to be tied onto and a round knob on one end. The other side of the hollow tube has a long slit in it. The solid tube slides into the hollow tube with the slot. Hook and Eye Clasp- The easiest and simplest clasp, containing two pieces; one is a hook and the other a circle. The hook slips into the circle to secure the necklace in place. Lobster Clasp- This is the strongest type of necklace clasp, which contains a latch that when pulled opens the other side of the clasp to slip in the necklace chain Georgian clasp with pearl surround and woven hair. Also used was the barrel and tongue clasp where the thin v-shape tongue fitted into a barrel-shaped box, known as a barrel and pin clasp. In many cases, the barrel or box into which the tongue was inserted was shaped like a hand. The next post will discuss Victorian necklace clasps

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Clasps join the two sides of your necklace or bracelets. There is a huge variety of clasps available — from basics clasps like spring rings to more unusual clasps like tube and box clasps. The most important aspect of choosing a clasp is making sure it is suitable for the weight and type of jewelry it is securing Beads with 2.7mm and larger holes can be strung over the smaller clasp end, and of course bails and jump rings can be used to hang anything else. Highly versatile — can be worn with a different bead or pendant every day! Split Rings Pendant Plates Wire Chokers are convenient pre-made necklace forms. Some large-hole beads may be slipped over. The BEST type of necklace clasp to buy is the lobster clasp (NOT the spring ring)! So There You Go! These are the chains I love to sell and recommend, because they look good, last long, and you will almost never have problems with them. Being sturdy, smooth, strong, and kink-free, I'm sure you'll love them as well

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Thread creates jewelry with great drape and flow, especially when making knotted pearl necklaces. To protect soft thread from the wear-and-tear of harder components such as clasps, it's French wire to the rescue! The French Wire video tutorial walks you through the steps of finishing a necklace in true European fashion. 8. On guard The perfect clasp will add a uniqueness and elegance to your purchase. And since presentation is nearly as important as the gift itself, the right clasp will add that perfect finishing touch. We offer a broad variety of clasps, from simple ball clasps to exquisite diamond pave ones. Whenever you pu 10. Toggle Clasp. A Bar and Ring type of clasp, Toggle Clasp secures bracelets, necklaces, and pendants with two components. The Q shaped clasp can also be substituted as a locket. 11. Adjustable Clasp. The commonest type of adjustable clasps is made from hook and eye closures that can be adjusted on a chain in varying lengths. 12. Button Clasp 4. Wire Cuff Hook Clasp. This wire cuff hook clasp includes a loop closure on one end that is wired back and hammered. A double loop hook is formed and hammered on the opposite end to secure to the eye. This is a perfect hook clasp style for wide pieces such as cuffs, necklaces, and belts. 5 Here are the different types of clasps available in the market today. Knowing the different types of clasps could help you decide what to use. The first type of clasp is the spring ring clasp. A spring ring clasp looks like an open circular ring that opens when you push down the tab found outside the ring

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Check out these other great articles: 5 Fresh Jewelry Chain Styles. Tips For Chain End Finishing. Types Of Jewelry Clasps & Closures. Check out these chain buying tips from Metalsmith Society and Melissa Muir.. At Halstead, we stock a variety of types of jewelry chain styles in bulk by the foot in both sterling silver and gold-filled. Check out our footage and finished chain sections online. What're The 11 Different Types of Gold Chains And Necklaces? The most popular or common chain styles are the Cuban, Mariner, and Figaro. However, there are others more we need to know about to fully appreciate the complexity and brilliance of necklace jewelry Heart Lobster Clasps - 21mm x 25mm. price. $3.99. Quick view. 18K Gold Plated Lobster Clasps - 12mm. price. $3.99. Quick view. Paisley Lobster Clasps - 17 mm x 21mm As a stunning focal piece or a hidden closure, clasps are an integral part of nearly every bracelet and necklace design. Shop clasp styles including barrel, lobster claw, magnetic, multi-strand, tab lock, toggle and more in a variety of materials

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Types of Basic Jewelry Clasps with Descriptions. Box Clasp. Box Clasp - The box clasp consists of 2 parts. One part has a box or housing which has a notched/grooved opening. The other part of the box clasp is a folded, springy flat piece of metal: the tongue. The tongue acts like a spring or lever Jewelry Clasp Types. Magnetic Clasps A magnetic clasp is composed of exactly what it sounds like. Magnetic clasps are held together by two pieces containing magnets that allow the pieces to snap together. You can choose between small and dainty clasps or large and rectangular ones. Magnetic clasps are suggested for all types of jewelry because. A spring mechanism allows the lobster arm-shaped clasp to connect the two ends of jewelry. It is a more common type of fastener used in various accessories. Magnetic Clasp. Magnets are used on both ends of the jewelry clasp to attach them. Magnetic clasps are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Toggle Clasp. A toggle clasp offers. Filigree Clasps are the traditional style of Clasp used when finishing elegant Pearl necklaces and bracelets, and at JewelrySupply.com, we carry a wide selection, in Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, 14 Karat, and Base Metal. These easy to use Filigree Clasps operate by sliding the tongue portion into the clasp, where it snaps into place Clasps are one of the most important parts of your jewelry piece. Not only do clasps add functionality to your bracelet or necklace, they can also become the..