What is the best material for a fireplace surround?

At Your Doorstep Faster Than Ever. 2 Day Free Shipping On 1000s of Products 2021 Home Design Trend. Best Fireplace Designs 2021.The Hottest Fireplace Design Trend Slab material. A fully segmented wall pattern in wood creates this transitional center fireplace. A single piece of stone with a hole cut out for the firebox serves as the surround. Smooth lines deliver casual elegance in this family room

Often used in contemporary floor-to-ceiling fireplaces, Ledgestone is one of the most popular materials used for making fireplace surrounds. Here, thin strips of stones are joined vertically to look like tiny ledges, creating a soft, inviting atmosphere Concrete as a fireplace surround, with clean lines and natural finishes, brings a contemporary feel to an interior and heats up the space as it retains the heat thrown off by the fire. It's a resilient material making it ideal for fireplaces and the wide number of colors and textures creates a unique design element in your space One of the first decisions to make after deciding to add an outdoor fireplace to your landscape is what material to use. Every outdoor fireplace starts with a firebox and a chimney as its foundation. What you choose to surround these essential components with determines what your finished product will look like. Here are some tips to help guide you in what will work best for your hot spot

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  1. Granite is a low-maintenance, multifunctional workhorse of a stone, resisting wear from water, mild abrasions, and heavy traffic. For fireplace surrounds, its easy-to-clean nature and heat resistance makes it a perfect option. Granite is an igneous rock, formed when magma beneath the earth's surface cools and solidifies
  2. What Is The Best Material For A Fireplace Surround? Wood is the best material for fireplace surrounds for affordability and ease of installation. Stone is the best fireplace surround material when looking to provide a more authentic and classier looking surround compared to wooden ones
  3. Firebricks and fireplace boards are the basic construction materials, used with the appropriate mortar, screed and adhesives. Vermiculite based products offer excellent insulation, while heatproof render, plaster and plasterboard afford protection to the area surrounding an inset stove or in the vicinity of a free standing stove
  4. Wood is also versatile; streamlined pale tones such as birch, rich, opulent mahogany or a simple elegant shelf, or rustic beam across the top of a real fire. 'We sell far more wooden surrounds than..
  5. Granite is one of the most common materials for a fireplace hearth, and is also a reasonably priced material and so it makes a good case to be the best material for use within a fireplace hearth
  6. Most areas require a specified width of a noncombustible material for a fireplace surround and hearth. (Check your local codes for details.) A steel facing certainly fits that requirement. A custom application that feels rustic and modern, steel is a great look
  7. While some of the best fireplace surround ideas are super simple brick and wood combinations, others use marble or chiseled stone, carved real wood, tile, cast concrete or even entire stone slabs. Some people hang artwork or decorations above the mantel while others opt for a TV. The options for decorating a fireplace are almost endless
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Slate pavers or mortared stones are another stone choice -- a rustic mortared stone fireplace might extend all the wall up the wall, over the chimney breast, and enclose the firebox. Brick is a traditional material that often covers the surround under the mantel and continues to form the hearth Grout - To conceal any edges of the fireplace that show the metal lathe. A few of the materials listed can be found around the house. The metal lathe for your cheap fireplace will run you around $5.00 to $6.00 per 2 ½ ounce pieces. Depending on your space, this could be very in expensive, but is absolutely necessary to build your fireplace The fireplace is one of the primary focal points of any room and it is a valuable design feature that provides style and equity to a home. Each fireplace in. Dec 31, 2019 - Explore Rettinger Fireplace Systems's board Fireplace Surrounds, followed by 869 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fireplace, fireplace surrounds, fireplace design

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A fireplace is supposed to be an attractive focal point, but if yours is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons, consider giving it a face-lift with beautiful tile. There are plenty of stylish options available that will transform a sad fire surround into a feature you will adore. Are you game? These 24 ideas will inspire you to create a hearthside worthy of cozying up to year-round HGTV heads to the Ann Sacks showroom at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center to check out classic and cutting-edge fireplace surround tile options, from interlocking wood to hand-painted terra cotta. By: Brian Patrick Flyn The warmth from a cozy fireplace can be quite helpful for your energy bills and comfort during the colder seasons. For the best fireplace surround material, we recommend that you should opt for a natural stone vs. faux stone veneer. This is because natural stone lasts longer, has more elegance, and it's an all-round efficient fireplace material Our Fireplace Surround Facing Kits are offered in a selection of Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine and Slate natural stones. Each kit is available in a few standard sizes that include header, 2 legs and a hearth Natural stone is one of the most popular materials for fireplace surrounds for a number of reasons. First, because the fireplace is often the focal point of a room, aesthetics are key. Stone fireplace surrounds are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures that can match any interior design style

While not nearly as common as other types of materials, which makes it much harder to find fireplace mantels made from this material, glass is a gorgeous option for any home. Glass fireplace mantels are generally the shelf option, not the surround, and they are sure to attract attention If you want a more consistent look to your fireplace, choose from either one of our micro-grained marble fireplaces or a jurastone suite. Aegean Limestone is manufactured from 100% natural material, as such the mantel you purchase will be unique due to variations in fossil formation, veining and colour Steel is one of the most popular fireplace surround materials. It comes in many different finishes, and can complement many interiors. A steel fireplace surround often gives a modern, industrial feel to a room. 2

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Though those are the most common materials for fireplaces, lots of other materials exist if you're looking for something more unique. You can get creative with plaster, drywall, or adobe, especially if you're looking for a modern, angular look. Wood surrounds can be great for creating a rustic, woodsy effect Today's fireplace is far more aesthetic than it is functional, and the materials it's made of are as diverse as the owners of the home itself. The natural stone you choose for a fireplace surround makes a strong design statement. And no matter what your style preference, there's a material to help you reflect your unique personality The surround, the 3- or 4-inch material surrounding the face of your fireplace, can make a subtle and refined statement. It's generally marble, granite or another stone that reflects heat well. Heatilator's options for fireplace surrounds vary by the fireplace you choose but in general, we offer surrounds in granite, slate and marble, in a. No matter where your fireplace is going it will be the focal point for the room and the anchor of the overall design. Sometimes a little customization is just what is needed to make the space truly your own. The best way to do this is by combining different colors and shapes of natural thin stone veneer to create your own unique work of art This walk-around fireplace design makes the perfect place to host a party at any time of year, and the textured stone picks up the glow of the lights beautifully, complementing the entire area. Create a Better Fireplace Surround. There are few materials that make a better fireplace surround than natural stone veneers

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Changing the face of your fireplace with a tile surround gives the fireplace a modern and updated look. A fireplace surround should be as durable as it is beautiful. Choosing the right tile is the foundation to building a great looking fireplace 14. Rustic DIY wood pallet fireplace. Just in case you're still finding yourself hooked on the idea of making a wonderfully rustic surround for your fireplace but you just haven't quite seen the one that grabs you yet, here's another concept for your consideration A mantel shelf (like the one pictured above) may be floating or incorporated into a full fireplace surround. Surround Commonly confused for one another, the fireplace surround is an informal name given to the entire assembly of elements: mantel, legs, returns, etc. Ultimately, the surround is what makes up all parts of a fireplace in its entirety If you seal the fireplace surround properly, you do not have to worry about the soot staining your brick. This will keep the fireplace looking as good as new and you walls will be stain free. This is an easy job and only takes a few minutes. The best time to do this is when you are preparing to use the fireplace for wintertime

The material you choose for your hearth is up to you, but popular materials include marble, concrete (available in a variety of different finishes), stone slab and wood. Pictured here is a dark marble effect floating hearth, with the Escea DF700 High Output gas fireplace with a Slim Volcanic Black fascia. 5. Stone Surround Budget-Friendly: Eye-Catching Artwork. The abstract artwork over the fireplace draws the eye to the middle of the room and cohesively marries with the other colors seen throughout the space. This is a budget-friendly remodel idea, depending on the price of the artwork, of course. From: Kerra Michele Huerta In addition to kitchen design, and bathroom vanities, another place where granite is showcased is as a fireplace surround and hearth. Granite's naturally heat resistant making it a perfect material for a fireplace surround. Additionally, granite can make an ordinary fireplace a gorgeous focal point Fuel-burning appliances such as fireplaces and wood stoves must have a hearth made of noncombustible materials to prevent fire. Natural stone often is used for hearths, but there are several types. Pull the look of the fireplace together with repeating or complimentary details. Sticking with one line of trim ensures that the project looks cohesive and well thought out. If you decide to use fluted trim for the sides of the fireplace, choose a similar style like dentil moulding for a decorative accent under the mantel

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Standard brick material is much thicker than our Glazed Thin Brick, which makes it a more durable product within a fireplace. A thicker brick will hold itself in place, while or Thin Brick will not. Even though Brick can't be used on the inside of a Fireplace, it looks great on the surround! Brick Shown: White Mountains; Design: Kristen Peñ Traditionally, the surround extends from the hearth up to the mantel. When you want to keep the look more modern, take the same large-scale tiles and install them from the ceiling down to the hearth. Once the fireplace design is complete, style the area with fireplace tools and mantel decorations that express your personal style

Stacked Stone Veneer Fireplace. Chris Loves Julia. Simply put, stone fireplaces consist of either manufactured or natural materials. This surround re novation by the duo behind Chris loves Julia incorporates the latter. The stacked stone ledgers are strips of dark, charcoal marble glued to interlocking panels for easy installation The Perfect Stone for the Fireplace. Most people consider the fireplace as one of the most important areas of a home. Back then, the fireplace is the area of the home where the family would come together to keep warm and enjoy each other's company. Times have changed since then but that doesn't mean that the fireplace is any less important The simplest and therefore most popular refacing technique involves installing the new materials directly over the existing fireplace surround or, if there is none, the neighboring drywall

Pallet wood is an example. Don't get it wrong. Properly designed, even pallet wood can be a great fireplace surround material. If you don't believe it, just take another look at the picture above. Like some of the fireplace surround ideas before, pallet wood fireplace surround looks simple If you want a more consistent look to your fireplace, choose from either one of our micro-grained marble fireplaces or a jurastone suite. Aegean Limestone is manufactured from 100% natural material, as such the mantel you purchase will be unique due to variations in fossil formation, veining and colour. All our Agean limestone surrounds are pre. A fireplace hearth can add a touch of class and beauty to a room, but most importantly, it should add a healthy amount of safety. When choosing the best fireplace hearth, you should consider several factors: safety, aesthetics, cost, and function. The hearth must be made of non-combustible materials should any stray sparks or embers escape the. Different fireplace surround types based on material. The biggest difference in design and style when it comes to a fireplace surround or mantel is made by the materials used. There's quite a few options to choose from and a lot of different and interesting ways in which several can be combined or used to create unique designs

The Mike 60 in. x 52 in. MDF White Full Surround Mantel Its the first piece of furniture in any home. Its the first piece of furniture in any home. There's nothing as warm and welcoming as a crackling fire in an open fireplace. The dancing flames can lift your spirits and melt away the most stressful day in a matter of minutes 2. Fieldstone Complement. Many contemporary homes make a fireplace surround that becomes the main focus of the room. This fieldstone surround is the biggest design element within the space, so it needs a mantel that can hold its own against it. This simple modern fireplace mantel warms up the stone and makes the space more inviting Fireplace Surround Tiles. The surround is the vertical space directly surrounding the firebox. Many surrounds are quite small and only require a handful of tiles to cover them completely. and need to be made from a heat resistant and highly durable material. Some of the best tiles for fireplace hearths are actually made from natural stone. While ceramic tile is an excellent choice for the fireplace surround, it is not as durable as other options for the front of the fireplace, which often is on the floor. Glass Til Tiles are the second popular material for cladding a fireplace after stone and brick. Modern tiles can imitate wood and metal if you want or catch an eye with some interesting patterns. The tiles can be dark to make the fireplace stand out, or white or neutral ones if they fit your space. Look at the ideas to get inspired

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Combustible Materials. Combustible fireplace mantels are made with either natural wood or Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). MDF is 82% wood fiber, 9% resin glue, 8% water, and 1% paraffin wax. It is usually cheaper than natural wood and the hard, flat surface resists splitting and takes paint well Fireplace surround ideas, best stone choices, installation and tips A fireplace surround area plays a vital role in keeping the look of the room intact. This area is something that can either blend with your room décor or be the showstopper of your room without ruining the design scheme What metal is best for a heat shield? Stainless Steel. Is cement backer board fire resistant? Yes, HardieBacker® 1/4″ Cement Board is deemed noncombustible when tested to ASTM E 136 and can be used in conjunction with other noncombustible materials around a fireplace

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Granite Fireplace Surrounds (the Go-To Natural Stone Product) Granite is a popular choice for homeowners when selecting natural stone for their homes. This product is durable, low maintenance and cost friendly. Granite is a great selection for fireplace surrounds partly because of its resistance to heat, chips and scratches Pictured: Regency Liberty L965E Gas Fireplace. Trend #3 Flexibility. The past few years have seen the release of multiple products that allow for combustible materials to be placed directly above and surrounding the fire. Traditionally a fireplace would require heat resistant materials such as brick, stone, or tile to surround it The fireplace surround typically refers to the entire frame surrounding the firebox (where the fire is). The mantel refers to the shelf that sits on the top part of the surround. Whether you want the look of a modern fireplace or one that gives off a 19th Century feel, there is a type of marble suitable for your fireplace mantel and surround Fireplace Materials . Perhaps the most distinctive design element of the fireplace you buy is the material that covers the outside of it. What's the most common fireplace material? Here's a chart setting out what are the most popular fireplace exterior materials. It's based on analysis of 172,176 rooms with fireplaces Mantels Direct. 74.5-in W x 53.5-in H White Poplar Traditional Fireplace Surround. Model #HARRISON-5441-POPP-W. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 5. Pearl Mantels. Crestwood 60-in W x 5-in H x 10-in D White Composite Transitional Fireplace Mantel. Model #618-60

Inserts are less expensive than redoing the whole hearth. A professional can help you find the best insert to fit your fireplace. If your fireplace needs just a few repairs, you should consult a professional. Make sure the repairs are correctly made with materials that will keep their integrity at high temperatures Jul 22, 2021 - A fireplace surround can transform a room. It can elevate a home and reflect the home owner. What do these unusual surrounds do for you? Tell me in a comment. Enjoy!. See more ideas about fireplace surrounds, fireplace, fireplace mantels Installing The Soapstone Surround. Mix up a half bag of white thin-set, create a thick paste-like mix that can be troweled on the vertical wall. Make sure you install builders' paper on the floor in front of the fireplace. Using a ¼ trowel, apply the thin-set to the brick façade and then to each piece of the bluestone A flawless fireplace surround starts with a well-thought-out design and ends with an eye for even spacing. Depending on the tile you use, the design may be as simple as centering the starting position, as with subway tile, or as complicated as spacing decorative tile in the middle of a field, as with accent art tile

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Step 1. Due to the tendency of brick to accumulate grit, you should wet and clean the brick fireplace prior to painting it to ensure better paint adhesion. Using a stiff-bristle brush doused in. The Rainbow ZC fireplace doors fit hundreds of models of zero clearance fireplaces. There are a number of pre-fabricated sizes, and if you can't find your size, they can be easily custom made to fit your fireplace. One of the best things about the Rainbow fireplace door is that even if they are custom made, they ship out fairly quickly In addition to kitchen design, and bathroom vanities, another place where granite is showcased is as a fireplace surround and hearth. Granite's naturally heat resistant, making it a perfect material for a fireplace surround. Additionally, granite can make an ordinary fireplace a gorgeous focal point, and by sealing the granite with AGM sealer. Material Types For Fireplace Mantel Kits: 1. Stone & Concrete Fireplace Mantel Kits. Cast stone and carved stone can be used to make fireplace mantel kits. The best part about using stone surrounds is that they are not combustible. This makes them a great choice for fireplaces as building code requires non-combustible materials to immediately. Install a thin structural sheathing material (e.g., drywall, rigid insulation, lightweight steel or aluminum sheeting). Bend the liner at the corners or seal seams with a bead of adhesive. Tape the liner to the enclosure opening on both the sides and at the top of the fireplace enclosure. Install the fireplace and chimney and closure framing

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This stone fireplace below has warm (green) grey undertones mixed with some yellow/caramel tones. Notice that this cottage is filled with white walls, which is the detail that relates the best to the black and white furnishings in the room. Also, the ceiling has an unfinished, distressed look to it that also relates to the fireplace stone colour Fireplace Surrounds and Mantels are the decorative fasciae that fit to the wall and surround the actual fire. They come in an extensive range of styles, sizes and materials and make an attractive focal point in your room. Although they briefly fell out of favour with people removing them from period properties, they are now very much in vogue. GenStone is designed specifically for the inspired DIY-er. Our lightweight faux stone panels are ready to be installed out of the box, allowing you to complete a fireplace renovation in a single day. And you won't be sacrificing product quality for ease of installation.GenStone faux stone panels are made from 99.9% waterproof, high-density polyurethane I want to put up a stone veneer surround, around a gas fireplace we're going to install. I've seen everything from using 1/2 plywood and a metal lath, to putting the tiles directly on drywall. I have everything apart so I want to do this the best way

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Surround: The visible components surrounding the overall fireplace. Mantel: The shelf above the fireplace, either connected to the surround or directly secured to the wall. A full surround is basically a three-sided mantel, Adams says. Hearth extension: The section of noncombustible material that extends in front of the fireplace Best Materials for Fireplace Surrounds. While still on how to build a fireplace surround for an electric fireplace, you need to understand the fireplace is one of the soothing decorative elements that you can relax around with family members. It adds to the value of your home while creating a warm ambiance. you can create the surroundings from. Request Appointment. (630) 279-8500. The Fireplace & Chimney Authority is proud to offer Magra Hearth, Eldorado Stone, Stoll Industries and Visser Mantels to bring you the best selection of surround mantels available in the market today. Combined, these manufacturers have been making quality fireplace surround mantels for decades