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Read he yells at you from the story Harry Potter Preferences and Imagines by billskrsgard (maddie) with 16,996 reads. preferences, potter, harry. Harry: The co.. Read He hits you from the story Harry Potter Preferences by lisa_pait with 9,061 reads. preferences, harrypotter, fredweasley. A/N: This picture has nothing to.. Harry: Stop, Harry. You calmly stated as your boyfriend continued to distract you from your book, poking your shoulder repeatedly. Pleaseee cuddle with me! He whined, attempting to push the book out of your hand. But you had already moved the book closer to your face as Harry moved his hand forward and he accidentally hit you in the mouth. the first time he sees you cry. Harry: You had just tried out for Quidditch again. It was your third year and you still hadn't made it. It made you feel like you weren't good enough for anything, like you were pathetic. You made your way to the changing room, tears swelling in your eyes, threatening to spill over He gripped your wrist and pulled you out of the library. But Draco saw your wince of pain when he hadn't even grabbed your arm that roughly. When you got back from your mini-adventure with Harry, Draco was ready to interrogate you. Before you could even greet him he fired his first question

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  1. YOU ARE READING. Harry Potter preferences and imagines Fanfiction. So many of these around! Will do Harry Draco Fred George and Oliver and maybe even Cedric! Ron will only be done if requested because he's with Hermione and id like it to stay that way because I shipped them from the start! Requests are welcome!.
  2. Harry Potter: When you're mad at Harry, he notices it because every time he tries to touch you, you wiggle out of his grasp and act all annoyed when he tries to be funny. After he finally noticed what was going on, he would ask Hermione first what he did wrong and then go to you and apologize for what you were mad at him
  3. e''He laughed you stopped turning towards him ''Oh no Love I'm sorry That was stupid I know how Ins-'' ''Fuck you''You hissed walking off. Sorry the rest are long and Harry's is so short
  4. Preference #46 He scares you verbally and you think it may get physical: Harry: Harryyyyy! Do you wanna maybe go see Safe Haven tonight? You wondered innocently while getting a glass of water from the kitchen
  5. utes, picking at your nails, you hear a knock at the door. One of the male 5th year students walks up to the door, opening it. As he picks up the box he yells, They're here!, so everyone in the common room could hear. You are the first one up, and the first one to reach him

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  1. Preference # 6 - You get mad because he gets a lap dance for his birthday. Harry - Today was finally Harry's birthday party. You had allowed the guys to help you plan his party, though you wouldn't have if Harry didn't ask, considering you liked to be in control most..well all of the time. It was going smoothly until the boys had decided.
  2. Harry Potter: You spy him talking with Cho Chang, and jealousy fills you. You listen in on their conversation. They chat about school and quidditch, then turn to girlfriend boyfriend talk. So, do you genuinely love your girlfriend? Is she perfect for you? Cho asks slyly. Well she's pretty and all, but she eats way too much, she's gained a bit of weight. Tears spring to..
  3. Harry: He was always putting Ron and Hermione first. Sure they were his best friends but he spent all the time he had on them, or on ideas of how to learn more spells in Defense against dark arts. Even if you tried to talk to him, he would just excuse himself to get back to his work. It seemed like he didn't care about you. Hell, you didn't even know if he still loves you
  4. You do care, said Dumbledore. He had not flinched or made a single move to stop Harry demolishing his office. His expression was calm, almost detached. You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it. ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoeni
  5. Preference #2: He's Jealous. Anonymous asks: Can you do a he gets jealous preference please? A/N: Very sorry this took so long, but I hope you like it!I also don't proofread my writing so I hope it's ok. And I realized that Ron's is very short, but I felt that it was the best way to show Ron's jealousy or I got kind of laz
  6. You told me you were at Niall's tonight, Harry, but when I called him he had no idea what I was talking about. Don't tell me you think I can't smell the cheep perfume, either, because we both know every night you wreak of it! you said, venom laced delicately within your words

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  1. He is the leader of the Order! Diggle tried reasoning as he moved to block Harry. Of which, I am not a member, as you certainly know. Harry said while he smirked at the man, stepping to the other side. I can't let you leave! Diggle retorted, finally resorting to intimidation after having run out of arguments
  2. g on tour with him in honor of your 1 year anniversary. You had called Paul yesterday and asked for their tour schedule, and it turns out today.
  3. You had just begun to relax and started to close your eyes when you heard a voice from behind you. Figures you would be out her alone, you don't have anything better to do.. You turned and saw Harry. He always bullied you and you had no clue why, you loved him, and never did anything to him. Shutup Potter.
  4. ~Harry Potter~ Where is he? Hermione have you seen Harry? He has been disappearing a lot lately. She shakes her head and I continue my search. Maybe he went back up to his dormitory. I checked there first, but he probably walked right past me. I shrug and walk up the stairs and send a quick knock to the door before entering. I stop in my tracks. On the bed, tangled up in the sheets, is m..
  5. Harry-4th year. While you were in the library, Harry came and sat next to you. Hello, I'm Harry Potter he greeted you. You looked up at him and smiled. Hi, and I know your name already by the way. I'm Y/n, you greeted back and closed your book. What are you doing in the library today? he asked you

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Harry-. You are a very bright Half-blood student in Ravenclaw. You don't have many friends so you spend most of your time in the library. Which you actually like a lot. Your mom is a muggle while your dad is a wizard. He was a Ravenclaw as well when he went to Hogwarts. You have one sister who is one year younger than you and is in Ravenclaw. Slytherin- He's a cunning man, you'd have to be to get the jump on that horrid Potter boy! Hufflepuff- He's a charmer, for sure, but he's a hardworking guy who knows that fame is less important than honesty! Gryffindor- He isn't always the smartest guy, but feast or beast, he's willing to tackle it

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He had not flinched or made a single move to stop Harry demolishing his office. His expression was calm, almost detached. You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.. ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Read more quotes from J.K. Rowling It was my fault he woman I loved had died. Dad! You're doing it again. I snap my head up and I look at Andy. He looked worried and sad. I'm sorry. I- No, he interrupts me. It's alright. Can you take me to school? Uncle Harry can't go because Aunt Rosalina (a/n: I had too I'm sorry My bffl likes him too much :D) is. you dont even want to meet him because he only betrays the ones he supposedly loves and cares for Twitter Facebook Google+ imagines preferences smut peter pettigrew sirius black x reader james potter remus lupin ships how you meet hogwarts harry potter Harry Potter is my older brother, I´m one year younger than him and he's very overprotective. I fell in love with Ron a long time ago, and we started dating three months ago but we decided to keep it a secret

He'll just shuffle away the evidence, like he did when Harry warned him about You-Know-Who's return. He will claim that poor, disturbed Harry has started cutting himself, or something. I bet he'll even have Umbridge sack you, for insubordination or false accusations or something Yes, you read that right. A father told his son that he sometimes wished that he wasn't his son. Why? Because Albus was sassy with his father. And, to me, that is the most Harry Potter thing that Harry has ever done. He tends to lash out and then regret it but it was just so unexpected that I squealed when it happened in the book Notes Preference : he protects you from your Ex. ( requested) sorry It took me time to think about , but still I have time for all my lovely followers Harry: you and harry where sharing a flat in london , you have been dating for like 5 months now , and you really felt you wanted to be with him forever , Harry always kept you safe , Loved You. Two days until Halloween!! Harry- M&M's (they seem like something he would eat)Draco- Sour Patch Kids (because he is one sour bitch-) Ron-Smarties (because you would convince him that they make you smarter and he would eat a TON)Fred-Skittles (I can just see him yelling Taste the Rainbow! and inhaling the whole bag)George-Pixie Sticks (for the sole reason that it's my favorite candy. RELATED: Harry Potter: 10 Battle Of Hogwarts Elements The Movie Left Out. He thinks she just wants to chat, so he dismisses her. Only when she yells does she have his attention. After all these years, Harry still hasn't learned to accept his friends' help

You take this as a sign that soon you'll exchange a few words, and he'll be on his way. It's for the best, Cedric's a nice guy and all, but he's not the right person to talk to right now. To your surprise he takes a seat beside you, right there in the clocktower courtyard. You can practically feel the stares etch into the back of your. Which of these Harry Potter guys would fall madly in love with you at first sight - Harry or Ron? Answer truthfully to see who would ask you to the Yule Ball! And get ready to possibly be surprised or even shocked, because these aren't the only choices you can get!:- Harry Potter and the Parseltongue Legend by Obsession141 reviews. Harry discovers Parseltongue at a much younger age, and thus finds the magical world well before usual. Grey!Harry - Dark!Harry eventually. Powerful, slytherin, parentage, parseltongue, dark magic, Voldemort and more

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone: 10 Goofs You Never Noticed the filmmakers somehow managed to bungle Ron's departure from the sorting hat chair. After it yells Gryffindor, Ron breathes a sigh of relief He has a love of movies and television, having enjoyed them for more than twenty years. His preferences include drama, action, and. Harry Potter * Harry's such a kind boy, really it's both terrifying and thrilling. He's just about coming around to the idea when the hat yells Slytherin. Peeta is startled, disappointed. This shirt is 100% customizable, the character, relationship term and color can all change based on your preferences! I went with George Weasley.

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Answer: Whether or not Harry actually has a tattoo of a Hippogriff. Warner Bros. Pictures. You'd think people had better things to gossip about. . Three Dementor attacks in a week, and all Romilda Vanes does is ask me if it's true you've got a Hippogriff tattooed across your chest, Ginny tells Harry in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 18 Times The Harry Potter Films Gave Us Tiny Clues To Snape's Loyalties I'm not excusing his actions. But there are so many blink-and-you-miss it movie details involving Snape that really help. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Quotes Showing 1-30 of 1,015. Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have.. ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. tags: hermione. 13835 likes

Hermione Granger had tried everything she knew to talk sense into Harry Potter. She tried yelling at him, chastising him unmercifully, and guilting him into doing what he was supposed to do and she played the never failing Dumbledore-would-be-so-disappointed-in-you card and not even that had worked. She even tried logic knowing beforehand. Imagines. Staying with Remus Lupin during his transformation would include: -. ♡ warnings: none ♡. not my gif . -. helping him make the Wolfsbane Potion, and helping him find the ingredients. when you couldn't find the ingredients, you would buy them, regardless of the cost and just tell Remus you found them Quotes tagged as hermione-granger Showing 1-30 of 94. I mean, you could claim that anything's real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody's proved it doesn't exist!. ― J.K. Rowling. tags: common-sense , hermione-granger , knowledge , logic , reason , skepticism. 1562 likes (7.36) The Hat tells them, Try me on and I will tell you / Where you ought to be (7.33). In other words, after putting on the Hat, each student will know the house to which he or she belongs. While this seems true for all the other first-years, who put on the Hat and hear it yell out different house names, it's a little different in Harry's case

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You know what fans of the Harry Potter series will never get over? Albus Dumbledore yelling at Harry Potter in the Goblet of Fire movie. Never. We don't forget. Dumbledore calmly asking Harry Potter if he put his name in the Goblet of Fire was something that many fans remember from reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Mainly because. Yes, it's Harry Potter! Over ten years, J. K. Rowling published seven books detailing the adolescence of the title character, a boy who discovers at age 11 that he's a wizard. Since then, the series has inspired a hit movie franchise, a spin-off franchise and a magical theme park Ron Weasley-centric. Hogwarts First Year. Mostly Faithful to Canon. Summary. Ronald Weasley is a renowned wizard with a rising career, a big family and a loving wife. However, when an unforeseen force emerges and puts at risk everything he holds dear, Ron has to take the lead and make the right decisions The Harry Potter meme where you need to turn to page 394. Thanks to Alan Rickman's ice cold portrayal of the stony Severus Snape, Hogwarts' longtime potions professor inspired countless memes.

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Bsm preferences from tumblr Credits given. Article by Wattpad. 9. 1d Imagines Harry Styles Imagines Tickle Fight 5sos Preferences Everclear High School Sweethearts One Direction Cuddling Personal Trainer Quotes One Direction Preferences - He Forgets Your Anniversary - Wattpad. Saved by Kasey. 1. One Direction Preferences One Direction Imagines Harry Styles Imagines Imaginary Boyfriend Forget You Anniversary Wattpad Words Mlb The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus has been a show staple playing Daryl Dixon since the third episode of season one, Tell it to the Frogs. He came on the scene swearing obscenities at a.

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About This Quiz. If you, like many people young and old, got pulled into the initial Harry Potter mania of the late 1990s and early 2000s, then you remember the magical anticipation and excitement for each new book and movie premiere. People flocked to bookstores and movie theaters, dressed in flowing wizard robes or proudly wearing the colors. Harry Potter actress Jessie Cave has spoken out about being raped by a tennis coach at the age of 14.. The comedian and actress - who is known for playing the character Lavender Brown in the films about the boy wizard - discussed her ordeal in her podcast We Can't Talk About That Right Now.. Cave, 33, opened up as she and her younger sister Bebe were talking about growing up, and Bebe. You're first week or so was spent finding your way around the castle and being prepared to get to your classes on time so you weren't too focused on making friends just yet. Once you started to get the hang of things you had formerly introduced yourself to Hermione Granger since you knew you had more then a few classes with her and you were. Harry Potter! Harry himself is a tad awkward (have you MET him?) so there's no scaring him off by being shy. He'd probably get to know you from Dumbledoors Army, and once you become friends and your crazy side comes out? He's whipped. You're the perfect sunny spot during these dark times, and you always know just how to make him laugh Please stop trigger tagging with #epilepsy tw/cw/warning/etc. beetlenose: I need every single person to understand how horrible tumblr's tagging system is I go into the tag for epilepsy and its all..

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A little shrug answered, warm, sleepy. You always seemed to see Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. It's never really seemed to matter that I'm Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived With Muggles That Hated Him or Harry Potter, the Boy Who Never Heard Of Magic Before He Turned Eleven... I guess it made me feel a bit better to make you angry Love Potion (Part 2) (Draco Malfoy x Reader) Finally, Part 2 has been posted. I hope you enjoy! Prologue / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / End. Update Tags: @celestialceci @marvelobsessedteen @imaginesforthepeople @danidomm @marvelrose @vogueworthy-barnes @glossysoph House: You choose Blood Status: You choose Warnings: Possible swearing, bullying (not too extreme), Mean Pans

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If you're like me, Harry Potter has been a part of your life for as long as you can remember. You've read the books, you've seen the movies, and there are just certain things about the world that. Harry scoff, You know nothing of love. You're too young. You scoff, And you do. Look Harry, I love you but that doesn't chance how I feel about Draco and I'm not going to break up with him just because you don't want us together. He sighs, I don't like him at all but if he makes you happy I'll try to tolerate him

Harry: You're helping your boyfriend Harry get ready to go to work at the recording studio, you stayed home to do some assessments for Uni and a bit of housework. You kiss him goodbye and wave to him as he drives off in his lovely new car. You walk back to your flat. You go on the internet for a bit and all your mentions on twitter were filled with hate Thank you. Hermione marched past Harry through the door. You too, Potter, Snape growled. Harry looked at Snape, then at the bed. He gulped. Now! Harry fled back to the lounge. He joined Hermione on the settee and gave her a You better know what you're doing look. She ignored him Voldemort screams in heat of battle sometimes but otherwise he speaks always in quite calm and detached (cold) voice with only occasionally emotions of anger and moves with with similar calculated calmness. Unlike in the movies where he is constantly yelling and whispering and skipping and getting in people's personal space. level 2

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  1. Dec 1, 2017 - 5SOS Preferences - He Makes You Cry In Front Of The Other Boys (Part 1) - Wattpad. Dec 1, 2017 - 5SOS Preferences - He Makes You Cry In Front Of The Other Boys (Part 1) - Wattpad. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by.
  2. Arthur sighed heavily. The Ministry has passed a law requiring that all men and women, over the age of 15 marry and produce heirs. Since Harry defeated You-Know-Who, and the war is over, they think we should all 'contribute' to the repopulating of the wizarding world. He pinched the bridge of his nose
  3. This is, without a doubt, Harry's funniest moment. 4. In Goblet of Fire, when Harry called Rita Skeeter a cow in front of Dumbledore and then quickly apologized. But then Dumbledore responded, I.

It's no secret that the Harry Potter fandom goes hard, and once you're a Harry Potter fan, you're pretty much always a Harry Potter fan. This fandom is one of those rare phenomena that get. 9 Mean Witches. In a brilliant crossover meme, the worlds of Harry Potter and Mean Girls collide in one screenshot of Voldemort and his Death Eaters from Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 1. The meme is particularly used by fans of the Harry Potter franchise and sent to their muggle friends Feb 13, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Lucia. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres