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Although some iCloud alternatives, such as Copy, Spideroak and Just cloud, do not fair well in backing up iPhone/iPad, you can also use them to backup your data on your computer to cloud online, and access/share these data by using their iOS apps on your devices. Don't Miss: iTunes Alternatives for Syncing and Managing iPhone/iPad/iPod touch > In the OneDrive app, tap your account image: Tap Settings then Camera Upload. Important: You can only upload your camera roll to one account at a time, so make sure you're signed in with the account that you want to upload photos to. Tap the relevant account icon to switch accounts. Turn on Camera Upload to automatically upload photos and. Backing up your iPhone/iPad is important, especially when you do some big changes on your device, such as updating to the latest iOS version. It has an inbuilt feature to keep the back-up of files. In short, you can call it a perfect app like iCloud. How To: Switch from iCloud to OneDrive for Camera Roll Sync and Backup Both iCloud and OneDrive offer free 5GB of storage upon signup. iCloud is cheaper at a 50GB plan, so if that's your range of space requirements, iCloud should be retained as a backup to OneDrive. 2 26/3/2019 0 Comments. Just one of the reasons I use OneDrive instead of iCloud Drive. Just this week, I spent time assisting a client who had lost an important Word document that she had spend over 5 hours updating. She thought that she must have somehow overwritten it with a previous version, wiping all the hard work she had done

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Once I successfully move everything to OneDrive and delete all photos from my iPhone, I would like to turn off my iCloud photo sync and make it so that my iPhone photos sync with OneDrive as the main back up source. I'm driving myself crazy with this task and hoping someone might be able to help me find a solid solution Disable iCloud backups and instead back up to iTunes via WiFi. (optional) Set up a VPN profile on iOS to have the device be able to VPN in to the local WiFi while on the road. Set up WebDav server - optionally expose it to the internet with either a static IP address and/or one of the dynamic DNS services OneDrive gives you 5GB for free, the same ridiculously small storage space as iCloud. There's a $1.99 per month subscription that nets you 100GB of storage, which is just okay All the iPhone apps use iCloud to backup app data and settings, which makes it much easier to restore them on a new iPhone. iCloud wins over OneDrive by a tight integration with the iOS system. As we continue with this Apple iCloud vs Microsoft OneDrive Comparison 2020 article, we find that both software can extend their backup capabilities to other platforms. Apple has an iCloud app available for Windows users (Android users simply have to log in the iCloud web page to access), and similarly, Windows has OneDrive for Mac and iOS users

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  1. How to Free Up iCloud Storage on iPhone and iPad. Read More. 2. Amazon Photos. Amazon Photos is another excellent alternative to iCloud. If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime (costs $12.99/month.
  2. OneDrive is the leading cloud storage provider on Microsoft products while iCloud comes default with macOS and iPhones. This article is a OneDrive vs iCloud for photos & files comparison & tells.
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  4. Back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iCloud. With iCloud Backup, iCloud automatically backs up your iOS or iPadOS device information over Wi-Fi when your device is turned on, locked, and connected to a power source. iCloud backups count toward your iCloud storage. You can also back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using your computer

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Tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left of the OneDrive screen: Now tap on the gear icon and you'll access all your Microsoft OneDrive settings in the iOS 9 / iPhone app: That's all there is to it. Either way, set things up, then let it whir along for a while, uploading all your photos. Easy and efficient 6. One Drive. 7. Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS) 1. Amazon Cloud Drive. Amazon Cloud Drive for iOS enables you to keep a back-up of photos, videos, music, and documents on iOS devices. In short, you can call it a perfect app like iCloud. In addition, it also has a feature which enables you to use it to play videos and music On your iPhone, install and open the Google Drive app. In the top left, tap Menu. At the top, tap Settings Backup The steps involved to backup WhatsApp on iPhone using iTransor for WhatsApp are as follows: Step 1 Run the program and click on the 'Back Up WhatsApp on Devices' tab. Then connect your device to the computer and click Back Up to start the process. Step 2 You will come to the backing up screen right after you click Back Up. Just wait a while for.

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iCloud Drive is more about document sync than backup. Apple However, it doesn't operate in the same way as, say, Dropbox or OneDrive, in that you can't access (or organize) your collection of. A practical tool to transfer files from OneDrive to iCloud Drive or sync iCloud photos to OneDrive: you don't have to export files from one cloud and then up.. Finally, I find app to sync iCloud files to google drive, dropbox, onedrive or other cloud drives. of course, you can also do the opposite by transferring fi..

Dropbox vs iCloud 2021: Best Cloud Storage for Mac Users. Mac users aren't always happy with Apple's integrated iCloud storage. In this Dropbox vs iCloud matchup, Cloudwards.net compares these two. When you setup OneDrive, it created a OneDrive folder and created sub-folders inside. All those sub-folders inside of OneDrive are backed up to the cloud, and anything you put in there will also back up to the OneDrive cloud. You may want to remove those sub-folders, so they don't complicate things further with the folders you'll be moving in Greetings All, We are in the process to roll out Intune as our preferred MDM solution to manage corporate IPhones. Overall, am really satisfied on the solution performances', however was wondering whether there would be a way to implement an App Configuration policy in Intune to configure iPhone camera roll auto-backup to OneDrive for Business instead of iCloud

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Storing Photos to OneDrive On Windows Phone. If you're a Windows Phone 8.1 owner, you'll be asked to back up photos (and other phone data) to OneDrive during the initial set up How to Back Up and Move Your Photos Between Services. Google Backup and Sync, iCloud for Windows—and point it towards these OneDrive folders. If you use a Mac instead of a Windows computer,. The iPhone users always work with the iCloud platform both for backup and restore action. Google drive is something a new concept in the iPhone platform. Here, you are going deal with the backup WhatsApp to Google drive on iPhone. You have to choose the right tool to establish this task Configure phone to force iPhone backup onto user's assigned OneDrive for Business instead of iCloud. Pros: -Overcome iCloud free storage limitation (5gb vs 1Tb). -Secure data access through single point of control (Azure/Office365). -Single point of backup for user data. -Ease IT Department user data management

Once you are signed in just follow the screenshots in this gallery for steps on turning on camera roll sync with OneDrive and turning it off in iCloud. Note: Make sure you allow the OneDrive app to sync your existing camera images from your phone to OneDrive first before shutting down the iCloud backup I use Box, Dropbox and OneDrive for photo storage. I'm not using iCloud Photo Library. I use iCloud to back up what's currently on my phone. iCloud Photo Library would take up my iCloud storage space. I do use iCloud Photo Sharing some, but sparingly. Sent from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5 The backup process is a four-step deal if you use AnyTrans — instead of complicated Terminal commands. Here's how you back up directly to an external drive: Connect your iPhone or iPad to Mac and open AnyTrans. Click on Backup Manager and view the list of files that can be backed up. Tick the boxes next to specific file categories or select all 3. iCloud Backup — I took this off because I am not getting a new phone soon where I will want the same exact phone set-up as my current one. If you don't have another Apple device, then you.

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Tap on iCloud > Manage Storage (or iCloud Storage). Tap Backups and choose the device being used. Under Choose Data to Back Up, toggle off the apps you don't want to be backed up Tap on the OneDrive app on your iPhone or iPad. 2. Next, tap on the OneDrive Person icon (Account) located at the upper-left corner of your screen. This will open the OneDrive accounts menu. 3. Now, tap on the Gear icon to open the OneDrive app's Settings page. 4. On the Settings page, find the option labeled Camera Upload and tap on it. 5 To turn on Wi-Fi syncing, see Sync content between your Mac and iPhone or iPad over Wi-Fi. In the Finder on your Mac, select the device in the Finder sidebar. Select General in the button bar. Click Restore Backup. Choose the backup you want to restore on the device from the Backup pop-up menu, then click Restore Step 2. After installing, you will have the iCloud Drive folder and the OneDrive folder in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Just drag the files from the iCloud folder to the local OneDrive folder, and the program will automatically sync to the cloud drive, vice versa. Method 2. Use a third-party cloud sync tool

One of the best ways to use a Synology NAS is to store photos. If you have an iPhone, a Synology NAS and have been searching how to backup iPhone photos automatically, read below for this very easy solution.. Updated 1/3/21 - As of this update, this new shortcut setup works on iOS 14.2 on an iPhone XR. However, please keep in mind that due to the frequency and type of updates that iOS gets. Like many iPhone users, you might have set your phone to back up automatically and not given it another thought. That is, until you run out iCloud storage or hard-drive space iCloud users are also familiar with the problems that can happen when mistaking a cloud storage service for a cloud backup service. One iPhone user who thought her photos were safely saved in iCloud, didn't realize she needed to sign out of iCloud on her iPhone before doing a factory reset when upgrading to a new one

On your Surface, select File Explorer on the taskbar. In File Explorer , select OneDrive on the left side. Sign in with the same Microsoft account used on your iPhone to link your Surface to OneDrive. Once your OneDrive folders appear, select Pictures > Camera Roll. Pictures taken on your iPhone will appear and you can open and view them from here Back Up to Online Storage. Besides iCloud and iTunes, you can also back up your iPhone to online storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. These are typically less expensive services compared to buying online storage via iCloud. If you intend to switch to Android someday, you will still be able to access your data from your. Steps to take a backup of the iPhone using iCloud. Connect your iPhone to a WiFi network first. Go to Settings > [your name] > and then tap on iCloud. If you are on iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings, scroll down and tap on iCloud. Tap on iCloud backup to turn on the backup 1 iCloud Backup. 2 iTunes Backup. 3 Acronis True Image. iCloud and iTunes backup have their advantages and we recommend using them. But for complete peace of mind when backing up your iPhone, also use Acronis True Image 2020 to protect and easily recover all your data Open Settings > [Your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup on your iPhone. Turn on the switch for iCloud Backup and tap the Back Up Now button that appears. Your phone is then backed up to iCloud

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The major benefit of using IDrive is that it is cross-platform compatible - you can backup and restore files across PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Androids and Windows Phone devices. Furthermore, IDrive uses 256-bit AES encryption, along with an optional private key for additional security - known only to you. Why IDrive is better: IDrive. iCloud Part 2: Back up or transfer music from iPhone X/8/7/6S/6 (Plus) to iCloud Using iCloud, the backup can be completed as follows. Go to Settings, then click iCloud and go to Storage & Backup. Under Backup, you need to turn on the switch for iCloud Backup

BeLawyer 2 | Best theme for law offices. backup whatsapp iphone to google drive instead of icloud. Home; Uncategorize The Settings from the OneDrive app for iOS. Step 2. Find the Camera Upload settings from the OneDrive app. In the Settings list, tap Camera Upload. If you did not already configure the automatic upload of your iPhone/iPad photos to your OneDrive, it should say that it is Off. The Camera Upload entry in OneDrive for iOS 7. Amazon Drive. Here is the list of 7 best iCloud alternatives for Android: 1. Google Drive. The first iCloud for Android alternative you should know is Google Drive. Developed by Google, Google Drive is a data storage app that allows users to store files from any smartphone, tablet, or computer to the Cloud

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  1. Backup WhatsApp (for iPhone) to Computer. The following steps will guide you to backup WhatsApp chats from iPhone to computer (PC or Mac): Download and install iSkysoft Toolbox for Mac for Mac or Windows.; Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB and tap on Trust this Computer, if such a prompt appears on the iPhone
  2. For case 1. Steps to recover deleted data on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without iCloud backup: Step 1: Download and launch iMyFone D-Back. Click Start at the Recover from iOS Device tab.Step 2: Connect your device to PC. Click Next.Step 3: Select the data types you want to recover and tap Scan button. Step 4: Then the data will be displayed on the next page
  3. iCloud was designed for personal use, so those with a Mac desktop/laptop, iPhone, and/or iPad could enjoy the convenience of their personal data (their music, notes, photos, etc.) synced across.
  4. This is really important: The only thing that's eating up all your iCloud Storage and preventing your iPhone from backing up to iCloud is your Photo Library. Photos are big files and a few hundred photos can eat through your 5GB of free iCloud Storage fast. Videos are huge files and you don't stand a chance with 5GB of iCloud Storage if you've got more than a video or two
  5. Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on iPhone and select the chat you want to save/backup. Step 2: Once you select the chat, the next step is to head towards options drop-down for selecting the option of export chat. It will ask for attaching the media or you want to export chat without media. Select accordingly
  6. For this reason, using iCloud to backup is best for users with reliable and ultra-fast high speed broadband internet connections, and it may not be a good backup solution for rural users or those with less speedy or reliable internet service. iOS users in these scenarios can turn to backing up an iPhone or iPad with iTunes and a computer instead
  7. OneDrive for Windows 8 Advisory; Box Advisory; Guidelines for Using Dropbox. Once Dropbox is installed on your computer it will create a folder on your hard disk, which will then sync to your Dropbox account. If you want to share a Scrivener project then it has to be stored that folder

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  1. Scroll down and enable the desired app (i.e Numbers) to enable iCloud Drive integration. Scroll down the left-pane and select the app. Press on Document Storage. Select iCloud Drive or OneDrive to force new files to save on the respective online storage, instead of locally on your iPad. Move Files from On My iPad to iCloud Drive or OneDrive
  2. Apr 9, 2010. 9,050. 10,267. where hip is spoken. Jan 25, 2019. #12. I use DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud. I too can confirm that at times OneDrive can spike and be a bit heavy on resources. I use Google drive pretty heavily and it isn't as light and nimble as it used to be, but still very solid
  3. Open Settings > [Your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup on your iPhone. Turn on the switch for iCloud Backup and tap the Back Up Now button that appears. Your phone is then backed up to iCloud. After the backup completes, return to the previous screen to see how much iCloud space the backup ate up. After you turn on iCloud Backup, a backup.
  4. If you are to transfer photos from your iPhone to a new one, you can simply use your iCloud. First, on the iPhone where the photos you want o transfer are stored, open the Photos app and the go-to Settings. On the top of your screen, you'll see your profile with your name on it. Tap on it to open your Apple ID profile

How to Download and Access Files on your iPhone — 3.1 How to Use your PC or Mac to Transfer Files to your iPhone: 3.2 How to Download . Download checkra1n icloud bypass tool for windows 10 & 7 for iPhone 5s in Browser ) ES File Explorer ( Type bit.ly/ggesfile in Browser ) Apex Launcher Apk iphone explorer windows 1 OK, here are top 8 iCloud backup alternative below, and you can choose a suitable one as you like. Top 1: Best iCloud Alternative - Assistant for iOS. Top 2: iCloud Backup Alternative - Google Drive. Top 3: iCloud/iPhone Backup Alternative - SugarSync. Top 4: Alternatives to iCloud - OneDrive To back up your device, see How to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. To restore you device, see Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from a backup. To transfer data to a new device, see the following Apple support article: Use iCloud to transfer data from your previous iOS device to your new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touc 3 Ways to Sync iCloud to Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive iCloud helps you sync and backup files across all your Apple products. If you also use other mobile devices besides those from Apple, you may want to sync your iCloud drive to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or another

I also use iCloud as the primary backup for my iPhone and iPad, though I also do occasional encrypted backups to iTunes, especially before upgrading devices. I use Google Photos to automatically. If you want to download for example 100 mb file from google drive to your rethink account for example any confidental data that delete in future. 1.just click on create icon on rethink 2.click on download url enter url of your file and give its name. click download and save buttom. After few minutes you see your files are downloaded by rethink. How to backup iPhone contacts via Email. First off, click on settings, then select Mail, Contact, Calender as shown in the figure above. A new page pops up, select Add Account on the new page. From the list of options, click on Exchange. Enter the required information with respect to your mail details. In the next page, select Save and.

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Apple iCloud Features 1. Backup and restore. Apple iCloud makes a copy of all your data and saves them in the cloud to avoid losing them. These data can either be photos, videos, messages, movies, or any file that you want. Apple iCloud automatically backs up your data if your device is locked and connected to the internet To start a backup to iCloud, connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi and then go to Settings and tap on the Apple ID/iCloud tab at the top, which also has your name. If you're not signed in, take a moment to.

Use a server other than iCloud for photo backup For this example, I'm going to use Google Photos - but there are many other cloud options you can choose from, including OneDrive, DropBox, Flickr. 1 This is a really great, concise review that I needed badly. I'm working to integrate my first Android device into an otherwise 100% Apple ecosystem (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, more) so OneDrive and 365 was starting to look really attractive as an iCloud Drive, Mail, Notes and Reminders replacement

Instead of backing up with iTunes see how to back up iPhone without iTunes or iCloud. Conclusion. This is how to effectively manage your iCloud storage in case iCloud backup failed and back up iPhone without iCloud or iTunes. If you have any related questions, leave them in the comment section below. Related articles It all depends do you want them to be accessible instantly or as a backup/restore option. If you want iCloud drive solution (so data accessible via your Finder app on your Mac) then you can use Synology Drive package. It will create an iCloud drive/dropbox solution for you that will allow you to have all your data synced with your NAS Setup iPhone to back up information 1. Sign in iCloud 2. Access settings → iCloud → turn ON iCloud backup * By default iCloud offers 5GB free of charge space to backup, if needs more cost £0.79p per month for 50GB. You can use to backup data on Google drive or OneDrive instead of iCloud, most of starts with 15GB for free of charge

Second for iMazing, works like a charm. Here's the Pro step-by-step guide: - Download and install iMazing. - Mount NAS share if not mounted. - If you are on Win, map the share to some letter if not mounted yet. - Create the backup folder in the share location, just general Backups or a separate folder for each device if you wish iCloud Photos is a syncing service for your photos, albums, and edits. Since you can delete items from any of your logged-in devices, an accidental mistake from one device can wipe out your entire. Part 1. iPhone Contacts and iCloud Part 2. Backup Contacts to iCloud Account Part 3. Some Tips of Backuping Contacts to iCloud Part 4. Quickly Backup Contacts Using Fonedog Toolkit. Part 1. iPhone Contacts and iCloud. The iPhone is an amazing smartphone and millions of users can't help but agree that it will likely continue in its popularity

You cannot earn additional storage like you can with Dropbox and OneDrive, but costs are more reasonable for additional iCloud storage: $0.99 cents for 50GB/month, $2.99 for 200GB, $9.99 for 1TB. I have OneDrive and iPhone and Windows 10 laptop and everything syncs just fine. On the iPhone I have disabled iCloud. There are two easy ways to sync all your iCloud photos, videos to OneDrive (a) install OneDrive on iPhone and download all your photos and videos from iCloud to your iPhone and then enable OneDrive sync (b) install OneDrive and iCloud on your Mac Step 1: Open your iPhone, go to click Settings > Apple ID > iCloud and enable iCloud Drive button. Step 2: Select one photo album on your iPhone and choose all photos in this album. After that, click the share button and select Add to iCloud Drive on the pop up panel. Thus, all photos in this album will be uploaded to Your iCloud.

This is a two-way sync. If you delete a note from iCloud, it will also be deleted in Notability. Notes deleted from iCloud cannot be recovered, so please delete notes in Notability instead.. For a one-way backup, please see Auto-Backup Here's how you can ensure that your photos and video aren't getting backed up to the iCloud on Apple's iPhone or iPad.We suggest you to manually backup your iCloud photos to a safe place before you turn off the auto backup. Go to your iPhone / iPad settings. If your are on Mac then go to your System Preference Menu and select 'iCloud' Pros. Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service which provided by Microsoft to any user who has Microsoft email account.As a ICloud for Mac,I was needed a cloud storage to my Windows PC.I was needed a cloud storage which can automatically upload my studding documents to a cloud storage and giving the accessibility to my documents by from any device which I use.Because I can not carry my. Connect to Wi-Fi. Go into Settings and tap on your name. Click iCloud. On the iCloud page, scroll down and click on iCloud Backup. On its page, make sure the switch is turned on so you'll get. To set automatic back up make sure iCloud Backup is enabled then to initiate the process tap on Back Up Now Step 5: All you have to do now is wait for the process to complete. Take note that you have to keep your iPhone plugged in and that you stay connected to the internet to avoid any errors with creating the backup file

Dec 23, 2014. #1. I have tried some apps that create an iCloud drive folder. After I delete the app the folder still remains lingering and I can view via document picker or iCloud.com. I have tried some suggestions by re-installing app, disabling iCloud drive toggle for that app in settings and then removing/uninstalling the app but the folder. OneDrive is Microsoft's answer to Apple's iCloud and Google Drive. Well, that's not entirely accurate, since OneDrive actually preceded those cloud file storage and syncing services by at least five years. OneDrive's functionality and design have reached a point of slick usability and reliability with a rich feature set, online office apps, and wide platform support

Dropbox is without a doubt the leading cloud storage service.No other solution, including Apple's iCloud, has come close to what Dropbox has to offer. But with the release of iOS 11 and macOS 10.13, Apple has made significant improvements to iCloud Drive.. In this article, I will compare Dropbox vs. iCloud Drive and share with you, why I moved most of my personal data from Dropbox to iCloud (100% Working) 2021 Restore WhatsApp Backup to iPhone from Google Drive in 2 Ways 'I just switched from Android to iPhone. I used to backup my WhatsApp chat history via Google Drive weekly. But when I installed WhatsApp on my new device, restore chats from iCloud was the only choice Hi. I have recently gone through all my pictures and have them sorted on an external hard drive. I have uploaded all the pictures to Google Photos, but there where already loads of photos there from before I did the upload. On total, there are about 60 000 photos on GP. On my iPhone and in iCloud, I only have about 5000 photos. My dream would be to have all the photos on both places, but I'm. Backup to Mac. If you're backing up to your Mac, you have the option of using iPhoto if you have it installed, if not the built-in Image Capture application will do the trick. I prefer using the Image Capture application since it's simpler, but if you're managing all your photos in iPhoto, then you might want to import your photos into iPhoto instead But, really, you should instead tap on Auto Backup to set up daily, weekly, or monthly uploads of your WhatsApp conversations to iCloud. (Make sure to toggle Include Videos, too, unless you.