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Repair Various System Problems of iOS Devices, without Data Loss, No Skills Required. Issues: Boot Loop, White/Black Screen, Frozen, Stuck in iOS Logo/ Recovery Mode/Spinnin Learn to use the iPad with our video guide for beginners. Complete instructional guide. iPad Guide for Beginners, Seniors, and New iPad Users Press and hold the Top button and either volume button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider to turn off your iPad. Then connect your iPad to your computer while holding the Top button. Keep holding the Top button until you see the recovery mode screen 4. Click on the iPad name when it appears and you will be given the option to restore a backup or setup as a new iPad (since it is locked). 5. Click 'Setup as new iPad' and then click restore. 6. The iPad will start backing up before it does the full restore and sync. CANCEL THE BACKUP IMMEDIATELY. You do this by clicking the small x in the. A disabled iPad is caused by too many attempts to log in with the wrong username and password. To fix an iPad that is disabled, reset the iPad to the factory default or try Recovery Mode. Resetting to factory default erases everything on your iPad, but you can restore it all from a backup. This article explains how to deal with a disabled iPad

See a message that your iPad is disabled? No worries, you can learn some easier ways to reset disabled iPad without iTunes in this video. Free download Tenor.. To reset a disabled iPhone or iPad without iTunes, the only available way is to take advantage of some professional reset tools, which are able to safely reset your device. And PhoneRescue for iOS is an application built to deal with cases just like yours If your iPad is locked by your forgetfulness or disabled by the password input wrongly for many times, the only way to reset your iPad is wiping your password. The easiest way to remove the screen-lock password is using the third-party software, Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker. Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker is the professional iPad unlocker software Connect your iPad to the computer, and run iPhone Unlocker software. Once its main interface opens, you can pick a tool for your task from 3 different tabs. For the purpose of factory resetting iPad without password, select the tab that says Wipe Passcode. Your tablet should appear on the screen as expected When the icon of the device is displayed in the iTunes sidebar, Click iPad icon on the top left menu of iTunes, and enter the Summary. Step 3. Click the Restore iPad button to reset the disabled iPad. Step 4

Hard Reset iPad Pro/Air/Mini with Home Button STEP 1. Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo. STEP 2 Launch iTunes Connect the USB cable to the computer but DO NOT connect the disabled iPad yet Turn off the iPad (Press and hold the Sleep/Power button) Press and hold the Home Button and connect your iPad to the PC FIX!! Here is a step by step guide on how to factory reset your iPad. This works on all iPads. iPad original, iPad mini, iPad air. This will clear the disabl..

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  1. If your iPad has FaceID, press/hold the top button and a volume button. Turn off the device when the slider appears. While holding the top button, connect the iPad to your computer; the Recovery Mode screen will appear. If your iPad has a Home button, follow the preview steps, but hold the Home button instead of the top button
  2. This video will guide you on how to remove any passcode lock or disabled screen on any iPad. Easy step by step process explained, no expertise needed.This to..
  3. utes, and that solution is iMyFone LockWiper. The iMyFone LockWiper is a useful tool that can reset or remove iCloud account and Apple ID from any iPad without a password
  4. This video is an instructional video to teach you how to factory reset iPad Pro. This is done the same way for disabled, locked, forgotten passwords
  5. How to Wipe Locked iPad without Any Password Best Tool to Wipe Locked iPad without Password - iMyFone LockWiper. iMyFone LockWiper iPad Unlock is the right tool for unlocking and wiping a locked iPad especially when the time is crucial. When faced with a critical situation that needs immediate unlock of your locked iPad, other iPad unlocking tools will delay for hours or days before unlocking.
  6. Press and hold the Side button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider to turn off your iPhone. Then connect your iPhone to your computer while holding the Volume down button. Keep holding the Volume down button until you see the recovery mode screen

If these steps do not work, you can try using dr.fone - IOS System Recovery with NO DATA LOSS: https://goo.gl/RnFxTZIf you own an iPad and have forgotten you.. 1. Connect your iPhone to any computer via USB. If you aren't signed into iCloud on your iPad or don't have Find My iPad enabled, or you have never synced to iTunes, you can use Recovery Mode to restore your disabled iPad. This will delete all of the data Step 3 - iTunes will give you the option to Restore or Update the iPad. We recommend clicking the Update option at first as this will force the iOS to update. Step 4 - If the update option doesn't work, repeat the above steps but this time click on Restore and the iPad will be reset to the factory state Exactly bro, I am the genuine owner of this iPad and it is disabled because of a stupid kids, now I have to lose everything to be able to restore it and use it again, seriously Apple should do something about this, at least make it unlockable through the iCloud thing as I know my email and the password for my iPad obviously

Reset Locked iPad Passcode Easily Without iTunes. Simple & Safe. Free Try Now Speciality level out of ten: 1. Jul 25, 2021 3:18 AM in response to restoreapplepd. In response to restoreapplepd. connect it by cable to a computer and read. If you forgot the passcode on your iPad, or your iPad is disabled - Apple Support. More Less. Jul 25, 2021 3:18 AM. Reply Helpful Open iTunes and select the restore function. Underneath the restore section, click the options available. In the restore type field, you will see a tick mark that says ios reset.. If you click this restore option, you will be able to enter the passcode that you were using in order to enable your iPad to read the files that you want restored To reset a disabled iPhone or iPad without iTunes, you can take advantage of some professional reset tools, iPhone LockWiper is a great tool for removing locked screen devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The iPhone LockWiper can handle many different types of screen password issues, including 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Touch ID & Face ID Steps to reset a disabled iPhone/iPad/iPod. Things Required: a) Computer. b) USB data cable. c) The device you like to reset. 1. We will start the procedure just by turning the device off. To do that; hold the power button (which is the sleep/wake button) on the top and wait for the slide to power off appears; when it does; slide it to.

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To learn how to reset iPad without password using dr.fone, follow these steps: Step 1. Launch dr.fone on your computer and go to the Unlock module to begin with. Step 2. Connect your device to the system using a lightning cable and click on the Start button. Step 3 Select the iPad you want to reset. Step 7. Tap Erase iPad. Solution 2. How to Reset a Locked iPad Without a Computer Using Siri [iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.1] If your iPad running an older version of iOS (iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.1), you can use Siri to bypass your iPad's passcode and then reset the iPad through the Settings How to Hard Reset iPad (All Models) The standard restart process doesn't always work. Sometimes an iPad can be locked up so much that the slider doesn't appear and the iPad screen doesn't respond to taps. In that case, you need to try a hard reset Step 3: Restore iPad. After the backup process has finished, click on the summary tab. On the setup screen, click on Restore iPad option and select the latest backup version. This will undisable your iPad and restore all your files. Part 3. How to undisable an iPad in Recovery Mod

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Part 2: How to unlock iPad passcode without restore using Siri This is not an official solution to fix disabled iPhone without restore, but it is used by plenty of users every now and then. Essentially, it is considered as a loophole in iOS, and chances are that it might not work all the time Question: Q: Reset disabled iPad without iTunes. Well, I'm in trouble now. I have an iPad that says iPad Disabled Connect to iTunes and it won't connect to anything but the computer it was set up with. My problem now is that computer has since been reformatted and reinstalled a few times, so the iPad won't recognize it!. Step 2. Enter your Apple ID. If you forgot it, you can find it in your iPad Settings, iCloud, App Store or iTunes and so on. Step 3. You can select and use one of the features to reset your Apple ID: Get an email or Answer security questions. After passing validation, you can wipe iPad without Apple ID But when iPad is disabled connect to iTunes messages prompted, your need to perform a factory reset to erase your iPad, and then restore it from your backups if there is one, or set up as new. Even if you have the password, the iPad won't accept entering it at this point

Why Tenorshare 4uKey Is the Best Tool to Reset Disabled/Locked iPad . Well, to put everything as a whole, let's understand the significance of Tenorshare 4uKey and why is it considered as the best tool to reset disabled/locked iPad Follow these steps to learn how to reset the password on the iPad via iTunes. Step 1. Launch iTunes on your system and connect the iPad to it. Step 2. As iTunes will detect your device, choose it from the device icon. Step 3. Go to the Summary section on iTunes under your device (from the left panel). Step 4

As you need to reset iPad's Apple ID, you need to select the Unlock Apple ID mode. Step 3. Click the Start to Unlock button to remove your iPad Apple ID without a password. When your device has Find My iPad enabled, please follow these steps: Settings > General > Reset> Reset All Settings, then the unlocking process will start Though your iPad is disabled and you can't seem to restore it, you can resolve the issue without much trouble. Even if Apple has come a long way by producing highly advanced iPad versions, there are times when users suffer from issues like iPad disabled forgot passcode How to Wipe a Disabled iPad without Passcode. If your iPad or iPhone has been disabled, then you can fix it by performing a hard reset to unlock your iPad and then wipe it thoroughly via the Settings app. Before starting, please: Make sure you have signed into iCloud and disabled the Find my iPhone feature iPad Speciality level out of ten: 10 Sep 3, 2020 2:24 AM in response to Charlieandkie In response to Charlieandkie If your iPad is disabled, or you have forgotten your iPad passcode, you'll need to follow this process

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There are a few ways to reset the Apple password on your device and get into a locked iPhone or iPad, whether you have an older iPhone like an iPhone 6 or 7, all the way up to the newest iPhones. Let's get started learning how to reset a disabled iPhone or iPad with iTunes, iCloud or recovery mode. Related: Forgot Your Restrictions Passcode. If your device is disabled or you are locked out of the iPad, and you want to factory reset the device. Not a lot of people know how to Factory Reset an iOS device but the problem becomes even bigger if you have to factory reset iPad without passcode.Don't worry! 3 effective ways to Factory Reset your iPad are discussed below Step 1: Connect the iPad you want to restore. Download and install iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery and then launch the application. On the home screen, you will see the Fix iOS to Normal option; click on it. Using the USB cable that came with the device, connect the iPad to your computer

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Anyone can help to reset my iPad without iTunes? I need to hard reset my iPad because I only call up the password chaotically. Every time I try it, it will notify that I type a wrong password, and finally, iPad was disabled. You all know that factory reset is the basic feature of every iPad. Using iTunes is the way we most often think of Part 3. How to Factory Reset iPad without Apple ID using iTunes. The second way of resetting iPad is a freeway. But you must make sure you do not turn on Find My iPad before, and you will still get stuck in Apple ID after resetting iPad. The way to reset iPad without Apple ID is entering iPad into the Recovery mode via iTunes. Step 1 Step 6. Your disabled iPhone/iPad will be erased and it will remove the passcode from your device as well. Then you can set up the device from scratch and tap on Restore from iCloud Backup to restore an iCloud backup on your device. Unlock Disabled iPhone/iPad without iCloud via AnyUnloc And sometimes, iPad is disabled connect to iTunes and ejected by iTunes. In this case, you need to try some other ways to restore iPad without iTunes. Here is how. Restore iPad without iTunes. Steps of restoring iPad without iTunes. iPad Data Recovery enables you to restore your iPad without iTunes. It is a professional iOS data recovery. You either have to wait a certain amount of time or connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iTunes, if it has been permanently disabled. Here are a few tips to help you get that device unlocked.

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Let's show you the complete guide with a video to reset the disabled iPhone or iPad without iTunes. Before Start, please note the following when using this third-party software to fix your disabled iPhone/iPad: Use the SD iPhone Unlocker to unlock the disabled iPhone or iPad without iTunes will erase all the data on it Step 1: Download EelPhone DelPassCode on the computer, stolen iPad reset needs the remove screen passcode feature. Step 2: Link the stolen iPad to computer, once the ios version scanned out, check it and then click on the Start button to switch to the next step. Step 3: The tool will download and unpack the iPSW data package automatically, what you should do is keeping the connection 1- Put your iPhone/ iPad into recovery mode check method 1 step 1 if you don't know. 2- A pop-up screen will appear stating the message below with three options Cancel , Restore and Update . There is a problem with the iPad iPad that requires it to be updated or restored. 3- Choose the Cancel Option In case that Find My iPad is disabled from the iCloud account, data on the device will be erased and iPad will be restored to the factory settings. Step 5 . If the Find My iPhone is turned on, you will need to follow the prompts to conduct the steps When you find your iOS device is disable, UkeySoft Unlocker is a good choice for you to unlock any disabled iPad, iPhone or iPod touch without iTunes/iCloud/passcode. With its help, every kind of screen locks can be bypassed: Face ID, fingerprint, 4 or 6 digit passcode

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  1. If your iPad has been synced to iTunes before, you can reset disabled iPad 2/3/4, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 1/2/3/4, iPad Air 1/2/3 with iTunes when you forgot iPad lock code. Restoring the iPad with iTunes will remove all data (including passcode) of your iPad. But you can recover the data if you have an iTunes backup
  2. g that it will wipe all your data and settings on the disabled iPad and upgrade it to the latest software version. To complete the reset, enter the required numbers and click Unlock. Once you've restore the disabled iPad to its out-of-the-box settings, the screen is unlocked, along with the passcode removed. Now.
  3. After the iPad reset to factory settings, your passcode will be removed simultaneously. Part 2. How to Factory Reset iPad without Passcode with Find My iPhone As long as you have enabled Find My iPhone/iPad option on your iPad, you can get extra opportunity to factory reset an iPad. It allows you to remotely restore iPad without passcode.

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Reset Locked/Disabled iPad without Password through iTunes (Official Solution) If you have ever synced your iPad with iTunes, you can use this method. It is one of the easiest methods that you can try, and it will take a few minutes, depending on the time required for data transfer. For this method, you need a computer with iTunes Completely reset iPad. Once the backup is done, you can move ahead to the next stage. On your iPad, erase all content and settings. Here's how to wipe an iPad: On your iPad, open Settings > General. Scroll down until you see the Reset option. Select Erase All Content and Settings. Enter your passcode to restore iPad to factory settings Press and hold the top button and Home button for 20 seconds, or press the Volume Up, Volume Down, and top button. Recovery Mode: Connect the iPad to a computer, open Finder (Catalina or later) or iTunes. Restart. Choose Update from the recovery screen. If you don't have access to a computer, use the Find My app to wipe the iPad remotely

Factory reset an iPad without iTunes through Hard Reset. This is actually the easiest method since all you need to do is press a few buttons and it takes 1-2 minutes. Hold the tablet's sleep/wake button, as well as the home button at the same time. Keep them pressed for 10 seconds until the Apple logo will show up on the screen Reset Disabled iPhone iPad Screen Lock The software which I'm going to use for this demonstration is 4ukey which is a great tool for removing locked screen devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 4Ukey is available for Mac and Windows operating system and also, it's used to reset Android and iOS device locked screen in just a few steps

Restore and recover your disabled iPhone/iPad data from backups without losing data. Option 1. Set up your iPhone or iPad again via the Restore option. When you have backups on iCloud or iTunes backup, set up your iPhone again and choose to restore from iTunes backup, or Restore from iCloud backup during the setup process on the Apps & Data. Step 2: Go to Summary and click on Restore iPad option. Step 3: Now, it will ask you to turn off Find My iP ad feature if you have it enabled. So, disable it and proceed with the same. Step 4: If Find My iPad is disabled, iTunes will verify if you want to restore iPad to its factory settings and all your data will be deleted Method 1of 3:Rebooting a Frozen or Misbehaving iPad. Find the Power and the Home buttons. You'll find the Power button along the top edge of the iPad, and the Home button is in center at the bottom. Press and hold both buttons until you see the Apple logo. Release the Power and Home buttons. If you hold too long, you'll enter Recovery Mode

When you receive the iPhone is disabled, try again message, you still have chances to recall and key your passcode correctly. When you get the iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes for 10 wrong passcode inputs in a row, your iPhone or iPad is completely locked. - Finally, you should reset your iPhone by erasing all data to re. Part 1. How to Fix Disabled iPad with a 3rd-party Tool. It could be the most efficent way to fix iPad disabled problem by using a professional third-party iOS sytem recovery utility such as TunesKit iOS System Recovery.It is a brilliant iOS system repair tool to help you fix almost all iOS problems including iPad is disabled, iPhone is locked, stuck on Apple logo, white screen of death, etc Step 4: Once the syncing is complete, click on Restore iPad and the iPad will be reset to factory settings and you can then set it up again. Part 4. Reset Disabled iPad to Factory Settings via Recovery Mode. If your iPad has not been trusted with a computer, you can put the iPad into Recovery Mode and factory reset disabled iPad with iTunes However, if your iPad is disabled and you have never synced it to iTunes, you will need to use recovery mode to restore your tablet. In this case, the code deletes itself, and your content will be.

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In order to factory reset your iPad without your passcode, you will need a computer. See also: Set Up a New iPhone: How to Transfer Data from your Old iPhone. Recovery Mode. We will first outline the steps to get your iPad into recovery mode. See that your computer is on and you are logged in to your (computer) user account Reset Subscriber Services: This resets the Subscriber Services for your cellular connection, if your iPad has a cellular network configured (it doesn't do anything if your iPad is Wi-Fi-only)

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If you want to reset a disabled iPhone without using iTunes, your iPhone must have had Find My iPhone turned on in Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone. If your iPhone was signed into iCloud when it was disabled, you can erase all of its data using Find My iPhone on iCloud.com. Simply log into your iCloud account, then select your iPhone from. Restore disabled iPad via iTunes: 1. Connect your iPad with the computer where you used to connect it with. 2. Launch iTunes and click the Restore button in the Summary window, letting it erase your iPad first. After then you can set up your iPad as a new one or restore it with an iTunes backup file To learn how to recover data from disabled iPad, simply follow these steps: Go to the main site of Tenorshare UltData to download the app and then install it on your PC. After that, open the app and connect your iPad to your PC. Next, choose the file types from your device that you want to restore then click Start Scan

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How to unlock a disabled iPad? You may be familiar with resetting iPhone. Factory reset your iPhone 5S/6/6S/7/8/X/XS/11 can quickly resolve many iOS issues, such as freeing iPhone memory, removing Apple ID account from iPhone, removing locked screens, and more. Here is the scenario you might encounter that needs to reset your iPhone Tap Reset. Tap Erase All Content and Settings. Allow your iPad to reset. After you have erased all content and settings. Once your iPad is reset, you will be prompted to set it up again. When following the prompts: Select your language and country (you must select the United States). Choose Set up Manually

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To unlock an iPad if you forgot the password or it's been disabled, you can restore it with iTunes.; You can also unlock your iPad by doing a system restore using the Find My iPhone app. You'll. How to put an iPhone or iPad into DFU mode. 5. Choose an installation type. iMazing offers two installation types: you can either download the latest version of iOS for your device from Apple's servers, and install that on your iPhone or iPad, or you can install from an image file, or .ipsw file A toddler locked iPad for 48 years. Here are some simple tips on how to unlock and restore an iPad or iPhone if you end up in the same situation

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I hope you guys find this article useful for your disabled and Pass-code (Password) locked iPad or iPhone just follow all the steps easily and you will resolve and reset your iPad or iPhone with this simple guide. Well, If you still need any help with that feel free to ask me in the comment below After the backup and sync completion, click on Restore iPad to reset your disabled iPad as a new one. Look at the date and size of each backup and pick the most relevant. Method 2: Repair a disabled iPad by entering into Recovery Mode. In the case that you have never synced with iTunes, you'll need to use recovery mode to restore your. Please remember, only format the iPad iOS while our iPad not in good conditions or not running well, hard reset the iPad will remove our data, make sure we already backup the data in our iPad iOS. Latest hard-reset.org Discussions & Share Information: [Q] Nice work! Thx . The information from this page describe about ipad factory reset button. Then press Restore. How to perform a factory reset when your iPad is locked or disabled. You can reset a locked iPad with third-party software like Tenorshare 4uKey. It happens to be one of the most effective solutions on this list, which can easily factory reset your iPad along with any other iOS device Part 2: Solutions to Fix Disabled iPad. Whichever is the reason behind your disabled iPad, it is time for you to know how to solve it. Even if you visit the Apple store with a disabled iPad, they might assume you are trying to reset the phone. Want to know the best part? There are four solutions on how to unlock the disabled iPad

To unlock disabled iPad, select the Unlock Lock Screen Passcode option. Step 3: After you've selected the Unlock Lock Screen Passcode option, get a USB cable and connect the iPhone to your device with it. Then, to begin the procedure, press the Start button. Step 4: Click the Download button to begin installing the firmware Now your iPad is with the factory settings and you can set up your iPad. 3. Reset iPad without passcode by using dr.fone. Also, there are many tools that you can use to reset your iPad without the passcode if only you have installed that particular app on your iPad before and have a better data connection

Thanks for the question! So so if you have forgotten your iPad (or any iOS devices) passcode you will need to perform a factory restore. To do that you do need access to a computer with windows 7 or later or a Mac with Mac OS 10.8.5 or later. Appl.. Step 4: Select your iPad and Press Erase [Device] button, this will remove passcode and unlock the disabled iPad without iTunes. Step 5: Now, you can restore your iPad from the iCloud Backup to gain access to all data, apps, and documents. 2.5. Using EaseUS iPhone Recover

If you can't remember the passcode - or you've entered it wrong so many times that the iPad is disabled and won't accept the passcode anymore - you can still unlock it. Unfortunately, you'll need. Yes, you can reset the iPad by booting into recovering mode. Connect your iPad to your computer while holding the Home button. Keep holding the Home button until you see the recovery-mode screen. iTunes will show a display an alert message saying it's detected an iPad in recovery mode. When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Restore It is easy to reset iPad to factory default settings with either of solution: 1. Restore iPad to factory default settings with iTunes. You need to connect your iPad to your computer via a USB cable first of all. You can select the iPad device in iTunes. Then, you can click Restore option in Summary panel To unlock iPad screen without password or to unlock disabled iPad mean you have to remove your previous pass code and restore your iPad. But here you should also know that if you have never made a backup of your newest content on iPad, once the iTunes backup has been carried out, then all the latest content would lose from your iPad Restore Disabled iPhone. If your iPhone or iPad is disabled then you will have to wait for some time before you can enter the passcode, or if you have entered the passcode wrong 10 times, then you will have no choice but to restore it to the factory settings. Either way, it's possible to restore a disabled iPhone but it may not always end in.

Hi there. I'm trying to restore an iPad via my Mac. All seems to be going well until I get a command saying 'to all access, please respond on you iPad'. I pad simply says that it is 'disabled' so I ca read mor Way 1: Reset Locked iPhone/iPad without Password using iPhone Unlocker . The easiest and most reliable way to reset a locked iPhone or iPad without password is using Fucosoft iPhone Passcode Unlocker.It is designed for this specific purpose and it is very easy to use, allowing you to reset the locked iPhone or iPad in just a few minutes My ipad said to restore it using - Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them How can I factory restore my iPad mini (model number A1432)? It is disabled because I lost my password and now Windows wont let me restore it or update it. Help. Jan F. 2014-02-21 18:48:40. Assuming Find my iPad is enabled you need the Apple ID and password to unlock/disable that option first 1. Launch dr.fone after downloading, select Backup & Restore to open iOS Backup Restore. Then connect your locked iPhone/iPad to your computer. Note: The computer should be trusted before the disabled or broken state. If your broken or locked iPhone is not trusted by any of your computer, I think you cannot proceed backup and restore. 2 How to restore a disabled iPad that says Connect to iTunes. Hold the Top button and either Volume button to power off the iPad. Hold the Home button or the Top button while connecting to a computer. Keep holding the button until a Recovery Mode screen appears. On the computer, select the iPad and click Restore