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A technician had measured the cat's vital signs, which were normal except for a mild fever. I entered the exam room to evaluate the cat in question. She was a one-year-old, very sweet Burmese IME it was a reaction to the vaccine. Ringo had the full set of kitten shots and was fine, but had the reaction I described above for the booster at age one. The kind of reaction you're describing wouldn't be that extreme if it was a sore muscle. I hope he's better today. 11-11-2015, 09:19 AM. mishigas73 pretty normal. all my pets have always been extremely tired for the rest of the day after vaccinations. even I'm usually pretty beat and tired/cranky if I'm getting a tetanus booster or something. 3 level 2 emmnic22

Keep an eye on her, but it's not unusual for cats -- or for humans! -- to have reactions to vaccinations. Sometimes one of our cats or another will just sleep all day long after a vet visit, and not eat much. But they bounce back within 24 to 36 hours. Hope that's all it is If you think your cat sleeps way too much, the main reason for that would be is that 75% of the time a cat spends sleeping isn't particularly in a state of deep sleep. Cat naps, usually taking up anywhere between 15-30 minutes throughout the day, is your pet's way of reserving energy for when there's suddenly food, prey, or a threat present Answer My cat was the same. every year after she got her booster shots she was very lethargic for a couple of days afterwards, it was almost like she had the flu Appetite loss is by no means the only reaction a cat may experience after a vaccine. Some cats also display signs of reduced physical activity, irritation on or by the vaccine location, slight fever, swelling, diarrhea, throwing up, exhaustion and difficulty walking. In the days immediately following your fluffball's vaccination, closely. Like humans, some cats have side effects after animal vaccinations. They may be grumpy, listless and a bit out of sorts for a while. While you don't expect your cat to have any serious problems, you'll keep an eye on them anyway just to make sure they're OK

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  2. If your cat still rejects food 36 hours after being discharged, then there may be a problem. Her energy levels should be back to normal, or close to normal, after 24 hours. If she is still sleeping much more than normal and seems reluctant to move, you should call your vet and describe the problem to him
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  4. No one enjoys getting a shot, and usually, you'll be a little sore for a day or two after. The same is true of puppies getting their vaccines. Usually, your puppy will feel just fine. However, if your puppy is lethargic after shots, this could indicate your pup will need a little extra attention, and possibly a trip back to the vet
  5. Weakness. Fast heartbeat. Dizziness. Swelling in the face or throat. Fever over 105 F. Seizures. Another sign of a possible problem is if your baby or child cries uncontrollably for 3 hours or.

Read our advice on vaccinating your dog, cat and rabbit during the pandemic. Overview. Vaccinations (like any other medicine) can sometimes cause side effects. Fortunately, side effects are rare, usually mild and pass within a few days. Severe vaccine reactions are very rare. Contact your vet if your pet is suffering side effects after a. Fever in cats can appear, as we have already mentioned, by the activation of a cat's immune response and, unless it is compromising a cat's quality of life, it is not necessary to treat it. After a vaccine, we do not advise exercising your cat too much. Cats need a couple of days after being vaccinated to rest and recover comfortably

My cat wont eat after two weeks ago when she had some shots. My cat started vomiting 2 weeks ago. It took 2 shots of meds and a prednisone shot to make him stop..he had not eaten in those 4 days he was vomiting. He was fine up until that night xrays..2 sets.in a week were fine...2 sets of bloods were fine Kitten sleeping a lot after deworming at vet. Scottish Straight kitten. About 11 weeks old. Female, not yet spayed. Since I got her home, she has just been deeply asleep or napping more than normal. She did wake up to eat some dinner, but she isn't as active as she was before At 7 to 9 months old, your cat is considered a young adolescent. He is exploring eagerly, and he is socializing and bonding with people. During this stage, your cat will experience rapid growth, and his baby teeth are now gone, replaced by stronger, adult teeth. Your young cat will likely sleep a lot, more than 16 hours a day Pet Vaccination Aftercare. We are all aware of the importance of vaccination in preventing animals from becoming seriously ill. Fortunately, most pets need no special care following vaccination as they show no obvious response and go about their lives normally. However, a small percentage of pets may show a mild response and look 'off colour. Exactly how much time your cat sleeps may vary depending on the weather. Cats may sleep more in colder months. Photo: Simone_ph The Yard of 100 Cats. When I was just beginning in this fascinating world of cats as a veterinary technician in the early '80s, I found myself at the center of a massive feral cat world in Philadelphia.. I worked at a small veterinary hospital

Kittens are supposed to be inquisitive and constantly bouncing around. While they also require a lot of sleep, there's a noticeable difference between a kitten who is tired, and one that is lethargic. Lethargic kittens sleep the whole day away, and when they aren't sleeping, they're disinterested in playing (or doing anything that isn't. Lameness in kittens after the calicivirus (FCV) vaccination: Feline calicivirus is well known as a cause of 'cat flu' symptoms - sneezing, eye discharges, nasal discharges and mouth and tongue ulcers. Less commonly, the virus also affectsthe bones and joints of the kitten, causing joint swelling, joint pain, muscle sorenessand fever Some cats can appear disoriented after a trip to the vet. This can be due to some reasons. Some of them include sedatives that your vet may have used, the stress of having to sit in a car for a long while, or any other experiences your cat may have had at the vet, or on the way. This tends to be normal amongst cats that are easily stressed.You can prevent your cat from getting stressed on. Feline herpesvirus (viral rhinotracheitis): This virus causes upper respiratory infection with fever, sneezing, eye and nasal discharge, conjunctivitis (inflammation of the inner eyelids and mucous membranes around the eyes), inflammation of the cornea (keratitis), and lethargy. Kittens have an increased risk of infection Follow-up: Julie writes: After 5 days of high fever, with antibiotics treatment and IV, Cosmo was put to rest yesterday. It was FIP. I miss him. I am looking for a new kitten now. Do you have any advice on picking out a healthy kitten? Keep up the good work! Julie, I am so sorry to hear about Cosmo, I am sure he is chasing the big ball of yarn in the sky right now! I have put together some.

The most commonly reported problem in cats is sleeping. Most cats want to sleep for a few hours after getting their shot. They should be left alone to rest and you should see improvement in their condition in a few hours. Vaccination causes a chemical reaction in the cat's brain which lasts for 24-48 hours. Some owners report that their cats. After that cats should be taken for a vaccination appointment every year, although not all vaccines will be given at every appointment as some jabs provide protection for longer than others. Adults cats who have never received vaccinations, or haven't had a booster in at least 15 months, may need to restart their vaccinations with a primary. Some kittens may be a little quiet and off food for 24-48 hours, but this is a fairly normal reaction to a vaccination - very similar to how we might feel after routine jabs. Anything more severe should always be reported to your vet. Myth: My kitten is never in contact with other pets, so it won't need to be vaccinated

A veterinarian should assess the mother and any remaining kittens after any such incident. She looked normal, was so loving and sweet. After a great life of 14 years, sleeping at my feet. Cat vaccinations can get confusing. Not only are there different schedules and needed vaccines for cats and kittens, but there are also some extra vaccines for different lifestyles. It's difficult for pet parents to understand their cat's vaccination schedule—from which ones they need to how often they need them After the shots...what to do if your child has discomfort Author: IAC Keywords: acetaminophen, Tylenol, ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, dosing table, doses, dose, chewables, fever in babies, how much medicine to give, reduce fever, how to reduce fever, medicine to reduce fever, fever after shots, vaccines, how to treat a fever, p4015 Created Dat Kittens should start getting vaccinations when they are 6 to 8 weeks old until they are about 16 weeks old. Then they must be boostered a year later.. The shots come in a series every 3 to 4 weeks. Adult cats need shots less often, usually every year or every 3 years, depending on how long a vaccine is designed to last. Which shots they need Taking Care of Kittens can be simple when the Mother Cat is able to and does her job well, but that is not always the case. Also, even when Mom tries her best, there are things that you, as the human Mom, need to monitor to keep all safe and healthy. The following topics about kittens are primarily about kittens in the first 6-8 weeks of life

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  1. The normal, healthy birth weight of a kitten is about 3.5 ounces which is just a little bit more than a deck of playing cards weighs. 1  By the end of the first week, a kitten typically doubles its body weight putting it at about 7 ounces so these are good weights to record in order to monitor a kitten's growth
  2. imize mild side effects: Read the Vaccine Information Sheet(s) your child's doctor gave you to learn about side effects your.
  3. Furthermore, young cats that are exposed to environments with a high population of other cats, such as at shelters, are also at a much higher risk of contracting an eye infection. In older cats living in controlled environments (i.e., not strays or older cats in shelters), eye infection may be considered a secondary ailment to a pre-existing.

Generally, if your cat has a reaction to the rabies vaccine it will be minor. There have been cases, though, where the reaction is life threatening Bringing Your New Kitten Home. Sleeping and playing are the major behaviors you'll see in your kitten's first few weeks at home. To help her become socialized, it's also important to introduce her to other adults. Allow for a period of adjustment and observe her carefully. Teach friends the proper way to pick her up and hold her As much as your cat chooses not to eat, he still needs to relieve himself. With that said, you should place a sparkling clean litter box close to your cat's resting spot for his convenience. It's not ideal to let your pet cat walk after the surgery. Dirt or dust from kitty litter find their way into the incisions and may result in an infection

Sep 6, 2012. My 10 year old cat has been diagnosed with diabetes about 4 months ago and has been receiving 3cc of insulin everyday, twice every 12 hours. Ever since then, his urination hasn't gotten any better. He still urinates like crazy and not inside his box. Recently he found a new spot to pee; on top of the kitchen counter, and it was A LOT After arriving at home, you should keep your cat warm and comfortable by providing a soft clean bed, ideally in a quiet and draft-free room at a comfortable room temperature. Your cat should remain indoors. For most procedures, your cat's activity should be restricted for one full week after surgery. Some cats experience nausea after general anesthesia, so dividing meals into smaller portions.

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The recommendation is to give cats their rabies shot between 8-12 weeks with a yearly booster. Over a lifetime, this can add up to quite a few vaccines. Cats can have side effects from a rabies vaccine even if they did not have a bad reaction to a rabies vaccine in the past Sleep Pattern. If you're a laid back owner, then you will like this one fact: a young cat will sleep a lot, around 16 hours or more per day. Thus, make sure that if they usually sleep on you or your dressing gown, you will go the bathroom before that happens, otherwise you might be sat there, in pain, for a long while Oral Vs. Inhaled Steroids For Cats With Asthma: Why Inhaled Steroids Are Considered Safe And Effective. Because cat asthma and chronic bronchitis are life long conditions, corticosteroids are an important part of daily disease management to keep the airways clear and help cats with these conditions live a normal life Causes of Sneezing in Cats. When your cat is experiencing more than just a nose tickle, other health concerns may arise. There are three main respiratory issues that often cause problems for cats, including: Upper Respiratory Infections - These infections are the cat version of the common cold. They can be viral, bacterial, or fungal Many cats will have preferred places to sleep, most of them up high, but not always. It will often depend on the breed and personality of the individual cat. While it is likely she will have needed some time to adjust to her new environment, now she is out and about, sleeping is normal feline behavior

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Read on to discover the explanation behind 10 common cat behaviors. 1. Purring. This is probably the most common cat behavior on the list. Most of the time purring means your cat is content, comfortable and feeling safe. However, it can also be a signal to other cats that they want to play or a signal to you that they're scared, sick or stressed Diabetes, and Type II diabetes specifically, is a very common disorder in cats. The condition is most common in overweight, neutered male cats over 8 years of age, and those that exclusively eat a high carbohydrate diet (which includes pretty much any diet of dry cat food). Additionally, Burmese cats seem to also be at a higher overall risk A Concussion Can Lead To Sleep Problems That Last For Years : Shots - Health News Eighteen months after a concussion or other traumatic brain injury, two-thirds of the patients in a recent study. Symptoms your kitten can have after getting vaccinated It's normal for your kitten to be a bit under the weather after they've just received some of their vaccinations. They may not want to eat, or eat as much as they usually do, and may just want to lie down and sleep a bit Kittens sleep a lot at a young age — like between 16-20 hours a day a lot. For this reason, it is important that she has a comfortable place to take a nap and sleep at night. You might be tempted to want to keep her in your bedroom, but unless that's where you want to keep her litter box, it is best to section off somewhere in the house that.

The belly-up sleeping position shows they're fairly certain they're not going to be attacked. Resisting the soft fuzz of a cat's belly takes Olympian-level restraint, but remember your cat is trusting you. At least let them sleep a few minutes before waking them with your belly rubs It is normal after vaccinations for pets to have a low-grade fever and muscle aches. The pet may eat less and sleep more 24-48 hours after. Rarely, pets will have an allergic reaction, such as hives, swelling of the face, vomiting, or diarrhea

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  1. Hi Simba, I took our 10-week-old kitten, Pepe, for his vaccinations yesterday. He has not been himself since his shotshe is lethargic, off his food and tender at the site where he received his FRCP shot. He also received his rabies and feline leukemia shots in addition to dronsit, as he had passed some small, white, rice shaped worms
  2. At one day old, the kittens cannot stand. Their eyes are closed and their ears are folded. Kittens this young require round-the-clock care and bottle feeding every two hours. Denby is just a day old. Three Days Old Kitten. Notice that the kittens' ears are just beginning to unfold, though their eyes remain closed
  3. Due to their size, kittens are a lot more prone to being stepped on or squished beneath falling objects and are more likely to be s eriously injured. Kittens feel pain more easily than adult cats.We would always recommend that a kitten showing any pain, breathing difficulties or behavioural changes after a traumatic incident should be seen by a.
  4. d that it is totally normal for kittens to have a lot of energy, and to want to run around, climb, jump, chase, and play
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  6. I have noticed that for a few weeks after an injection that I will have this problem. I mostly have it with my head area, my hair will get soaking wet several times a night while sleeping. This has also been happenning more and more during the day. I get extremly hot and have to put a fan on me at work or at home
  7. g. This most often resurfaces as a hairball. Although a cat vomiting up a hairball every so often is normal, there are times when you may need to be concerned

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Remember. Side effects can affect your ability to do daily activities, but they should go away in a few days.; The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine both need 2 shots in order to get the most protection. You should get the second shot even if you have side effects after the first shot, unless a vaccination provider or your doctor tells you not to get it Kittens begin social learning as early as two weeks of age. Also, kittens play, eat, and rest similar to a toddler. Social play usually peaks at about 3 months of age. As they get to 4-9 months, they hit their teenage years. They may start to feel their natural predatory selves and the need to begin hunt and scavenge At 10 weeks old, the kittens are grown up and fully mobile! They are ready to go to their new homes—as long as they've been spayed or neutered and socialized. If you've raised the kittens from newborn to this point, congratulations! You've done the hard work that will allow them to thrive as healthy and happy cats. Eating exclusively. We see a lot of epilepsy/seizure, often after a rabies vaccination. Or dogs or cats can become aggressive for several days. Frequently, you'll see urinary tract infections in cats, often within three months after their [annual] vaccination. If you step back, open your mind and heart, you'll start to see patterns of illness post-vaccination

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The biggest mistake pet owners make is calling the vet too late. Pets rarely get colds or the flu, and they almost never get food poisoning. So if they're sick for more than a day, call us. Usually, pets are pretty drowsy the first night after anesthesia, and many have no interest in food. Your pet likely will be much closer to normal the next morning and back to normal by day two, although that depends somewhat on the procedure and how long your pet was under.—Genevieve Rajewsk What are average vet costs and prices for dogs and cats? View average veterinarian prices and use your CareCredit credit card to help pay for puppy and kitten vaccinations, annual vet visits, cat spaying and neutering, dental cleaning, dog cancer treatment and flea, tick and heartworm prevention

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This is most commonly seen with the use of the panleuopenia (distemper) vaccine in cats. Kittens are borne with a problem called cerebellar hypoplasia, which results in an inability to maintain balance. Musculoskeletal problems. Kittens vaccinated against calici virus may develop a fever and limping approximately 1 week after vaccination Many cats are apt to have allergic reactions to vaccinations and new medications as well. It is of utmost importance that you monitor your cat after any shots or introducing her to unfamiliar medication. Some vets may even insist that you and the cat stick around for a few minutes for observation after Kitty gets her shots

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Cat bites can be dangerous if not taken care of properly. Cats have sharp teeth that are able to make deep punctures, and cats' mouths harbor a lot of bacteria that can potentially cause infection. If left untreated or not given proper first aid care, cat bites can lead to infection, cat scratch fever, or in rare cases, rabies Deep sleep is important to older cats. While REM sleep helps a cat clear its mind, deep sleep repairs the body. As many senior cats are arthritic, this will be essential. Deep sleep is an opportunity for muscles to regenerate and repair after walking and hunting. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to wake a cat in deep sleep It depends on which medication and dose they get. In case your cats are suffering from an uncomplicated urinary tract infection, your vet might ask you to take antibiotics for a few days (from 3 to 4 days). And for much more serious cases, your cats will have to get these medicines for more than one week (up to 7 to 10 days) Mild side effects might include a slight fever, lethargy, reduced appetite and slight swelling around the injection site (this usually resolves within two to six weeks ). These are the most common side effects. Less common side effects include vomiting, diarrhoea, itchy skin, swelling of the face or around the eyes

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After the operation, the vet will give your cat pain relief injections to help with any post-surgery discomfort. You should also be provided with anti-inflammatory medicine and painkillers to give to your cat to take at home. As the procedure is much less invasive for male cats, they should only need medication for a day Sleep. Puppies that are 8 weeks old sleep approximately 18 to 22 hours per day. The rest of their day is spent eating, playing, and going to the bathroom. What Your 8-Week-Old Puppy Needs Vaccines. 8-week-old puppies should have received at least their first set of shots The most commonly reported side effects were mild pain or swelling at the injection site, diarrhea, and delayed blood clotting that did not require treatment. However, note that Adequan has not been tested on pregnant or nursing dogs, and should be used with caution in dogs that have had liver or kidney transplants or have a history of bleeding.

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Aggression is the second most common feline behavior problem seen by animal behaviorists. Although cat aggression is sometimes taken less seriously than dog aggression—perhaps because cats are smaller and don't pursue people to bite them—aggressive cats can be formidable A dog with a weak immune system can't handle the live virus being injected in them. #2: It takes 3 days to incubate, the Parvo could have come from the vaccination or poorly cleaned vets exam room. #3:Breeders rarely admit they have any problems and try to hide things to keep from being sued. Advertisement Over weeks to months, the pain will calm down, and you will slowly return to your normal life. In the meantime, try to stay as active as possible and rely as much as possible on over-the-counter pain relievers to help avoid needing cortisone shots. Doctors call these shots corticosteroid injections

A foul odor coming from your cat's mouth, ears or skin may be the indicator of dental disease, infection, or other problem. 10. Abnormal vocalizations. If your cat starts to vocalize in ways that are not normal for her, this can be a cause for concern. Don't dismiss any subtle change to your cat's normal pattern Excessive thirst and urination are among the most recognizable symptoms of kidney failure in cats. Even when the kidneys are failing enough to cause clinical signs, kidney failure may not be the obvious diagnosis. Kidney failure's clinical signs are non-specific, meaning that they don't indicate a particular disease When i was younger and in experienced, i had a whole cat family die from this,one of the 6 kittens had fell from my balcony while i was out for the day,so the nieghbor rang the local Shelter (so they came and took her) as i got back late, i went the day After to bring her home,on the 3rd day i went the vet with her,he put her to sleep, within a.

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Taking care of your cat is one of the most important things you should prioritize. But there will be times that they suffer from certain problems that end up with them being unhealthy. As your cat grows older, he may have particular difficulties with the way he functions, namely his eating habits.If you noticed your old cat not eating, then it may be a huge problem in the long run If everything else is normal (eating, potty, sleep, appetite, etc.) then there isn't much cause to worry. A healthy cat will take anywhere between 20 or 30 breaths per minute. But if you begin to observe a loss of appetite, blue gums, panting with the tongue out, and so on, then those are indicators of something more serious The kitten's baby teeth are the cat's first set of teeth which erupt around the third week. Kittens begin to lose their baby teeth around 3 - 4 months of age to make room for the larger adult (or permanent) teeth. Most cat owners won't even notice a kitten has lost its tooth, it is often lost in the home or swallowed You can treat kidney failure in cats to extend a cat's life, but, unfortunately, a time will come when you have to let your cat go.. Whether or not you decide to euthanize your cat is always a personal decision. If you decide to euthanize, deciding when to euthanize can also be a very difficult and painful decision

The normal level of glucose in the blood is 80 - 120 mg/dl. It may rise to 250 - 300 mg/dl following a meal or when the dog is very excited. However, diabetes is the only common disease that will cause the blood glucose level to rise above 400 mg/dl With the worms reacting to the medication and wanting to find a way out of your dog's stomach, it is likely that your dog will be reluctant to eat much. Thankfully this particular behavior of dogs after deworming will be short-lived and your dog will get her normal appetite back. 4 We recommend purchasing high-quality, brand-name kitten or cat food. Your veterinarian will be able to assess your new cat or kitten and determine the best diet. Factors such as age, activity level and health make a difference in what and how much a cat should eat. Cats require taurine, an essential amino acid, for heart and eye health Allergy shots are injections you receive at regular intervals over a period of approximately three to five years to stop or reduce allergy attacks. Allergy shots are a form of treatment called immunotherapy. Each allergy shot contains a tiny amount of the specific substance or substances that trigger your allergic reactions. These are called. Hyperthyroidism results when the thyroid gland over-produces thyroid hormones. The disease is common in cats and negatively affects almost all body organs. Felimazole Coated Tablets (methimazole.

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A bacterial infection of the uterus can happen shortly after a cat gives birth to kittens. If your new mother cat is vomiting along with symptoms such as dehydration, fever, dark red-colored gums, poor appetite, and a foul-smelling discharge from her vulva, she needs veterinary treatment right away Many cats are prone to having allergic reactions to vaccinations as well as new medications. We cannot stress enough the importance of monitoring your cat after any shots or new meds are introduced. Even cats who have never experienced an allergic reaction to certain vaccines can have an adverse response without warning Thanks Cathy my cat is 18,won't take pill much so when he does bad side effects,used the special food he does not like it.I am using natural liquid drops i get from online for cats thyroid problems.From web site- only natural pets it's about $18.00.Do all vets use b-12 shots,how does that work?Any help you can give me would be great the. Tip 63 - Worms in kittens - worms in cats. When your cat or kitten has worms, it is the result of coming into contact with a parasite (usually a flea) that has entered your cat's body. Most kittens are born with worms and will need to be dewormed (take a medication that kills the worms) several times during the months that make up kittenhood Convenia is sold to vets as a powder inside a sterile bottle: this is made up into a solution by the addition of a reconstituting solution. This needs to be kept in the fridge, and should be used within 28 days. The dose per cat is weight-related, at a rate of 0.1ml per kg, injected sub-cutaneously, usually into the scruff of the neck

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Your doctor will measure your testosterone levels at the 3- and 6-month marks after treatment begins. After that you'll be tested once a year. If your levels are OK you'll stay on your current dose Moving After Eating . Cats need to rest after eating. Too much movement after a meal will upset the cat's stomach. The best way to manage this is with a strict schedule. Play with your cat before feeding time. This will leave your cat exhausted and contented. Once your cat has eaten, it will likely groom itself and fall asleep