Its 1am im still drinking guess i didn't get enough

As far as drinking tons of fluids, I did do that. I drank soda, Propel, water, two bowls of chicken broth, etc. all day long, so it wasn't that I didn't drink enough of that stuff after the Suprep. But for some reason, the Glycol (antifreeze)stuff worked better and was tasteless (unlike Suprep). I guess I will go back to that We still don't know where she is or even if she even plans on coming back. I feel awful because my gut told me to ask her to stay and I'm hurt because I feel like she abandoned her family. I'm 25F, with 4 siblings, 21F, 19F, 12F and 10M. So far the 2 younger ones believe she's with my aunt. My Mother may not come back Im 25 im a bit overweight but im pretty active i work in a warehouse 40hrs wk the dept im in im always walking and lifting heavy things so theres my exercisei get between 7-9hrs sleep 1-2 meals a day and plenty of liquids the thing that bothers me is that i can drink 2 amps and feel no energy i can drink them before bed and fall asleep.

Im not sure how this slipped passed me, i guess i just don't judge, and i don't mind the small talk. I then find out hes learning how to ride his bike at 1 am. Says its his job, his mission and that he HAS to. But not before putting a nug of weed in my hand. He ends up asking to get a wrap, so i bring it out but he asks me to roll it I regularly get by on 3-4 hours a night, although occasionally, I'll sleep a bit more at the weekend. If it were possible to live without sleep, I'd do it. I can't see how people say they enjoy sleeping. It is not a conscious activity. Your body needs to go into rest mode, but, just imagine if you didn't need to Toss and turn for another 3hrs itching like a bitch, this point its around 5am and say fuck it get out of bed and go back to the living room and watch some netflix miami vice and some other shit for about 5hrs. During this time im still paranoid of a monster grabbing my feet from under the couch and biting them off etc This happens every time I have a day off and want to use daycare. If he allows me to use it I get constant texts asking me what I'm doing or why it takes so long for me to answer if I didn't realize he texted. I expressed how he's making me feel: untrusted, betrayed in a sense, overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, exhausted, etc

I will ask a couple things of anyone patient enough to read this far, Love the people you have while you have them, spend quality time with them while you can, you might not get as much time as you hoped or expected, and wear your helmet, although it didn't save my brother like I wish it had, his helmet gave him a chance, a shot at life. We looked on and noticed that it wasn't a small group of pigs running it was just like a couple of hunched over figures. I don't want to say they looked humanoid because we really didn't get a good enough look at their shape but I don't know, the way they were loping through the under brush was weird and vaguely human Karev - You died in my arms, you freaken died in my arms, and then you left instructions that I wasn't allowed to save your life, you wanna know what im scared of, i'm scared of everything, I'm scared to move, i'm scared to breath, i'm scared to touch you, I can't lose you, because...I won't survive, and-that's your fault... you made me love.

Don't Do Xanax. Don't do drugs. EDIT: to all of you who are calling me names, insulting me, backing up the use of Xanax saying it's okay, well.. Fuck you. You don't have to take this so damn serious. I'm just sharing a story about them, and I have no correlation with the event that happened. I'm just saying it's a horrible rabbit. Blog / By killingthismomthing. I started this blog thinking I would have a bunch of funny stories about my mom fails (and wins) and saw this as a way to document and discuss my feelings about it all. But im realizing that right now, killing this mom thing means so much more than just my interactions with my kids Of course, it can. Drinking too much water is the silliest mistake you can make before taking the pregnancy test. It is best to avoid drinking anything in the morning and taking the pregnancy test. The early morning urine is darker in color because it is a concentrated sample. The level of hCG relatively will be higher in it

hoping I am cleaned out enough for my colonoscopy tomorro

  1. Chapter Text. gingerinarmor created a chat gingerinarmor added battalionblue, guywithachain, dragonguard1, dragonguard2, tinker, whitecloak, finguistics, bestcrownguard, and braidsword to the chat 11:00 AM Friday gingerinarmor: hi ppls. dragonguard1: u have summoned me. battalionblue: should we add janai? gingerinarmor: actually i wanted to talk abt he
  2. Confused by Taurus man. I am a Scorpio female, 21 and I am in love deeply with a Taurus male, 23. I don't know what it is about him that has me so confused. Maybe it is his ability to work so well with his hands. Or maybe that he is a real man. I do not understand the way he makes me feel
  3. (I'm still drinking decaf coffee, an organic fairtrade instant decaf coffee brand that is freeze dried I get from Whole Foods , so its relatively fresh and makes a great iced coffee as it melts so good in the liquid of choice for an instant coffee, and I haven't reacted so far but I've been drinking coffee for a few years now and asking.
  4. Lovely article and yes I'm still laughing at that tex message photo lol rofl. September 20, 2012 at 11:22 PM but smart enough to NOT GET CAUGHT. leave so many areas of their game open to scrutiny in the first place He said he didn't want to make any promises to me and I said I didn't want promises anymore. I guess the red flag in our.
  5. I left the love of my life because I thought I could do better. Now I'm childless and alone at 42. By Karen Cross. Published: 17:01 EDT, 16 January 2013 | Updated: 10:16 EDT, 18 July 201

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15. I'm getting butterflies just thinking about seeing you later. 16. Your arms feel like home. 17. Forever still isn't enough time with you. 18. Thanks for always killing the spiders whenever I need you to. 19. I didn't know it was possible to miss someone before they even left—until I met you. 20 Early retirement sounds great and it is great for the most part. But there are negatives of early retirement life that needs to be discussed. I retired early in 2012, at the age of 34. Then I unretired at 36 because early retirement felt unnatural. Let me give you a glimpse of the early retirement lifestyle so far. But first, a little poem based off Sinead O' Connor's, Nothing Compares To You

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Psh, that's not even the last of them. Hey, aren't you glad that I'm still alive though? he asked hopefully. Yoongi hesitated for a second, Yeah I am he said, his voice quiet. There was a moment of silence before Hoseok spoke up again, Yoongi hyung, when did it get so late? Yoongi looked at the time, it read 22:13 Just like this chapter name i have many regrets. I probably have re written the ending like 5 times for this chapter and IM STILL NOT HAPPY WITH IT. deep breaths, im good. As always thank you for the support (Its at 1k hits!! Craazy) ive surprised myself as ive never written anything so long before and its already 10k+ words. Really, thanks. Second place gets $9. Third place gets $8. Fourth place gets $7. I'm sure people would enjoy this game A LOT more if they payouts were like this. One more person gets to enjoy everygame n you don't ever feel like you lost out just because you didn't get first place by a couple points. You still pocket 6 dollars a game

Junglebook: OKAY OKAY I GET IT Junglebook: I'm sorry hyungs I didn't mean to act this way. Hobi: quiet child I would like the hear the new Jeonlous story. Chimmy: Chimmy: Today I, Park Jimin, was working at a coffee shop and one Jeon Jungkook was sketching me in charcoal for his 3 o' clock class when a man walked into the coffee shop. I. Jiminie: and still you made it out like im out to get you. Jiminie: that hurt Yoongi. Yoongs: I didn't know that. Jiminie: yes you did Jiminie: and you had to blow it up and make me fight with taehyung and ruin my fucking day. Yoongs: No I didn't know. Yoongs: I genuinely thought it was a petty attac I'm not sure I'm ready for that. I'm not sure Little T is. I feel as though, because we will be in Cyprus anyway, its the easy option to cycle again, but i don't want it enough. I know we would MANAGE, people do, but I'm not sure i want to manage, i just want to enjoy my family as it is Over the last week, it has got really bad and is practically 100% blood. I'm also a competitive cyclist and ride about 10-15 hours a week. I don't eat red meat but do drink excessive amounts of coffee and I'm pretty sure that I don't drink anywhere near enough water Thoughtfulessness. I'm trying so hard not to think because once I do I can hear what is going on around me and I'm trying so hard not to think because once I don't I can't hear what is going on inside me. If nothing else, I'll miss my friends. If nothing else, I'll tell him how I feel

I have just looked at the unit of alcohol allowed for a man and women and if im right i can and do quite often drink 8-12 cans of 5% cider and a half or a litre bottle of vodka a day without waking up with a hang over and do the same the next day,i am going to try and give up drinking after 20 odd years of doing it im surprised im still hear.not only am i going to save on my health ( if its. Thank you - seriously, thank you so much. I felt so alone. I'm still a Fresher so I guess I still have time - but it already feels like everybody's grouped off, my flatmates keep theirselves to theirselves. I spin tales to my parents but in truth, I'm lonely as hell, but I'm really trying. Still to pay off Day 1 and 2 were horrible all the withdrawal symptoms you would expect, day 3 was the worst. I woke up this morning feeling like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm glad I went cold turkey and I'm glad I had my husband to help me. Now I'm trying to figure out if I should toss the 40 remaining pills I have Do not smoke crack regularly. Sometimes every few months, I go on a 2-3 day binge. Smoked consistently starting Tue 1 am (and drinking alcohol) stopped Thu about 1 am. Also swallowed 2 dime bags during that time (yes-in the bag still) out of stupid paranoia. It is now Tue of the following week (5 days later) and just submitted urine screen Get home around 10:30 at night, nothing's changed, house might be a little messier, I'm up washing dishes, until i can barely keep my eyes open, usually around midnight or 1am. Go to bed, get up at 6am, rinse and repeat

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Rori Raye Blog: I turned my own conflict-ridden and fading marriage nearly overnight into the vibrant, thrilling, totally satisfying marriage it is now. My husband is the same man he was during the awful years, and yet he seems to have changed completely. I know I've been transformed. From the moment I made my commitment to refuse to try to manage my husband and my destiny, my life has. So I'm testing out the recommend no alcohol part of my medication. Its 1am and i started slow but now I'm necking glasses of vodka and coke like a true student! Lets see how i feel in the morning! Onto the next club! ===== So it turns out the drugs don't effect me in alcohol consumption i just found out something phenomenal. its reeeeal bad. im on a list. and no, not an fbi list or something, i was on one of those a longgg time ago. im on a longest text ever list. crazy i know, im actually almost a celebrity now. apparently im third! in the world! yes yo Didn't get much sleep last night. Today was much warmer. Stopped by Wawa to get my caffeine fix on route to BWI, I got a cheap nonstop Airtran flight to Jamaica. The TSA line was extra-long and slow. Good thing I got there early. The flight was pleasant. Landed in Montego Bay, I felt the heat. Long lines again at the Custom

Same since july 25th for me i even tried talking to a csr on chat and she kept asking me for the order number im like its still in my cart i have no order number then asked me my ebt balance which. I'm 32. Inside I was too tired to think at the time but now I look back and think wow! My husband really did take his vows seriously 'in sickness and in health'. Over two months on, and now with a parapneumonic effusion that I've had drained (1.5 litres and I possibly need more drained), I'm still so grateful I'm alive yeah, I guess for me, five days is kind of a lot. im not used to being constipated for much longer than that, but sometimes i can get pretty constipated just from a few days of not going. but ive also experienced what you have sometimes where i do go, but its not enough so its still building up and making it worse. usually that means i need an. 4. not drinking actually makes you see things much more clearly. 5. not being able to get drunk if a situation is well boring does mean you always have to have contingency plans. 6.contingency plans are essential. 7.most of the times I tend to underestimate my self, and i want to stop. 8.trust my guts

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We have had to call the cops several times (they pretty much didn't do anything!) and also Mobile Mental Health (last year she didn't get out of bed for the whole first week she was home for the summer, also only took one shower and one bath in that time period, she would get up at 10 or 11 pm and wake us up for stupid reasons (to get the code. I didn't get headaches but have gotten them before from not drinking coffee so I guess I just got lucky this time. I still need something warm in the morning so I'm drinking lemon water. I had read it's good for you in many places before, so I figured if the idea kept coming up everywhere I'd try it out Yes the physical stuff is still very much at large. Yes it was a pretty horrible fall and i was lucky to walk away with mininal damage. I was so high in adrenaline and get to safety mode i didn't feel anything to start with except get me out of there. Ithink it might be a side effect of one of the new meds im on He still feels high, im starting to get very occassional pressure down low, but as im not a first time mum its likely he wont engage until im in labour probably!! Im still feeling good about the induction, no worries really other than being bored, i think ill buy monopoly just to be safe For a few days I was making myself drink about 20 glasses and I had constant thirst, which goes away when I drink less water. But I still need to drink just about 100oz of water, possibly less on work out days since I only count water that I drink outside of exercise (so on those days I'd already be getting 100oz even if I didn't get 12 glasses.

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I didn't drink a whole can of monster and I'm shaking and have a fast heart rate every now and again and also I get out of breath from going up a short flight of stairs and it's been like 3 days since I did drink it please some advice soon I think it's with draw please tell me soo Hysterectomy procedure » Hysterectomy risks » 5 Main causes of bowel problems after hysterectomy. 5 Main causes of bowel problems after hysterectomy. Published: Sep 16, 2015 · Modified: Jan 5, 2020 by Marit A. · This post may contain affiliate links.When buying through a link on our site we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. · 116 Comment still stil stilll sill styll stll stillll stiill stilllll stiil-still sitll #still stillllll didn't didnt didn't dint ddnt didn did'nt didn`t couldn didn´t din't didint dident did't diddnt didntt didt diidnt drink roll smoke shine pee sweat dip fart forth sip paste greet chew peel vomit downs whisper knit bark shovel sew boil gamble.

Baby Helpline: Tricks When 9-Month-Old Baby Won't Sleep At Night. I can imagine how tired you must be. If her waking up more often started at around 7 months, it is likely to be due to separation anxiety - that happens to many babies as their mind develops and they start realizing that they are a separate person from their mom.. This anxiety is why they wake up so often and won't settle. Over the last month i slipped and I'm trying to get my sleeping pattern back, i kind of eat what i want but healthy enough. PMO: absolutely none. 13 months without any of it. Im still healing so I'm hoping as time goes on ill get better. Motivation wise im so bad. Like it takes me weeks to clean my room. I didn't want him to drink and drive so I would get out of bed and go get him at 3, 4 am cause he was getting his license back in less than 4 months after a 15 year revocation . I know , he does not sound good but I believe in second chances and that there is good in everybody

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Let's go through the checklist of ten ways to tell a guy is not into you: 1. He's not around you. This is the biggest sign of whether or not a guy is into you. If he's not into you, he won't be around.. It's funny - guys will act a hundred different ways around the woman they like they'll even completely ignore her First of all, he drinks way too much, like a 12-pack or more after work. And it's a lot more than that on the weekends. After the first month, he became unsatisfied at his job and started texting one of the girls he worked with. He would start texting her at 8 or 9pm and text until almost midnight Masta Ace: 'I'm Still Trying To Prove Myself'. Masta Ace in New York in July. Masta Ace in New York in July. Masta Ace had his first drink at a Cold Chillin' Christmas party. This was after he. This is like the 1am to 5am stretch of time. If mom can at least get one pump in during this time, it will really help. The main concern is to get enough pumps in per day - a minimum of 7 pumps per day. I will say from experience that when I pushed myself to get in 8 pumps per day, my supply REALLY increased I'm already getting there I'm so fucking hungry. Harder. Fuck my throat. I can take it cmon. [Deep throating. Improv as you like] Harder. Harder. Thats it. I feel you pulsing. Give it to me. Shove it down my throat. [Moans swallowing] Ahhhhh fuck that's delicious fucking cum there baby. So much energy too. My tail really did its job. Fuck

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I'm always very cordial when I do reach out. A week or so after that, I asked him if I did something to bother him because he barely communicates and I wasn't sure if he was still interested. He said that I didn't do anything and that I'm a sweet person and how he is the problem because he's focused on getting money My mom passed away 4/15/2011 of stage 4 lung cancer. I was with her and holding her hand when she passed. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. She was only 62. I was ok the first couple of weeks after she passed. Didn't really grieve. Went right back to work. Then all of a sudde..

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Domestic violence and substance abuse reached new depths with the availability of crystal methamphetamine as the new leisure drug of the masses. Going by various street names such as speed, crank, glass, and ice, this demon drug knows no race, creed, or status and is all pervasive in its abuse. Unlike marijuana or cocaine that needs to be harvested and then processed to reach the markets, meth. Got him at 26. I just kept logging back at the suggested times in the post till I saw him. Easy tame at my lvl with ice trap. Still have him at 48 I still go back there when I'm near just to see. It's a pvp server so if I catch an alliance there I'll be sure to give him a tough time. If you miss out don't worry just wait till you can get King. My experience of Citalopram (SSRI) November 23, 2012 By Gari. Friends and regular readers of my website may remember my recent post, openly sharing the issues that I am currently having with panic attacks. The associated response from my social media contacts was fantastic, and so many people, many of whom I only know online, came forward to. At 00:05 pm server time, the last movie ended and yet i didnt saw burgy.. so i thought well maybe its because im here all the time. so i went south for a couple of seconds, just far enough so that i couldnt see the npcs in the area, then i came back inmediatly and BAM, there he was in the center of the ship, freshly spawned

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To Whom it May Concern, Im at a crossroads. Ive known this day was coming, but i honestly kind of forgot about it. In October i will have been at my job for 2 years and my lease will be up at the same time. My dad texted me tonight with this idea that i should apply to college and start as a freshman with my sister and we be room mates Hello just a quick question it seems that I still have yet to go to the bathroom since the surgery. I know it was less than 48 hrs ago but I get the feeling like there is a storm in my stomach , I get the sound and noise like I need to pass gas, and sometimes it feel like I have to but I don't

Spend time with women who survived when their husbands walked out. Ask your friends and family members if they know a woman whose husband left her. If she survived her breakup - and is stronger, happier, and healthier - spend time with her. Ask if you can buy her a coffee; learn how she overcame pain of his cheating Sleep can be anytime you want it to be. Animals get up early in am and play. Take a nap 1030 to 12 noon. Explore from Noon to 330 pm and a nap again. Then just lay around until 9 pm and then like to explore and bark a few hours in the night. At 11 pm back to sleep until 5 am wakes them up again to repeat I'm an old fart (68) and 5′ 8″ and over the past 5 years began creeping up toward 210 lbs (from 190) which was enough to motivate me to join the gym. I didn't change my calorie intake that much (I know, I know - but.) and have added (or subtracted I guess) 500 plus calories a day burned to my schedule ATUNBI. $15.00. Colon and Complete Systemic Cleanse. CONTAINS 1 CONCENTRATED CAPSULE ONLY. ATUNBI will remove Parasites, Mucus, harmful Bacteria, Impacted Feces, Fungi and dead cellular tissues from the Colon wall. It will Boost your Immune system and thoroughly detoxify your Colon, Kidney, Liver, Lungs, Pancreas, Blood, Body fluid and whole. Why, thank you. I'm not going to say there still aren't things that I can't get past (5'5I don't knowthat's really pushing it, since I'm 5'7 and always in heels)- but I'm tryingthere's a fine line though- I could be getting rid of so many 'requirements' that I'm not even physically attracted to the dude.

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One of my fits was at a friends house it was the worst, I passed out for a full minute on the floor I was coughing so much that i couldn't get any air especially because my throat closes off afterwords so i guess my body couldn't take it, that was a close call, I hope someone finds out what this is I'm only 16 years old i don't want to die of. Wow! I am ecstatic/depressed to read all these. I'm happy because I now know I've not lost my flippin mind. I'm SO sad because I now know the fleas will win. haha. My father died and I came back after being gone 2 days to find my cat and apartment infested with fleas. Indoor only cat, upstairs apartment, lived here three years with never.

If I'm not lucky enough to get it to drop before WotLK, I think I'll switch to farming Swift White Hawkstrider. Comment by 138382 I hate to do this to you guys, but clearing Strat today just for some fun in a 3 man group, and he dropped his mount its 1am on august 13th...i technically have 23 hours left till i am 21!! cause u know at 12:01am i am 21 lol...I'm so excited, so excited that im still unsure what im going to be doin!! But i think im gonna go camping this weekend with a bunch of friends, old and new! im def. excited! Ahh its gonna be crazy, but not too crazy! I'm almost 28. The older I get, the more I realize that I'm NOT old at all! And neither are people in their 30's, or 40's, or 50's, or 60's It's NEVER too late to do what you love! x

I'm doing well enough I guess, considering everything's a

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BloopDiary.com hosts a collection of diaries comprised of HTML, graphics, poetry, and real events in our member's lives. Our member's enjoy a small community, where quality of service is much more important than the quantity of diarists, which helps to give each of our members a premium diary service. With support staff available almost 24/7. Right now I feel like crying because Im still fat, because of my co-workers and its like I solve one issue another comes, its like once I get this bitch to understand to not talk to me anymore and I careless for sorries (black lady said sorryover my hair, but too late) something else will come up, something else will happen, someone else. Remember this: The No Contact Rule is a time for you to heal. It's a time for your ex to experience the reality of your absence and the consequences of their actions, inactions, and decisions. Hearing from you allows them to feel: 1) an ego boost 2) like you're still an option 3) less guilty for what they did/didn't do I cringed at these things my friends said to me these few years. For those of you who don't really get us, I've decided to let you know 10 things not to say to a depressed person from my own experience.And be forewarned, for if you ever dare to even start uttering the below to me, I will hang you by your legs upside down, skin you alive and then deep fry you before publicly disowning you.

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Five minutes after the fall he was drinking milk and interested in things around him. Not a fun thing to have happen at all. How he got from the middle of the bed to off the edge in a millisecondI'm still a wreck. The doctor said it's often worse on the parent than the childI'm still so upset about it Its my birthday in 23days! im 24 on the 16th of feb.. id love to lose at least another 2 or 3 before my bday, Ive been back at the gym, im really likeing it. Its been so hot on the gold coast so i love going there to get away from the heat. I go to Fitness First, its like a little city in there. I could spend hours there Taylor - I am a runner too and haven't been able to run since Sept and am going crazy. I started with a short jog at six weeks after the surgery. I just started with 1 mile at a time. I might have been able to run sooner but I didn't want to push it. And now, I'm about 9 weeks post op and I'm running 3 miles a couple days a week arg, i wanted to go to joann's to pick up some stuff, but i guess im going to have to do it tomorrow. I didn't have time, i had to pick up my brother from school. ill go tomorrow in the weeeeee morning if i can get up! connie at 5:00 PM. Tuesday, January 25, 200 See a movie, shop, eat your favorite food, bake your own dessert, drink your favorite drink, visit your favorite places/people. Just remember people are not mind readers. Make your own happiness! Celebrate every day! BTW, I'm 42 today, I still look like I'm in my 20's, and my health is excellent.That's all that matters. :) anonymous: It's My.

We take showers daily. I've vaccumed everything i could think of and vaccum the floor daily now. Its been 5days since our guest left and I really want to keep these things from producing and creating a bigger issue. I just dont feel like i've done enough as i'm still getting a few of these bites. Any help on what else to do would be great A stop at the painted ladies which is the quaintest prettiest row of victorian houses with a perfect backdrop of the city behind them. There are from the 1800's and lived through the unforgiving earthquake of 1906 when city was virtually destroyed by the quake and its fires It was great only downside, I lost my Ebook. Yes my electronic reader that I paid 170 bucks for not even a year ago, ARGGGGGGGG. I didn't even realize I lost it till Monday! :( im still so sad, I was going to buy a new one but I just cant because I love my old one too much, going to have to wait till I get back to Canada! TEAR I say i can't but maybe the next day. he lies about his plans says he can't , and ignores my texts all day long. then he surfaces the next day, wants to see me.i agree, we have sex. he calls the next day says he didn't want me to think it was a full time gig i agree and a few weeks later get a 1 am text. wants to see me the next day. I'm angry that things won't be reconciled, I'm angry that my brothers won't get to have him later one when they matured and stopped being angry. I'm angry that he didn't try harder. We all loved him still, I hope he knows that, we literally just didn't like him and didn't want that negativity anymore, so we removed ourselves

That's why I keep it at 30mg which still causes side effects. It's not bad at this level cause it you 'last' longer, but I'm still usually able to finish. At 50 I don't i woukd be able to I'm a mostly straight-A student and had a 4. 1 GPA last year, And I'm still being told that if I don't get my grades even father up, I won't get into college. And it's even worse for my classmates who are less academically inclined- about 80% of my friends (including myself) are suffering with some forms of anxiety or depression, Much of which. Jeanne Marie (Parent) SchaffermanMrs. Jeanne Marie (Parent) Schafferman, age 54, of Middletown, DE, passed away on Thursday, August 23, 2012.A native Delawarean, Jeanne was born in Wilmington on Dece This kid is too much. She needs to go. I'm trading her in. She tries to lay back down and then just huffs and goes Well I'm awake now, gets out of bed and proceeds to join her sister downstairs to eat snacks and watch TV.at 1am. Leaving me feeling tired and hella disoriented I'm now friends with him on Facebook, even if he doesn't remember who I am. Everything is looking so bright for him.) I eventually got off work and had an emotional breakdown in my car. All these thoughts and memories came pouring out of my subconscious. Memories I didn't even mention; even some of my earliest thoughts were wanting to be a girl