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11044 - Debridement, bone (includes epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue, muscle and/or fascia, if performed); first 20 sq cm or less + 11047 - each additional 20 sq cm, or part thereof (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure) These codes are defined by depth and size, not anatomic site For example: Bone is debrided from a 4 sq cm heel ulcer and from a 10 sq cm ischial ulcer. This is reported with a single code, 11044. When subcutaneous tissue is debrided from a 16 s. cm dehisced abdominal wound and a 10 sq cm thigh wound, report 11042 for the first 20 sq cm and 11045 for the second 6 sq cm 11045 (add-on code for 11042) each additional 20 square cm, or part thereof. 11043 Debridement, muscle and/or fascia (includes epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, if performed); first 20 square cm or less. 11046 (add-on code for 11043) each additional 20 square cm, or part thereof

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CPT code 11043, 11046 and 11044, 11047 may only be billed in place of service inpatient hospital, outpatient hospital or ambulatory surgical center (ASC). CPT codes 11043, 11046 and 11044, 11047 are codes that describe deep debridement of the muscle and bone This Coding Tip was updated on 12/10/2018. Debridement is the medical removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue to improve the healing of remaining healthy tissue. Debridement may be excisional or non-excisional in coding and include autolytic debridement, enzymatic debridement, mechanical debridement, surgical debridement and maggot therapy CPT/HCPCS Codes . This list of codes applies to the Utilization Review Guideline titled Outpatient Surgical Procedures - Site of Service. Effective Date: February 1, 2021 . Applicable Codes . The following list(s) of procedure and/or diagnosis codes is provided for reference purposes only and may not be all inclusive

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ICD-10-PCS code for a debridement procedure. Debridement is the removal of devitalized tissue to encourage wound healing and to reduce the likelihood of infection. Two specific types of devitalized tissue include slough and eschar. Devitalized tissue can be removed by surgical, mechanical, Coding Debridement Coding in ICD-10-PCS CONQUER THE. and the base endoscopy (the parent code). •For example, in the course of performing fiberoptic colonoscopy (code 45378), a physician performs a biopsy (code 45380) and removes a polyp by snare (45385). Both codes contain the value of the base endoscopy, code 45378. Use the actual value of the code 45385 plus the difference between 45380 an

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Coders report excisional debridement codes (CPT codes 11042-11047) based on the deepest layer of viable tissue removed, Rosdeutscher says Surgical Pathology Any UNLISTED specimen should be assigned to the CPT code which most closely reflects the work involved when compared to other specimens assigned to that code. The unit of service for CPT codes 88300 - 88309 is the SPECIMEN.A specimen is defined as tissue(s) that is/are submitted fo The HCPCS/CPT® codes for lesion removal include the procurement of tissue from the same lesion by biopsy at the same patient encounter. CPT® codes 11000-11001 (biopsy of skin, subcutaneous tissue and/or mucous membrane) should not be reported separately. 1

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  1. Excisional debridement is the sharp removal of tissue at the wound margin or at the wound base until viable tissue is removed. Coders report excisional debridement codes (CPT codes 11042-11047) based on the deepest layer of viable tissue removed. The codes for excisional debridement are divided by the level of tissue removed and the size of the.
  2. Here's a review of the major categories of CPT codes for this type of procedure: Abscesses. The first code in the CPT series for incision and drainage, CPT 10060-10061, defines the procedure as incision and drainage of abscess (carbuncle, suppurative hidradenitis, cutaneous or subcutaneous abscess, cyst, furuncle, or paronychia); simple or.
  3. Per the AUGS Coding Committee, there is no single code answer for this question. The key to accurate coding is to code what was performed. The documentation of the procedure should support the submitted code and is the physician's protection in case of audit. For colpocleisis, the code for the basic procedure is 57120
  4. Unlisted specimen should be assigned. Click card to see definition . Tap card to see definition . CPT code which most closely reflects the work involved when compared to other specimens assigned to that code. Click again to see term . Tap again to see term . The unit o derive for CPT codes 88399-88309 is
  5. CPT Code: 67314 The CPT code selection is for resection of one vertical muscle, but the medial rectus muscle is horizontal. Correct code: 67311 5. The chiropractor documents that he performed osteopathic manipulation on the neck and back (lumbar/thoracic). CPT Code: 98925 Note in the paragraph before code 98925, the body regions are identified
  6. The physician explained that the patient has a recurrent history of pyogenic granuloma of the buttock with sinus tracts that have, as in this instance, required a subcutaneous tissue debridement. Using the CPT and ICD-10-CM manuals, indicate the modifier and codes that would be reported
  7. CPT is a list of descriptive terms and identifying numeric codes for medical services and procedures that are provided by physicians and health care professionals. American Medical Association, Intellectual.PropertyServices@ama-assn.org. CPT can no longer be served by BioPortal due to licensing constraints

Extensive debridement of shoulder via arthroscope. 29823. (In the Index, reference the main term Pericardiocentesis. Code range 33010-33011 is listed. Reference the code range in the main section of the CPT manual.) Preoperative diagnosis: Malignant carcinoma of breast An abdominal incision was made, and dissection past the large and. Many abdominal wounds need some form of debridement prior to, or at the time of, definitive closure. CPT codes 11042-11047 are debridement codes arranged by depth and size of debridement. For some patients with a recent open abdomen, the fascial edges, subcutaneous tissue, and skin can all be mobilized and then closed primarily

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  1. Dressings and/or debridement, initial or subsequent; without anesthesia, large eg, more than one extremity) (16030) Escharotomy (16035) Escharotomy, each additional incision List separately in addition to code for primary procedure (16036) Destruction premalignint lesion (17000
  2. ation Under Anesthesia 92502 Incisional and Debridement 10060 Remove Foreign Body 10120 Drainage Hematoma, Seroma 1014
  3. debridement, extensive. 29825: with lysis and resection of adhesions, with or without manipulation. or fistula, extending beneath subcutaneous tissues and/or into pharynx: 42830: Adenoidectomy, primary; younger than 12 (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure) 67332: Strabismus surgery on patient with scarring of.
  4. • 57105 extensive, requiring suture (including cysts) Biopsy (continued) separately in addition to code for primary procedure) • Add-on code • Report in addition to codes 45560, 57240-57265, 57285 (paravaginal defect repair-vaginal Fistula Repair/Closure. Fistula - an abnormal passage or communication,.
  5. Coding Clarification ** Flaps (Skin and/or Deep Tissues) Procedures: 15570-15738. o The regions listed refer to a donor site when a tube is formed for later transfer or when a delay of flap occurs prior to the transfer. Codes 15732-15738 are described by donor site of the muscle, myocutaneous, or fasciocutaneous flap

procedure +44955 1.53 Add -on code. Report in addition to primary surgical procedure Enterolysis 44005 18.46 Designated as (Separate procedure). Generally not reported in addition to other surgical codes. If enterolysis is extensive, may report with 59 modifier Ureterolysis, with or without repositioning o CPT 88304 Level IV - Surgical pathology, gross and microscopic examination‐ CPT 88305 Level V - Surgical pathology, gross and microscopic examination‐ CPT 88307 Level VI - Surgical Pathology, gross and microscopic examination‐ CPT 88309 Appendix, incidental Fallopian tube, sterilization Fingers/toes

1-stage perineal hypospadias repair requiring extensive dissection to correct chordee and urethroplasty by use of skin graft tube and/or island flap 54411 Removal and replacement of all components of a multicomponent inflatable penile prosthesis through an infected field at the same operative session, including irrigation and debridement of. Coding tip: If only one wound is debrided at various depths, report the code that represents the deepest level of debridement, and use the total wound surface area for any and all types of debridement. For example, a single wound requiring 10 sq cm of subfascial debridement and 10 sq cm of subcutaneous debridement would be reported with 11043 Start studying CPT CODES. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Home Browse. Soft tissue-other than debridement or lipoma. 88305. Soft tissue-mass, biopsy/simple excision. 88307. Soft tissue-extensive resection. 88309. Spermatocele. 88304. Spleen. 88305. Stomach-biopsy. 88305. Stomach-subtotal.

Wound Care Coding. The wound care (97597-97598) and debridement codes (11042-11047) are used for debridement of wounds that are intended to heal by secondary intention. Some conditions that support medical necessity include infections, chronic venous ulcers, and diabetic ulcers, to name a few. Many insurance carriers, including Medicare, have. Start studying CPT Codes. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Home soft tissue other than debridement or lipoma. 88305. Soft tissue mass, biopsy/simple excision. 88307. soft tissue extensive resection. 88309. Spermatocele. 88304. Spleen. 88305. Stomach biopsy. 88305. Subtotal/total resection of. Case Rate Professional Fee Health Care Institution Fee RVS CODE DESCRIPTION ANNEX 2. LIST OF PROCEDURE CASE RATES FIRST CASE RATE 11770 Excision of pilonidal cyst or sinus 5,680 1,680 4,000 12001 Simple repair of superficial wounds of scalp, neck, axillae, external genitalia Reoperation, coronary artery bypass procedure or valve procedure, more than one month after original operation (list separately in addition to code for primary procedure). 33233: Cardiovascular: Removal of permanent pacemaker pulse generator. 33234: Cardiovascular: Removal of transvenous pacemaker electrode(s); single lead system, atrial or. What are the CPT codes What are the CPT codes for this Operative Precedures . 1)PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Pyogenic granuloma, sinus tract, buttock. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Multiple sinus tracts, one extending inferiorly about 7 × 3 cm in diameter, one extending to the right approximately 4 × 3 cm, and one 4 × 3 cm extending to the left of 4 × 3 cm

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A type 1 excludes note is a pure excludes. It means not coded here. A type 1 excludes note indicates that the code excluded should never be used at the same time as Z48.A type 1 excludes note is for used for when two conditions cannot occur together, such as a congenital form versus an acquired form of the same condition This study is limited by the fact that it is based upon administrative claims data. The authors stated that its findings relied on accuracy of diagnosis and procedure codes contained in the claims data, and did not account for outcomes and costs beyond 18 months after treatment initiation No specific code: CPT codes covered if selection criteria are met: 30801 - 30802: Ablation, soft tissue of inferior turbinates, unilateral or bilateral, any method (eg, electrocautery, radiofrequency ablation, or tissue volume reduction) ICD-10 codes not covered for indications listed in the CPB (not all inclusive): J30.1 - J30.9: Allergic rhiniti due to factors such as nerve dissection required, separate closure of and bone, removal of tooth structure, and closure. Section 9 / Part 29 . Other surgical procedures . D7260 oroantral fistula closure Excision of fistulous tract between maxillary sinus and oral cavity and Used for procedure that is not adequately described by a code.

CPT® Knowledge Base is a compendium of real life coding questions asked by the coding community and answered by CPT® coding experts. Over 2900 questions and authoritative answers from the CPT® professionals at the AMA. Get specific answers to challenging coding questions, and search the knowledge base of others' real world questions CPT Code: 88321 Description: Consultation and report on referred slides prepared elsewhere. Status Code. A Active Code. These codes are paid separately under the physician fee schedule, if covered. There will be RVUs for codes with this status. The presence of an A indicator does not mean that Medicare has made a nation. Global Days. XX

CPT code Range Anesthesia 00100 01999 Section Total 259 Code Description (CPT) Base Units Place of Service PVR Type 00100 Anesthesia for procedures on salivary glands, including biopsy 5 21, 24 31, 32 00102 Anesthesia for procedures on plastic repair of cleft lip 6 21, 24 31, 3 Incision and drainage, forearm and/or wrist; infected bursa (25031) Incision, deep, with opening of bone cortex eg, for osteomyelitis or bone abscess), forearm and/or wrist (25035) Arthrotomy, radiocarpal or mediocarpal joint, with exploration, drainage, or removal of foreign body (25040) Drainage of finger abscess; simple (26010 View cpt-pcm-nhsn.xlsx from BC 2530 at Everest College. 2018 NHSN Operative Procedure Code Mappings (updated 01-2018) This document replaces prior documents listing operative procedure codes Open repair of infrarenal aortic aneurysm or dissection, plus repair of associated exploration of hepatic wound, extensive debridement, coagulation. As mentioned above, CPT has specific codes for the treatment of Hidradenitis using excision and repair. These codes are from 11450 - 11471. However, if the physician is simply performing an incision and drainage of the hidradenitis, then CPT codes 10060-10061 would be appropriate Reporting both Mohs Micrographic Surgery CPT ® codes 17311-17315 and Surgical Pathology CPT ® 88302-88309 or 88331-88332, on tissue used for margin evaluation during Mohs surgery is inappropriate and will indicate that true Mohs surgery was not done. Such claims for Mohs surgery (17311-17315) will be denied

What are the CPT codes for this Operative Precedures 1)PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Pyogenic granuloma, sinus tract, buttock. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Multiple sinus tracts, one extending inferiorly about 7 × 3 cm in diameter, one extending to the right approximately 4 × 3 cm, and one 4 × 3 cm extending to the left of 4 × 3 cm. SURGICAL FINDINGS: As above, plus (benign) granulation tissue. session, those services may be reported using separate procedure code(s) with the modifier -80 added, as appropriate. -63 Procedure Performed on Infants Less Than 4 kg: Procedures performed on neonates and infants up to a present body weight of 4 kg may involve significantly increased complexity and physician work commonly associated with. Consider these procedures when coding in volume three of ICD-9-CM and think about how much—or little—knowledge is required to correctly apply the codes. Take those same procedures in ICD-10-PCS, and the need for extensive knowledge about all aspects of cardiovascular procedures is crucial to complete the code assignments • Solves coding problems for coding many different types of bypass procedures • 144 codes were added in the GI system, • 35 codes were added in the upper artery bypass table • 24 codes were added to Thoracic Aorta to innominate artery bypass table Supplement Procedures • This change allows the capture of more detail for procedure The 2006 Tax Relief and Health Care Act (TRHCA) (P.L. 109-432) required the establishment of a physician quality reporting system, including an incentive payment for eligible professionals (EPs) who satisfactorily report data on quality measures for covered services furnished to Medicare beneficiaries during the second half of 2007 (the 2007 reporting period). CMS named this program the.

Transperitoneal laparoscopic pancreatic debridement using traditional laparoscopic surgery or the first-generation hand-access devices through a retrocolic access to the lesser sac (an approach similar to that reported in our study) have been previously described in anecdotal case reports. 6 The perceived difficulty of the laparoscopic. Medical Coding & Billing Tools - CPT®, ICD-10, HCPCS Codes, & Modifiers | SuperCoder. SuperCoder is closed! Activate Codify by AAPC now. Learn about Activation Shop Codify. Want to speak with our team? Call - 866-228-9252 Open biopsies are considered the gold standard for obtaining diagnostic tissue from spinal lesions. The accuracy rate of open biopsies has been shown to be as high as 98%. In contrast, a percutaneous needle biopsy has been reported to range between 59% and 93% in accuracy in a different series. 1 The advantage of taking the percutaneous biopsy.

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Deep Debridement CPT Codes. Exploration of penetrating extremity wound separate procedure (20103) Debridement including removal of foreign material associated with open fractures and or dislocations; skin and subcutaneous tissues (11010) Debridement including removal of foreign material associated with open fractures and or dislocations; skin. CPT Procedure Code: Outpatient Procedures - Description: 11406: Excision, benign lesion, except skin tag (unless listed elsewhere), trunk, arms, or legs; excised diameter over 4.0 cm debridement, extensive. 29825: with lysis and resection of adhesions, with or without manipulation. or fistula, extending beneath subcutaneous tissues and. addition to code for primary procedure) 13160 Secondary closure of surgical wound or dehiscence, extensive or complicated 14060 Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, eyelids, nose, ears and/or lips; defect 10 sq cm o

3.If a physician performs an arthroscopy with joint debridement in the anterior compartment (CPT code 29846), and through different portals performed an arthroscopy complete synovectomy in the posterior compartment (CPT code 29845), can both procedures be separately reported during the same operative session appending modifier 59 soft tissue infection) (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure) (+) in front of a procedure code denotes an add-on code. Add-on codes allow reporting of additional work associated with a primary procedure(s) and must never be reported alone. In addition, physician add-on codes are exempt from multiple procedure reduction 11005 is used for a debridement and would include the irrigation/culture. It is the more extensive service so it shouldn't be coded with 10180. Because these two codes are very specific to diagnosis, it would also be appropriate to use the more invasive diagnosis of 996.69

For CPT 2020, a new CPT Category I code (49013) was approved to report preperitoneal pelvic packing without a laparotomy. A second code (49014) was approved for packing removal that will occur on a subsequent day. These two new codes differ from other exploratory procedures in that a laparotomy is not performed ICD-9-CM Coding • Chapter 2 of the ICD-9-CM contains the codes for most benign and all malignant neoplasms. Certain benign neoplasms, such as prostatic adenomas, may be found in the specific body system chapters. To properly code a neoplasm it is necessary to determine from the record if the neoplasm is benign, in-situ, malignant, or of uncertai Is debridement code 11042 for 14 sq cm appropriate to report? A 10 blade was used to make an incision approximately 3 inches in length over the pre-existing scar. Blunt and sharp surgical dissection was carried down to the endothelialized capsule, which was incised. The pulse generator was removed from the capsule It is incorrect to report a code for ileostomy or jejunostomy (44310 or 44187) with a partial colectomy code (for example, 44145 or 44207) for this procedure, as doing so would be unbundling. While general surgeons perform a wide range of operations, assigning CPT codes to report even common clinical scenarios can be difficult each additional 20 sq cm, or part thereof (list separatley in addition to code for primary procedure) 97602 Removal of devitalized tissue from wound(s), non-selective debridement, without anesthesia (eg, wet-to-moist dressings, enzymatic, abrasion), including topical application(s), wound assessment, and instruction(s) for ongoing care, per sessio

Procedure codes payable as an inpatient service when delivered in an inpatient setting for stays of less than 24 hours for DOS on or after July 1, 2014 Procedure Code Description 11005 Debridement of skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle and fascia for necrotizing soft tissue infection; abdominal wall, with or without fascial closur This Coding Tip was updated on 12/10/2018. The focus of this coding tip is on the excision vs. resection ICD-10-PCS coding. This can be challenging for coders when trying to determine the appropriate root operation (objective of procedure) to use. Physicians are using excision/resection interchangeably within the documentation

LAPAROSCOPY ; LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY Procedures and Related CPT and ICD-9 Procedure Codes CPT Code CPT Description ICD -9 Procedure 49320 Laparoscopy, abdomen, peritoneum and omentum, diagnostic, with or without collection of specimen(s) by brushing or washing (separate procedure) 5421 49321 Laparoscopy, surgical: with biopsy (single or multiple) 5424 5421 4932 Chart audits frequently examine coding associated with lesion removals and wound repairs. In order to assign the appropriate procedure code, certain documentation must be included in the medical record, such as lesion type, excision size, wound repair, and location. Without these important details, providers run the risk of downcoding or filing inaccurate claims based on poor documentation

from claims for CPT codes 55875 (Transperineal placement of needles including irrigation and debridement of infected tissue) and CPT code 54417 (Removal and replacement of a non-inflatable (semi-rigid) or extensive dissection to correct chordee and urethroplasty by use of skin graft tub CPT codes 14000-14302 represent flaps for adjacent tissue transfer The regions listed refer to recipient area (not the donor site) when a flap is being attached in a transfer or to a final site Codes 15570-15738 do not include extensive immobilization (e.g., large plaster casts and other immobilizing devices ar Procedure codes may be entered in the following manner: • If the CPT procedure code is entered first, the NHSN procedure code name (such as COLO) will be auto-filled by the application. • If the NHSN procedure code name is entered first, the user will need to manually enter the correct CPT procedure code.

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Number: 0016. Policy. Aetna considers any of the following injections or procedures medically necessary for the treatment of back pain; provided, however, that only 1 invasive modality or procedure will be considered medically necessary at a time.. Facet joint injections - An initial facet injection (intra-articular and medial branch block) from C2-3 to L5-S1 is considered medically necessary. Skin Grafts Medical Coding - When to Use One or Two Codes? November 20, 2016. April 29, 2015 by Laureen Jandroep. Q: Skin Grafts Medical Coding - If you have a patient that is getting an autologous split thickness graft, taken from the thigh and attached to the tip of the nose, is it alright to use one code like 15120 for the harvesting and.

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Patient comes in for what they are calling scar revision and the note states that standing cutaneous excess of the left abdominal scar was sharply excised. We are billing with a diagnosis of hypertrophic scar (L91.0) and CPT codes of 11406 (excision of benign lesion) and 12034 (intermediate repair) for the procedure. On speaking with a co-worker regarding the note, since I'm new to. The HIA family knows what counts - experience, commitment, integrity, and education. The success we've experienced these past 25 years is due in large part to our dedication to these values. We've set them as our standards in everything we do, and they are the reason we can provide the highest quality coding review and support services in the industry. When clients can depend on quality.

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If you do a parotid/neck, log one of the above codes and log the neck procedure separately If mass goes into parapharyngeal space, also log: 61590 If abdominal fat graft following parotid: 20926 Submandibular gland excision: 42440 Selective neck dissection (levels 1A-1B):38724 Sublingual gland excision: 42450 Ranula View Homework Help - CPT 2019 EXCEL.xlsx from MBA 2YRS at Amity University. 2019 NHSN Operative Procedure Code Mappings (updated 03-2019) This document replaces prior documents listing operativ Z98.89 should not be used for reimbursement purposes as there are multiple codes below it that contain a greater level of detail. The 2021 edition of ICD-10-CM Z98.89 became effective on October 1, 2020. This is the American ICD-10-CM version of Z98.89 - other international versions of ICD-10 Z98.89 may differ

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recommended in this situation as the repair is not a limited portion of CPT code 57425, but a distinct procedure using different anatomic concepts to effect suspension of the vagina. CPT code 57280 is an open surgical code for sacral colpopexy and is not appropriate to bill in the setting of a laparoscopic procedure Extensive debridement of necrotic bone is essential for eliminating the source of infection that is the cause of the symptoms. The buccal pad was separated from its infratemporal location with a pericapsular dissection and advanced into the defect together with a primary mucosal closure to close the fistula. Although not essential, it was. Colonoscopy - CPT Codes 45378-45398, G0105, G0121 The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) works to ensure that adequate methods are in place for gastroenterology practices to report and obtain fair and reasonable reimbursement for procedures, tests and visits This unique compilation of coding essentials makes it easier to get the job done. When used properly, this book can not only save valuable staff and doctor time, but it can also build confidence and compliance in your practice's coding, documentation, reimbursement, and more. + $ 100. per person + a $ 40 one-time fee

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Z98.890 is a billable diagnosis code used to specify a medical diagnosis of other specified postprocedural states. The code Z98.890 is valid during the fiscal year 2021 from October 01, 2020 through September 30, 2021 for the submission of HIPAA-covered transactions. The ICD-10-CM code Z98.890 might also be used to specify conditions or terms. Procedure Code Category Code Status AMP APPY No change AVSD BILI BRST CEA CHOL COLO extensive debridement, coagulation and/or suture, with or without packing of liver complete or total, with or without tracheostomy, with unilateral radical neck dissection Glossectomy; composite procedure with resection floor of mouth, mandibular.

UpToDate offers a number of subscriptions and add-on products, allowing you to have the most up-to-date information and improve patient care Fistula-in-ano is the most common perianal manifestation of Crohn's disease (CD) and was first reported by Gabriel[] in 1921, nine years before Crohn et al[] identified regional enteritis as a clinical entity.These fistulae are classified by their relationship to the sphincter complex as either high (supra- or extra-sphincteric vs low (inter- or trans-sphincteric) Note. Z codes represent reasons for encounters. A corresponding procedure code must accompany a Z code if a procedure is performed. Categories Z00-Z99 are provided for occasions when circumstances other than a disease, injury or external cause classifiable to categories A00-Y89 are recorded as 'diagnoses' or 'problems'.This can arise in two main ways Male Only Procedure Codes; Analytics . Applicable To Crosswalk; Code Also Crosswalk; Code First Crosswalk; Includes Crosswalk; see Dissection, aorta; artery I77.5. ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code I77.5. Urethroscrotal fistula; skin or subcutaneous tissue NEC I96. ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code I96. Gangrene, not elsewhere classified. Concurrent chemotherapy further increases the risk of fistula as well as concurrent neck dissection. In a study of 110 patients undergoing salvage laryngectomy, the rate of PCF is as high as 57.2% in patients with neck dissection vs 13.4% in patients without neck dissection[ 29 ]