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Evanescent in a sentence | evanescent example sentences The evanescent fashions fly. There's a big word for that: evanescent. As we saw in Chapter 8, market cycles are evanescent The brilliant, quickly disappearing sight of the fiery comet swiftly speeding across the night sky was fleeting and evanescent. One moment Aaron pointed the comet out to his brother, and the next moment the evanescent, short-lived wonder was gone

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  1. The fur trade itself, which has given life to all this portraiture, is essentially evanescent. Irving, Washington -- The Adventures of Captain Bonneville, U.S.A., in the Rocky Mountains and the far West Its nature is like opaline doves'-neck lustres, hovering and evanescent. Emerson, Ralph Waldo -- Essays, First Serie
  2. Examples of evanescent in a Sentence beauty that is as evanescent as a rainbow Recent Examples on the Web This is to try to capture and memorialize this volatile and evanescent mode of expression, with its references both obscure and shared by millions
  3. Examples from Classical Literature The periodide of mercury is a brilliant red pigment, but somewhat evanescent. What a pity that they are as evanescent as the bloom of these flowers and the fragrance they exhale! There is no more evanescent quality in an accomplished fact than its wonderfulness
  4. Example Even though Kelly was begging to sign up for the soccer team now, her mother knew her interest was evanescent and would not last until the season started. Usage Over Time. #unique Usage Over Time. explore more words voracious learn more [ vaw-rey-shuhs ].
  5. What seemed eternal has passed away, and what appeared to be evanescent has assumed stability. The rainbow's evanescent glory; Heaven's light that breaks on mists of earth! The evanescent pleasures are not character builders, but a created thought is a pregnant possibility
  6. Some common synonyms of evanescent are ephemeral, fleeting, fugitive, momentary, transient, and transitory. While all these words mean lasting or staying only a short time, evanescent suggests a quick vanishing and an airy or fragile quality. the story has an evanescent touch of whimsy that is lost in translatio

One classical example is frustrated total internal reflection in which the evanescent field very close (see graph) to the surface of a dense medium at which a wave normally undergoes total internal reflection overlaps another dense medium in the vicinity. This disrupts the totality of the reflection, diverting some power into the second medium evanescent definition: 1. lasting for only a short time, then disappearing quickly and being forgotten 2. lasting for only. Learn more A form of evanescence (also the name of a kick ass band), Evanescent means to have a tendancy to dissapear or vanish like vapor. 27. An example of Evanescent is a rainbow that appears for only a moment after a storm 28 Evanescent definition, vanishing; fading away; fleeting. See more

An example of evanescent is a rainbow that appears for only a moment after a storm

Examples. These might well be termed evanescent varieties, and since they never become fixed or find their way into cultivation they are of interest only to the plant breeder. Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916 Embracing the Transactions of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society,Volume 44, from December 1, 1915, to December 1, 1916. More example sentences Physics Denoting a field or wave that extends into a region where it cannot propagate and whose amplitude therefore decreases with distance. 'Close to the sphere surface, the oligonucleotide interacts with the evanescent field of the WGM, which extends about a wavelength into the buffer solution. Evanescent evidence generally refers to physical, tangible objects as opposed to verbal testimony. Some common examples of fleeting or evanescent evidence include: Drugs or drug paraphernalia that may be discarded or destroyed (flushing drugs down a toilet is a common method of evasion LEARN MORE WORDS http://VocabularyVideos.comWhat does Evanescent mean? Learn the meaning of Evanescent as we define this advanced vocabulary word with a s.. Evanescent optical waves also occur under various other circumstances; some examples: Optical Fibers and Fiber Couplers An optical waveguide can confine an optical field to a certain region - for example, light propagating in an optical fiber can be confined to its fiber core

A concrete example of evanescent waves is the case of total internal reflection due to Snell's law, a situation described in many excellent undergraduate physics texts (Griffiths, 1999) and outlined here for clarity. In the case of total internal reflection, with light propagating from a medium with a high refractive index to a lower one, the. 1 literary Soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing. 'the evanescent Arctic summer'. More example sentences. 'It was evanescent, fading just as quickly as it had appeared, and translucent to begin with.'

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  1. For example, the length required to couple 100% of the light from waveguide 1 to waveguide 2 is simply L100%= λ0 2Δn = 1.55μm 2⋅0.0601584 =12.8827μm L 100 % = λ 0 2 Δ n = 1.55 μ m 2 ⋅ 0.0601584 = 12.8827 μ m How does this work
  2. Evanescent definition: Something that is evanescent gradually disappears from sight or memory . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
  3. ation and/or of the evanescent field developed in the sample (5). Ein entsprechendes Verfahren dient zur Ableitung quantifizierbarer und/oder qualifizierbarer Parameter der evaneszenten Beleuchtung und/oder des in der Probe (5.
  4. Total internal reflection (TIR) is the optical phenomenon in which waves, such as light, are completely reflected under certain conditions when they arrive at the boundary between one medium and another, such as air and water.The phenomenon occurs when waves traveling in one medium, and incident at a sufficiently oblique angle against the interface with another medium having a higher wave.
  5. What does evanescence mean? The act or state of vanishing away; disappearance. (noun) The evanescence of vapor, of a dream, of earthly plants or hop..
  6. Translation of evanescent in Romanian. efemer. evanescente. Other translations. As an art form, fire is evanescent and fleeting. Ca formă de artă, focul este efemer. Still's disease, a disorder featuring inflammation, is characterized by high spiking fevers, evanescent (transient) salmon-colored rash, and/or arthritis
  7. Example Even though Kelly was begging to sign up for the soccer team now, her mother knew her interest was evanescent and would not last until the season started. Usage Over Time. #unique Usage Over Time. explore more words mores learn more [ mawr-eyz ].

evanescent Vanishing, or apt to vanish or be dissipated, like vapor; passing away; fleeting: as, the pleasures and joys of life are evanescent.; evanescent Lessening or lessened beyond the reach of perception; impalpable; imperceptible.; evanescent In natural history, unstable; unfixed; hence, uncertain; unreliable: applied to characters which are not fixed or uniformly present, and therefore. Sentence example with the word 'evanescent' evanescent atomic, deciduous, evaporating, flying, granular, impulsive, intangible, momentary, perishable, thin, unendurin Evanescent Modes-- for higher modes (n=1,2,3) the wave will only propagate down the waveguide if the excitation frequency is larger than the cut-on frequency. For this example, the frequency has been normalized so that the cut-on frequency is the same as the mode number; for the n=1 mode, propagation occurs when frequency is greater than 1

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  1. Sentence with the word Evanescent. These might well be termed evanescent varieties, and since they never become fixed or find their way into cultivation they are of interest only to the plant breeder.. In part, it arises because an exotic form of light wave generated at the interface, called an evanescent wave, is lost in passing through the glass of a lens, with a consequent loss of.
  2. al Justice by Dragonella. core-introductory; Evanescent evidence refers to evidence that is likely to: asked Jul 2, 2016 in Cri
  3. Here we should make a historical digression and note that an example of the transverse helicity-dependent momentum in an evanescent field was first found by F.I. Fedorov in 1955 (ref. 46.
  4. creates an evanescent wave that extends beyond the surface of the crystal into the sample held in contact with the crystal. In regions of the IR spectrum where the sample absorbs energy, the evanescent wave will be attenuated. The attenuated beam returns to the crystal, then exits the opposite end of the crystal and is directed to the detector i

Evanescent waves form a source of stored energy (reactive power). In light emitting devices, for example, we want to convert evanescent waves into propagating waves to increase the energy efficiency. To summarize, for a wave with a fixed (kx,ky) pair we find two different charac-teristic solutions Plane waves : ei[kxx+kyy] e±i|kz|z (k2 x +k. Evanescent Evanesce Evanescence - Evanescent Meaning - Evanesce Examples - Literary Englishhttp://www.iswearenglish.com/ https://www.facebook.com/iswearengli.. This is a coincidence because last week I helped my granddaughter make sentences with the word evanescent. * Money is evanescent, but love and friendship are forever. * Unfortunately, the best dreams are always evanescent and end at sunrise (the amplitude of the evanescent wave at z = 0). R (and T) will be complex, corresponding to phase shifts of the reflected (and evanescent) wave. EXERCISES 4.6 . 4.6.1. Show that for a plane wave given by (4.6.2), the number of waves in 2 distance in the direction of the wave (the k-direction) is . k Ikl· 4.6.2 Welcome to Evanescent Mustang Rescue and Sanctuary and thank you for considering joining our amazing supporters that help cover some of the behind the scenes rescue costs! An example of what your monthly donation of $25 can do to help - sponsoring a round of Fly Predators to help the herd with pesky flies! Patron-only posts and messages

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For example, evanescent waves exert a transverse force and a transverse torque on small particles, where the force is dependent on the circular polarization but the torque is not (Fig. 1) The penetration depth of the evanescent wave within the sample is on the order of 1µm. The expression of the penetration depth is given in \ref{8} and is dependent upon the wavelength and angle of incident light as well as the refractive indices of the ATR crystal and sample. The effective path length is the product of the depth of penetration. including. an example being. *NOTE: such as and like have two different uses. Such as introduces a specific example that is part of a category. Like suggests the listed items are similar to, but not included in, the topic discussed. Typhoons are considered acts of God, for example/ instance

Strong evanescent field confinement also implies a low interaction of the mode with the waveguide material (Supplementary S5), which relaxes the requirements on material transparency and allows. Define evanescent. evanescent synonyms, evanescent pronunciation, evanescent translation, English dictionary definition of evanescent. adj. Vanishing or likely to vanish like vapor. ev′a·nes′cent·ly adv. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition

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evanescent. in a sentence. The numbers in all post-convention surveys are notoriously evanescent. It has a sweet-pea flavor and an evanescent crunch. But even the evanescent projects may have contributed to the art. They are evanescent as snowflakes, if never quite so pure. Terrorism is borderless and the enemy is both omnipresent and evanescent Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy ( TIRFM) exploits the unique properties of an induced evanescent wave or field in a limited specimen region immediately adjacent to the interface between two media having different refractive indices. In practice, the most commonly utilized interface in the application of TIRFM is the contact. Waveguide filters utilizing the TM modes in an evanescent waveguide are provided. The Q of such filters surpasses any evanescent, dual and triple mode filters in propagating or evanescent waveguides. The waveguide filter in accordance with the present invention features a small size, as well as ease and simplicity in its manufacture when compared with conventional filters Evanescent - Nepali translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, pronunciation, transcription, antonyms, examples. English - Nepali Translator

Lifshitz force is even smaller. Optical evanescent-wave bonding forces are not restricted to the specific geometry and material system studied above. We have calculated that significant forces also arise, for example, between coupled silica microspheres.12 More generally, the use of optical, guided-wave sig evanescent wave decays into the sample exponentially with distance from the surface of the crystal over a distance on the order of microns. The depth of penetration of the evanescent wave d is defined as the distance form the crystal‐sample interface where the intensity of th An evanescent wave travels in the x-direction parellel to the plate, but which decays exponentially in the y-direction away from the plate. In the near-field close to the plate surface, the trajectory of the particle motion is a counter-clockwise circle, showing that the primary effect of the flexural bending wave is to simply slosh the fluid. Emergency circumstances, includinghot pursuit, the possibility of escape, or evanescent evidence are examples of: asked Jun 30, 2016 in Criminal Justice by RegisteredMember. electives-upper-level; Hot pursuit, escape and endangerment to others, and evanescent evidence are examples of exigent circumstances Surface microstructures impart various useful properties to objects, for example, improving optical characteristics, wettability, and sliding properties. It is well known that biomimicking relief structures are effective in making such properties arise and have been studied to be applied to various devices. Furthermore, they are expected to be utilized not only for improving a particular.

Definitions of evanescent: . adjective: tending to vanish like vapor Example: Evanescent beaut The regions where sample absorbs energy, the evanescent wave will be altered, which will be detected. It is important that the sample has good contact with the ATR crystal because the small extension of the evanescent wave beyond the crystal. This is accomplished by applying a moderate pressure to the sample during the measurement The penetration depth is a measure of how far the evanescent wave extends into the sample. Its exact value is determined by the wavelength of light, the angle of incidence on the interface between crystal and sample, and the indices of refraction for the ATR crystal and the sample medium. The depth of penetration is defined as the distance to.

For example, Villatoro et al. demonstrated that in nano fibers the percentage of power in evanescent field approaches 100%. A study by Diaz-Herrera et al. on a fiber-optic temperature sensor also showed that sensitivity increases with decreasing waist diameter [10] For example, in Ker, the police had reason to believe that the defendant was in possession of marijuana and was expecting police pursuit. We upheld the officers' warrantless entry into the defendant's home, with the plurality explaining that the drugs could be quickly and easily destroyed or distributed or hidden before a warrant. surface and into the sample. Conse-quently, there must be good contact between the sample and the crystal surface. In regions of the infrared spectrum where the sample absorbs energy, the evanescent wave will be attenuated or altered. The attenuated energy from each evanescent wave 2 Figure 1. A Mid-Infrared spectrum of Hexene. Figure 2 In illumination mode, the evanescent field can be generated at the tip end when the illuminated light passes through the probe near the sample. Then the scattered light from the probe-sample system is collected to generate the NSOM image. In collection mode, the evanescent wave near sample is acquired by the local probe within near-field of sample

This MPD based detection offers important advantages over traditional evanescent-wave detection strategies which rely on recording only the total transmitted optical power or its lost fraction. First, simultaneous determination of sample refractive index and absorbance is possible at a single probe wavelength The evanescent evidence doctrine grants authority to police who have probable cause but not a search warrant to collect evidence that is otherwise likely to disappear or be destroyed. Cupp v. Murphy (1973) is the U.S. Supreme Court decision that is most. The examples below show the effect of increasing the Caustics quality for a scene with a Solid Glass material, lit by a Spotlight. Caustics Quality = 1. Caustics Quality = 10. Caustics Quality = 25. Sharp Shadows This will allow sharp shadows to be cast across 3D geometry when the lighting scenario would create a sharp shadow. It is more.


  1. The collimated p-polarized terahertz beam is injected into the prism and refracted at its base at the internal incident angle . When the momentum matching condition is satisfied, the evanescent wave formed at the base of the prism interacts with the sample in the gap and groove, and the SSPPs wave with exponential decay will be excited on the structure surface of the metal groove
  2. The topological invariant classifying the skyrmions in the lattice is protected by the lattice symmetry, and the lattice itself may be realized in any photonic system with evanescent waves—for example, planar waveguide modes and waves undergoing total internal reflection
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  4. Realization of far-field, label-free super-resolution imaging based on evanescent waves excited by nonlinear four-wave mixing. Credit: Zhou et al., doi 10.1117/1.AP.3.2.02500
  5. ed only by its excitonic and WGM component
  6. What is an example of a merchant? A person whose business is buying and selling goods for profit; trader, esp. Merchant is defined as a person or company engaged in the business of selling or trading goods. A wholesaler is an example of a merchant. A retail store owner is an example of a merchant
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(a) Describe the phenomenon of evanescent waves, including both the angle at which the phenomenon becomes relevant (and what that angle is) as well as the characteristic distance that an evanescent wave may travel (e.g. and still be reabsorbed and transmitted into a secondary material region) Evanescent-wave scattering in the sample produces measurable far-field excitation How much the cell itself is a contributor to nonevanescent excitation light? This is an important question for biological Biophysical Journal 106(5) 1020-1032 1024 FIGURE 2 Azimuthal beam-scanning produces evenly lit TIRFM images. (A), negative-staining. Examples of Evanescent in a sentence. We would have all missed the evanescent moment if not for the photographer's speed and skill. . Even though April seemed interested in taking piano lessons now, her mother knew her interest was only evanescent and would soon disappear. . Rainbows are evanescent because they do not stay around for.

The evanescent fashions fly. There's a big word for that: evanescent. As we saw in Chapter 8, market cycles are evanescent. Sometimes I feel that way—but it's such an evanescent sensation. This worldly life is of no residence and all what is on it are evanescent. Imagination! who can paint thy power; or reflect the evanescent tints of hope Examples The Journal was fat, happy and nicely profitable in the latter days of the 1990s stock-market bubble, as evanescent companies flush with money raised in the stock market bought ads right and left. —The Washington Post

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