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And we want the client to know that if he clicks this certain page, he will meet you. ' Zoom In On Alan Alany' - this is an example of a fun 'photography' way of naming your about me If you want to go that extra mile. A perfect about page has around 150-200 words Chase Jarvis charms in his About Me page, which invites his audience to be his friend. Documentary photographer Larry Louie works his second career as an optometrist into his one-of-a-kind bio Photography is my passion - nature is my refuge. Combine the two, and that is where I am most at peace. Pro 'About Me' photographer example: You can also follow Martin Olson 's steps and take a minimalist approach on your entire bio page. 02 I hope this list of small tips would help you to build cool 'About Me' page. Here are creative examples of well-done 'About Me' pages of photographers, handpicked from all over the web. Scroll down and enjoy! Marc Labrie. Megan Johns. Alex Beadon. Elizabeth & Jane. Aaron Paschal. Jamie Danno. Chase Jarvis. Denis Reggi

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I just found so many different examples that I decided to show them all so photographers could get some ideas going. Glenn Harris on November 27, 2009 at 9:32 am Interesting post Don We have found one of the best portfolios about me examples, that rocks, and yes - it is multilingual. About me the page of this DJ and hip-hop artist tells you his story in different languages - English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Attracting these fans makes Kero One's brand more inclusive of all the markets he identifies with

20. Laura Makabresku. Laura's portfolio is something different. It's not as intuitive as other examples in this list but it definitely very interesting. Rather than being a place for showcasing Laura's photography, the website is like an art installation in itself and in my opinion, suits the photography style very well When I originally sat down to write my about me page with the all-important photographer bio, I kind of assumed the me in about me was a bit of a clue. Can you blame me? It's right there in black and white (or whatever font color you want to imagine): About Me. Me An example might be that you only shoot with film or you specialize in Indian Weddings or you are an award winning, exclusive newborn photographer, etc A good photography website is a showcase for photos. Take inspiration from real-world photo galleries— your website should be uncluttered and have plenty of whitespace to frame your photos. More so than any other type of website, a photography website should show rather than tell. So keep text to a minimum 'About Me' Page Examples . Once you have put the pieces together and your answers are organized into paragraphs, they would read something like this: About Me. Madison Blackstone is a director of brand marketing, with experience managing global teams and multi-million-dollar campaigns. Her background in brand strategy, visual design, and.

Those are photographer bio examples that grab attention like the golden mean. A resume summary shows experience when you've got more than Ansel Adams. A resume objective shows passion when you're in the Peter Parker zone. Look at these two photographer resume examples For example, if you ran family photography business, you might write something like: I'll be the first to say that family photos are hard to get just right. Maybe you've been trying for years to get that holiday card money shot where everyone is actually smiling. Or maybe you've just accepted that someone is going to end up with a. Photographers are generally hired to take pictures, but depending on their professional path, they need specific types of qualifications. For example, a technical photographer must have the skill to take photos for technical documents. Those who hope to travel must know a lot about how to care for and repair their equipment

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This page from James A. Reeves is a neat and simple example of inspiring About Me page. It allows the large scale photography in the background of a page I'm Anna and I'm a documentary wedding photographer in the cute town of Broadstairs, but I shoot wedding all over the world. I live in a cosy cottage with my two dogs and two cats. My favourite things in the world are crossfit and upcycling old furniture, and when I'm not shooting you'll find me walking the dog at the beach

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To sum it up, writing your about me page is all about striking a balance between personal and professional; conscience and detailed. You don't want to share every detail about your personal life on your about page—not relevant—but you also likely won't keep anyone's attention if you simply list out every job you've ever taken on. 69 Stunning Examples of Photographer's Portfolios Websites For Inspirations. Different purpose so different design also, as well as design of website, because the function and purpose influencing the style and appearance. Industrial photography is a creative industry which is closely related to graphic design You are your brand, your business is based on you as a person, and so you need to have a photo (or photos) of yourself on your About Me page. If you haven't taken the time to build a. Photography is my calling, my profession, and the thing that will undoubtedly drive me insane someday. I don't photograph subjects. I photograph the way they make me feel

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  1. Being a professional photographer is a dream job for many people. If you have an eye for capturing the world around you and know how to market your creative skills, there are plenty of opportunities to forge your own career path.. Some photographers work in-house for studios, whereas others choose to be self-employed
  2. About Me. I'm Mark, wedding photographer at Gold Hat Photography. I absolutely love shooting weddings. No other day contains so much love, laughter and tears than the day you say I do. I consider it a huge privilege to be a part of the most special day of you life, and to be given the reponsibility of documenting it as honestly and.
  3. An about me page is important for a photographer because you're offering a personal service - plus it helps you weed out the clients who aren't a good fit for you - and attract the ones who are. Without an about me page, the only thing other than your photos that sets you apart from others is your price. And we all hate price-shoppers
  4. About Me Page Design Inspiration - You should not overlook 'About Me' or 'About Us' page of your blog. Most of the visitors will land to your about me page. Visitors are always very eager to know about you and about me page helps visitors for that. Here are some great examples of `about me` page designs
  5. 12 Stunning Photography Portfolios Examples When it comes to presenting work online, you can say that photographers have it easy. Compared to other businesses who often have to settle for stock photos or hire a professional to get great website images, photographers have no shortage of beautiful photos to pick from when creating an online.
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To us photography is about people being real and then letting us paint a picture of that moment to remember it forever. This is the story that matters most: real people, real stories, real moments. We are incredibly blessed to have a team of photographers who work with us on any given weekend. Please take a few minutes to get to know us For more inspiration, check out these 40 outstanding examples of conceptual photography. Jaime Nicolau - Cuchiburón. Gideon Way - In the Middle of the Storm. Heather Graves - -25/365 Project- Darkness is here- Self Portrait. Ronen Goldman - curiosity. Isabella Mariana - My fears are surrounding me Inspire Me Baby. Inspire Me Baby is a photography inspiration blog for the baby photographer AND beyond. The creators strive to create an artistic and safe community for photographers to showcase their work and to receive positive feedback from others. Paris Daily Photo. Seems like this blog was created by a Paris fan for Paris lovers Examples of Marriage Profile for Girls Once you make your mind to start search for the right match, you need to create your Marriage Profile. The data on your physical attributes like complexion, height, weight, religion, diet, etc. education, job, profession, etc. has to be selected from ready drop downs One of the best About me examples of this I found is Henley Bond's bold showcasing of its designer shirts. They show off their product with a picture, provide a little company background, and wrap up the whole thing with their catchy slogans: Confidence changes everything and Sharpened in the cutting room, refined in the boardroom

Here are four of the most popular ones: 1. Instagram Bio Fonts. Using a tool like LingoJam, you can easily copy and paste different Instagram bio fonts for your profile. All you need to do is type in the words you'd like in a different font, like your name. Then, scroll through fonts until you see one you like 68 Stunning Examples Of Portrait Photography. Here are 68 portraits which have been awarded an Editor's Choice award in the last year on ePz. Here are 68 top examples of portrait photography. Consider putting the camera away and picking up the pencil instead, as illustrated designs can add a fun, unique, and engaging atmosphere to your About Us page design. Pair that illustration with an effective, branded color palette and you're ready to go. 04. Sophisticated Team Photos and Clean Typesetting Resume About Me examples. Here are some full examples that would give you an idea of what to put in the About Me section of a resume: College Graduate. Diligent Accounting Honors student (3.7/4.0 GPA) from Florida State University with proven research and communication skills. Interned at Viva Microfunds where I examined the. About Me Page Examples. I could use more of these, so don't be afraid to post your About Me page in the comments. From one of the co-founders of LeadPages, Clay Collins' About Me page. Very personal with personality. I recently rewrote a special kind of About Me page, I call the My Story page. It's here: Kenn's Story

Biography. Marc Adamus is a landscape photographer based in Western North America. Marc's pursuit of landscape images have taken him around the world almost continuously for well over a decade now. The visual drama and artistry of his photographs are born of a keen eye for the many moods of Nature and a life-long passion for the wilderness Image by Vladislav Borimsky Photography As primarily a documentary photographer, what inspires my photography most is the world around me. I suppose that's a pretty vague and general answer. However, consider that every day we walk by hundreds of potential subject matters that could be turned into an amazing photograph For this week's showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group, the theme is emotional photography. The ability to tell a story or convey a mood in a photograph is powerful skill to have. It is also a very difficult one to execute and capture in a fleeting moment. This weeks showcase features a selection of mobile photography that does just this Side Note: These stunning photography examples are the work of some amazingly talented photographers around the world. I am currently in process of sourcing and crediting each photographer, if you are the photographer or know who is for any of the people below, please say hello! I would love to hear from you There is a version for wedding, portrait (including commercial, boudoir and personal), family and pet photographers. If you shoot multiple genres, you can get a bundle and use them on different websites or pages. The bundles include separate about me page generators, and if you only have one website, you can simply mix and match as you wish

Share your accomplishments. 1. Choose a voice. The first step in writing a short bio is deciding on a voice. For our purposes, choosing a voice involves deciding whether you are writing in the first or third person. Writing in the first person means using the words I and me, while writing in the third person means using your name For example some photography jobs will either require a generalist - Someone with broad experience in many different roles (newspaper photographer, journalism photographer, advertiser photographer, magazine photographer, influencer photographer and social media photographers) or a specialist - Someone with detailed knowledge and experience in. Here are examples including my own profile (@nate.joaquin) and two of my favorite artistic portrait photographers (@alessioalbi & @jessicakobeissi) Here is a great example from @iamwinter who is a cinematic & portrait photographer who color grades all his photos to have a bluish-green tone As a photographer, you can expect to earn a median wage of $32,490 per year, or $15.62 per hour, according to the BLS. Additionally, you can search for photographer jobs on Monster, including wedding photographer jobs and medical photographer jobs We're almost halfway through our 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Summer Challenge for 2011, and Day 14, how to write an about me page, is one of those days that's easy to overlook because on the surface it's not as edgy as Opinion Post day or as fun as how to write a link post, but it's my supreme goal to show you how edgy, fun, and even a little bit sexy (see number 5 below) updating a.

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The story of Photo Tantra's beginning in the 'about me' section of the portfolio is lyrical builds a connection with a visitor almost instantly! All that makes it one of the best wedding photography websites out there. Amanda Rueter Photography. Amanda is a photographer from Minnesota, who is doing professional photography from around ten years As photographers, it's our job to make people look good. It's interesting, then, how difficult it can be for so many of us to write solid bios for our websites. Obviously, we're talking about different modes of expression, and what we can often do so easily with a camera for someone else can feel like rock climbing with one hand when it comes to talking about and promoting ourselves to. Senior Photographer Resume Example + Salaries, Writing tips and Information. Senior photographers usually specialize in a specific area. These individuals may have a history with weddings, baby photographs, family portraits, fashion, architecture, landscapes, and more. That history will greatly impact the hiring manager's influence as the. 25 Examples Of Creative About Me Pages. Get our posts emailed to you with our monthly newsletter, subscribe here. For both freelancers and design agencies an About Me page is crucial for attracting new business. Creative About Me pages also got very popular between other types of businesses like Lonely Planet or Bulldog Skincare Including an about me section in your resume can help you stand out as a candidate hiring managers or recruiters want to learn more about, which can help you get an interview. In this article, we discuss what an about me section in a resume entails, the benefits of including an about me section and examples of how to write one

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Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true. - Jacques-Henri Lartigue I think good dreaming is what leads to good photographs. - Wayne Miller To me, the magic of photography, per se, is that you can capture an instant of a second that couldn't exist before and couldn't exist after Read 15 Creative, Appealing About Me Pages and learn with SitePoint. Our web development and design tutorials, courses, and books will teach you HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and more Photographer Cover Letter Example (Text Version) I read with great interest your August 25, 2018 posting for a wedding photographer representing The Wedding Photography Company. I believe that my ten years of photography experience and my technical skills make me a strong candidate for this position An example cover letter for Photographer communicating comparable skills is available below. As a highly skilled and detail-driven Photographer with key experience managing photo shoots for high-profile magazines and media companies, I am positioned to make a significant impact on your organization. My background includes designing and setting.

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This option lets me set up the camera on a tripod or a rock or a fence somewhere, set 5 seconds between photos, and let it take however many photos I want in a row. This is great for posed or. Photography website templates that are beautiful and easy to set up - no coding required. See portfolio examples from some of our 80,000 members For example, if there was a parked car, you would need a permit to use it as commercial photography, even if you can't see the name of the brand. If there's no problem with the design but there is a logo, then it's easy to erase it using the Healing brushes or the Clone tool in Photoshop by any photo editor or creative director

Example: I share my love for travelling and food on my about page. If you visit my about page, you'll see that I talk extensively about who I am outside of my online business. From my religion, to my interests, to what really makes me happy - those are the very things that I revolve my identity around in real life For example, I write for a non-profit organization that has a lengthy About Us page. I broke it into three sections: Who We Are, What We Do, and Why It Matters. Anyone reading it gets a comprehensive picture of the charity but delivered in bite-size portions. The presentation is easy to consume

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See example client galleries by some of the most inspiring professional photographers If you are a portrait photographer, the prospective clients should be able to view 20+ unique examples of your quality work. If you do weddings, the new couple should be able to see 20+ examples. Squarespace website templates, free photographer price list templates, & wedding magazines for photographers. Brand your business easily & affordably with custom branded Photoshop templates, business cards, Instagram Stories templates & IG Stories icons, pricing guides, wedding magazine Professional Forms for Photographers. If you need to create legal photography contracts, accept e-signatures for your model release form, or collect photographer requests online, our drag-and-drop Form Builder makes it easy to develop picture-perfect forms for your photography website. Get Starter Pack for Free. photography

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. We hope everyone can find some peace and gratitude this holiday. Thank you to all of my clients, you are all special to me and enable me to do what I love. Finallygoodbye to this insanely odd year!!! Looking forward to seeing you in 2021 Zenfolio photography websites make it easy for photographers to showcase your work, attract new customers and sell your photos and services with an online gallery and shopping cart

The difference between an underexposed (too dark), overexposed (too bright), and perfectly exposed photo comes down to three factors: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. ISO refers to your sensor or film's sensitivity to light, and as we covered in a previous article, aperture refers to the size of the opening in your lens through which light enters. Here, we'll tackle shutter speed, a. Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 - April 22, 1994) was the 37th president of the United States, serving from 1969 to 1974.A member of the Republican Party, Nixon previously served as the 36th vice president from 1953 to 1961, having risen to national prominence as a representative and senator from California.After five years in the White House that saw the conclusion to the U.S. Photographer About Me Page Template. This template is perfect for a Photographer,Designer & etc.This is very modern & unique design. You can very easily understand because include the help file. You can use this template Photographer,Designer & etc.Enjoy. Fully Easy Customization. Photoshop Document,Photoshop Elements Document & MS Word Document Photography Personal Statement. Snap, and a moment is captured, forever still, saved for generations to see; whether it portrays a strong visual message, or simply an abstract composition. Whatever it is, I find it always stimulates something within my head, the urge to capture and portray the world as I see it.. About me email template for photographers. This is an introductory email where a photographer can talk about his/her qualification or areas of expertise. If you can, share a link to your work/portfolio right in the email. Your work will speak for itself :) Your first impression may be your last impression. So, always try to be as genuine as.

12.00. Pricing Guide Template for Senior Photographers - Photography Magazine Price List. 25.00. sale. Photographer About Me Page - Holly. Sale Price: 0.00 Original Price: 14.00. Photographer About Me Pages: There might be quite a few photographers or creatives in your area who specialize in the same niche market as you, but there is something. About Me. I'm Elise, a young photographer who has been perfecting her techniques in the art of photography for many years now. As owner of EJ Photography, I am proud to offer quality equine, portrait, and fine art photography, along with wonderful customer service! I am a self-described crazy horse girl, who never outgrew the horse phase. About Us. Photography Life is represented by a dedicated and talented team of individuals with professional working experience in photography. The core team consists of the founder of Photography Life, Nasim Mansurov, and Editor in Chief, Spencer Cox. Nasim Mansurov is the author and founder of Photography Life Ordinarily, you only want a very small fraction of a second (for example 1/250) to prevent motion blur. However, different shutter speeds complement different situations. Anything from really fast (1/4000) for sports photography to really slow (30 seconds) for night photography Photography: so many attempts - so few masterpieces. James Elliott. 97. For every negative that is a disappointment, there is one that is a joy. Edward S Curtis. 98. Photography's 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent moving furniture. Gregory Heisler. 99. It's more important to click with people than to click the shutter.

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About Us Page Examples. If you're just getting started with your About Us page and are looking for some inspiration, here are some About Us page examples we found from Volusion businesses that really caught our eye: Ghurka. Ghukra is a leather bag and accessory company, and their About Us page goes above and beyond Here are 11 great songs about photography - or at least, that feature photographic themes. 1. Kodachrome - Paul Simon. As the lead single from Paul Simon's third studio album There Goes Rhymin' Simon (1973), Kodachrome is titled after Kodak's 35mm film format introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1935. Referring to the characteristics of the. You're in the right place! I've collected 30 stunning street photography photos, which will hopefully inspire you to greater heights. (Notice the number of black and white images. This is pretty common for street photography as a black and white conversion really narrows down to the subject, light, and shape. Location: UK. Thomas is a British photographer who specializes in landscape and traveling genres and is rapidly earning his place at the top. His portfolio includes a stunning variety of different styles, and Heaton also runs an inspiring YouTube channel, where he uploads encouraging videos about landscape photography.His fans love his sincere, energetic vlogs and images and consider him to be. On a deserted island, I'd go insane without photography, film, music, my wife Kate and our family pets. Storytelling, creative innovation, and visual voodoo - no matter the medium - make my heart go thump thump; and sharing all this online with the world, plus as much of my professional experience I can muster, makes my soul sing

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How to Promote Yourself Online When You're a Total Introvert. How to Write a Professional Bio. How to De-escalate Office Tension. illustration. Five Tips For Launching An Online Store. 18 Increasingly Irrelevant Questions for Aaron Draplin. At the Intersection of Pride and Great Design. 5 & 3/4 Questions: Leandro Senna Photographer resume sample Use this one page resume sample with ready-made unique designs developed by our designers. At the same time, you can change anything you want to in your layout: add or remove pages, texts, images, change colors, etc. Meaning you can use this sample for any topic or genre Here is an example of a class speech in case you need to introduce yourself in 100 words. My name is Joshua Rowland, and you may not know that I can break four concrete blocks with one punch. Last month, I received my third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In my 16 years of life, it's my greatest accomplishment 25 Beautiful Examples of Bokeh Photography. By Paul Andrew. on May 28th, 2021 Photography. A photograph can communicate the visual detail of a scene in a way difficult to capture in words. After all, they don't say for anything that a picture is worth a thousand words. The Japanese are an amazing people with a rich culture and beautiful art The advantage to this is that infrared photography removes the need to wait for the blue and golden hours and works well even with overcast skies and stormy weather. In this gallery, we showcase thirty stunning examples of infrared photography. We hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to explore this style of photography on your own

First impressions are still important in the 21st century, but they look a little different. Professional biographies (or professional bios for short) are short blurbs to get your name, accomplishments, and employment history in front of the right people. Unlike a resume, a professional bio allows you to express the values and beliefs that set you apart from others in your industry How to Write a Photography Proposal. Here is a simple but effective guide in creating a photography proposal: 1. Describe the project. Firstly, you must describe the project or its scope that you have been asked to work on. In order to gather information from the client, you can ask the primary questions such as the number of shots needed, time. City, State, Zip Code. Cell: 000-000-0000. email@email.com. Dear Mr. Jack, I was excited to learn of the photographer position available with your magazine and hope you will consider me for the position. I have eight years of experience working as a photographer for the local newspaper and would love to move into magazine work

The better you know yourself the better photographer you will become. I am a detail man, so close-ups really make me come alive. Whatever makes you come alive will help define you as a photographer. 2. Shoot what you like. All of us have very clear likes and dislikes. So with this in mind, identify all of your likes Photographers are often judged by their portfolios, so include a website or social media handle if it provides examples of your best work. Although a degree is not required, if you have formal photographic training or experience as a photographer through an internship or volunteer position, this can demonstrate to recruiters that you understand.

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For example, not long ago I was a story's subject when my mother lost her life to medical malpractice in Florida hospitals; For me, photography is something I'll always come back to. Photography competitions are a great way to get some feedback on your work if you're finding it hard to get critiques from anywhere else. Some photography competitions can also have pretty hefty cash prizes, so if you're looking to make money off your shots then this could be your chance. But, be warned—a lot of photography competitions. 8+ Photographer Cover Letter Templates - Samples, Examples Photographers, just like any other job positions, also need to go through applications for them to book certain jobs, especially if they would like to be employed in a photography studio 134 W 26th St. Suite 1203 - New York, NY 10001 212.627.221